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Websites: public vs private universities September 4, 2011

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I had to look into the websites of the universities in Bangladesh. I had to frustrate myself when I browsed the internet for the purpose. Even the website of the Dhaka University is not updated , not to tell the other universities. The website is disorganised, short of information and unimpressive.

I had searched the websites of the private universities also. I looked into the the AIUB, NSU and AUST. I was rather pleased by brosing the websites of these universities. The informations are more or less complete and the web sites are well designed. One could easily informed of the aim and objectives, course & curriculum, tuition and expenses, waiver and scholarships of the universities etc in the websites.

The private university website should also provide the results and assessment of the students so that guardians could see the progress of their wards.

Regarding the poor status of the websites of the public universities, we womder what the computer departments and the administration of these universities are doing !

We also wonder when the Bangladesh will be a digital Bangladesh if the public universities that are supported 100% by the government, remain so backward in designing and updating their websites.

An ordinary citizen

Private University Law to be promulgated in Bangladesh March 5, 2010

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AL Government is mulling to introduce a private university bill in the parliament to regulate the activities of the private universities and to ensure their healthy growth.

The ordinary citizen had also a little experience of working in a private university and had first-hand exposure to the attitude of the owners and irregularities in the acitivites of the private universities.

Due to lack of strong monitoring of the Private Universities, some make it a business in Bangladesh. You would get very few private universities who are maintaining requisite standard for a university but most of them are collecting exuberant fees.

Fisrt Private University ordinance was adopted in 1992. Then it was modified in 1998 with few changes. As rhe ordinance was not fulfilling the need of the changing time, a revision of the rules was long due. The past Caretaker Government also prepared a proposal but it didn’t promulgated into law.

The new government has prepared a draft law and will be soon placed in the Parliament to pass it as a law. The draft proposed to increase the power of the VC who should be a carrier academician with long 20 years of experience. The syndicate will have 10-12 members and there will one representative from the ministry and one from UGC in the syndicate.

As always, the President of the owners association of the private universities criticised the attempt of the govt to regulate the private universities by promulgating a new law.

We hope that the government will take necessary steps to make the private universities more people- oriented and contibuting positively to the society.

An ordinary citizen

University ordinance falls in uncertainity

It is time to redefine student politics in Bangladesh April 19, 2009

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JU BCL factions trade gunfire

The latest event in the continuous violence in the campuses is the closure of Barisal Medical College for kidnapping of a student due to intra-party conflicts of BCL. The college was closed sine die and the political activities of BCL has been suspended for 3 months. Few weeks back  a student of Dhaka Medical College was killed by his fellows of the same student front. 

Hasina orders the Law and Order authorities to take stern action against the disturbing students who are responsible for violence in the campuses.

Hasina also declined earlier to meet with the feuding student leaders of Dhaka University and withdrawn her name form the patrons of the student organisation.

We appreciate the moves so far taken by the Prme Minister but these moves didn’t prove enough to quell the tension in the academic institutions.

It is time to rethink about the student politics in Bangladesh. The government and university authorities fail miserably to deliver the responsibility of maintaining the peaceful academic atmosphere in the campuses and to continue the academic exercises unhindered.

Banning student politics is not the answer. A debate is needed to be created among the citizens how to contain violence in the campus and a dialogue is needed to develop among different political groups for coming to a consensus regarding the form of student politics in the country and a thorough discussion of the issue is needed to be made in the parliament to define the form of student politics in Bangladesh.

Current student unrest not only disturbing the academic environment of the institutions and depriving our future generation to nourish their  potential, it is also jeopardising the possibility of Bangladesh to develop into a mid-income country by 2021. The environment of research is also affected in the universities by the nasty student politics.

We must rethink about the objective of student politics of our country. There is no burden on the student of liberatating  the country  and there is no burden on the students to establish democracy in our country. Now the burdent on the students is to develop themselves as the worthy citizens and leaders for the  future of Bangladesh.

The character that the present student politics takes up not only is worrying for the present but it is more worrying for the future thinking that what type of leadership is waiting for us in the future.

The present political leadership of both government and opposition  is also at stake to develop future leadership for the country who will be decent, honest, committed to democracy and peoples’ welfare . But what are we seeing? The picture is in absolute contradiction to our expectation.

To comeout of this quagmire, the student politics must be dissociated from the mainstream politics, must be dissociated from  business interests, mainly confined to the benefits of the students and only regular students would be allowed to do politics in the campus.
A line is needed to be drawn between the campus politics and politics outside the campus.

Student politics is also associated with the teachers politics. To clean the student politics teachers politics is also need to be reoriented. The teachers should dissociated themselves  from mainstream politics in the campus and should not use the students to keep their influence in the campus intact.

For all this, a consensus is important  among the academicians, political groups, citizens, guardians and students.

Time is running out.

An ordinary citizen

Overcoming student agitation-ABSM Jahur

uncertain future of half-literate generation- ABM Musa in Prothom Alo

Rajshahi University violence: student politics should be banned/restricted March 14, 2009

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A massive clash between the students of Shibir and Bangladesh Chattra League had taken place yesterday in Rajshahi University with the death of a student leader of Shibir and injury of hundred of students on both sides.

The clash erupted few days back and Shibir viirtually took over the control of the residential halls ousting the BCL cadres from the university. Police raided the halls and arrested more than 50 cadres of Shibir from the hall on the thursday night.

The authority closes the university sine a die and asked the students both male and female to leave their dormatories. To avoid further clash, the Rajashahi Govt College and the Rajshahi Medical College are also closed down.

People are worried with the development of power struggle among the studdent factions. With the coming of the political government into power, the equillibrium in the universities has been disturbed. The pro-government party with the support of the law enforcing agencies, as our tradition goes, is trying to establish their supremany in the campus.

In the process, students are killed or injured, teachers are harrassed, administrators are threatened, parents feel woried, classes are closed, dormatories vacated, session become jammed, adademic exercise stopped and nation lags behind.

During last Caretaker Government, discussion was ripe
whether the student politics should be banned or not, consensus developed about not to totally ban the student politics but to modify its pattern. Election Commission was in favour of banning the student wing of the political party in the campus as a precondition of registration of the political parties. But EC had to compromise on the point on the insistance of the major political parties.

We feel that if the student politics continue in this fashion, then our academic atmosphere will be more jeopardised.

All the political parties should ponder over the matter and come to a consensus. It is sure the advantage the pro-government faction is enjoying now, will be faded with time and we in no way could come out of the vicious cycle.

To fulfull the vision 2021, we need our student politics to be moulded accordingly to fulfill the dream.

An ordinary citizen

Student politics and rise of violence in campus February 20, 2009

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Suddenly violence increases in the campuses. The latest incident of the series occurred in the JU campus. Two factions of Students League clashed with each other with rods, sticks and arms. People shocked with the development. The same sort of incident occurred in JU one month back for which the activities of the party was suspended one month back. The incident is not an isolated one, violence occurred in CU and other institutions also.

Why these violence? The motivation behind the violence is to capture the halls, control the campus, dominate the tender bidding, dictate the donations etc.

It is not student politics. It is a form of student terrorism. Nobody like to see the students to be indulged in such activities, neither their parents nor the citizens.

Prime Minister Hasina on the following day declared in the anniversary of SL in the Paltan Maidan that no violence in the campus will be tolerated.

Throughout the tenure of the Caretaker Government debate continued on student politics. There were attempt to absolutely close the student politics. But more were in favour of continuing student politics without being a part of the mainstream political party. EC also took attempt to make the concept accepted by the political parties as a part of registration of the political parties.

It is not a matter of imposition by the Election Commission how the student wing would behave, rather it is a matter of consensus among the political parties, the university authorities, guardians in general and nation as a whole to determine how the students will exert their political right maintaining the discipline and keeping the academic activities intact in the campus.

What is going on in the campus is not student politics. The government should ponder over the matter, the parliament should debate, citizens should participate to determine the ultimate form of student politics that would support us to achieve the target of vision 2021.

An ordinary citizen

An appeal to the Prime Minister
High Command has lost control
On student politics
No violence in campus

Sorry plight of DU students and an ineffective administration May 25, 2008

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? a university standard accomodationThe daily Star publishes a report on the problem of accommodation of the DU students and prinited a picture whcih indicates a sorry state of our children in the resident halls of the university. (more…)

Introducing ranking system for the universities in Bangladesh April 27, 2008

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Ranking system should be introduced for our universities. I have got many request to my blog asking the rank of the universities. But so far no ranking or rating for the universities and technical educations have been introduced in our country.
Recently in a round table conference Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Ex- Adviser of the last caretaker government and Chairman of the Regulatory Reform Commission has urged to introduce rating of all universities in our country.

This rating must be from a competent authority. University Grant Commission(UGC) could took up the job. Ranking will create competitiveness among the universities and institutions. The ranking will be based on certain parameters which should be selected on the basis of international exercise.

The other question asked – would this be of universities only. Not necessarily. Technical education like Medical, Engineering may be included in the ranking. The ranking will not be of universities only but may be of different faculties or among different subjects.

Dr. Akbar Ali commented that we have introduce the western styles education system, especially in private universities but we didn’t introduce the rating system while authorities of the western universities publish the rating of their educational institutions regularly.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

To have a glimpse of ranking system for the universitiies currently operating in the world, one can have a look in the wikipedia.

In the regional list of subcontinent, among Bangladesh universities BUET ranked best-20th, then Dhaka Univesrsity at 59th, North South 61, International Islamic University 80, Ahsanullah University of Science and technology 82, Independent University 85 and East West University at 89.

Bangladesh should strive for better ranking in the list. There is a fair chance for Institute of Business Administration and Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons that gives FCPS in medical science to get a position in the list.

In the meantime let’s see what our readers think about the best public univesrsity,best private university, best BBA and best computer science in our country:

The polls have been rearranged on the suggestion of the readers to avoid the conflict between public and private universities.

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Judicial Inquiry Committee publishes its report on Dhaka University violence April 6, 2008

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The report of the Judicial Inquiry Committee has been published which was the demand of the many over the last months after the committee completed its inquiry on the Dhaka University violence of August 2007.

The Committee suggested for reviewing the student and teachers politics in the 1973 DU ordinance. It also suggested to revise or to remove the 1976 regulation to stop the blind following of the political parties by the student organizations in the campus. (more…)

On the verdicts of Dhaka University violence January 25, 2008

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Court has ultimately given verdicts on the 3 cases in relation to the violence of Dhaka University in August 2007.

The first case was against 4 teachers and 15 students for instigating violent protests breaking the emergency rule. The case registered with Shahbag police on 23 August, 2007. Court acquitted 4 teachers and 11 students in the case on 21/1/08. The court has given 4 absconding students to 2 years imprisonment for the same case. The 4 students were given presidential mercy along with the 10 convicted students of RU in the evening of 21/1/08.


4 DU teachers finally freed January 23, 2008

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4 DU teachers finally freed. 3 of them convicted and then pardoned by the president on govt’s initiative; 1 DU teacher and 15 students acquitted.


4 freed teachers

News link: Daily Star

Dhaka University Violence: unconditional release of teachers & students vs release of teachers after judgment January 17, 2008

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du-violence-mock-jail.jpgThe students of DU under the banner of ‘Students Against Repression’ are continuing different programs for unconditional release of the teachers and students arrested in relation to the violence in the Dhaka University. They conducted silent processions, wear black badges and staged dramas. From yesterday students except the Faculty of Business Studies are boycotting classes for 2 hours. They want release by 18th of this month, otherwise they will start all-out program of class boycot. (more…)

1973 University Ordinance: ‘was autonomy of the public universities wrong?’ September 9, 2007

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Dr. Kamal Hussain, veteran lawyer and politician who was the Law Minister during 1973 when university ordinance of 1973 was promulgated asked the question whether the autonomy given to the university in 1973 ordinance was wrong in a round table discussion held recently in the capital.

Controversy arises as the teachers of the universities become more politicalised, they identify themselves with the colour and campaign for elections, they keep alignment with the political parties, give promotions and privileges to the teachers on political alignments, give classes and recruit the teachers with political bias. (more…)

Dhaka University violence (5): bridging up the gap August 28, 2007

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Though the Government has controlled the violence and cool down the anarchy, it created a niche in the relation of the Government with the students and teachers in particular and population in general.

Though Government is explaining that the incident is a programmed one, some people may explain this as an expression of the people against the policies and failures of the government. (more…)

Dhaka University violence (4): creating anarchy is not the answer August 25, 2007

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The chaos that followed the clash in the Dhaka University on the 22nd August, 2007 ultimately invited the declaration of curfew by the Government.

Many would feel sympathy with the students when they were reacting to the abuse and assault they had to suffer. Many would consider it excess when the police raided then hall and beat the students.

But many would not accept the chaos that followed on the second day on the streets and in the city where hundred of vehicles were damaged, dozens were torched, transport of he law enforcers was also damaged when the prime demand of the students was to withdrew the army camp from the campus has been accepted, the authority was apologetic for the incident and a judicial committee has been formed with a retired Judge.


Dhaka University violence(3): coming out of the curfew August 23, 2007

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The Curfew imposed in Dhaka and other 6 divisional towns is entering into the 3rd day.

2nd day began in a relaxed state. People started to move to their offices and businesses. Many vehicles were found running on the streets. But the police and law enforcers became active in the mid morning and started announcing that offices and businesses are closed and asked the public to return to their houses.


Dhaka University violence (2): after developments August 23, 2007

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11-30 pm BDT 22nd August, 2007

Though Authority at the highest level of the Govertment expressed


[courtesy: the pictures are taken from daily Inquilab]

sorrow for the incident at the DU campus, the Army camp has been removed as per demand of the students and Govt has formed a Judicial Committee with a retired Judge in the chair to enquire into the matter, the violence continued into the 2nd day in the sorrunding areas of the University and sometimes deep into the city. Reports of clashes were also coming from other university campus and different institutions of the country.

On the streets, many young men also joined with the students the clashes took ugly and violent look – hundreds of vehicles damaged, many were torched, they fought piece-meal battle with the police at different areas, many were injured but none reported death.


Dhaka University violence: what does it indicate? August 21, 2007

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Violent clashes erupted yesterday and which is continuing today in the Dhaka University Campus between the Law Enforcing Agencies and the students.


The clash started on a triffle matter on the sideline of a football match in the university field between few students and army personals who had a camp in the nearby Gymnesium.


It is reported that the Army abused and beat the students; in protest the students brought out processions; police intervened, more students pure in; they threw bricks and stones to the police; police fired teargases and baton charged the students. The campus ttrnasformed into a battle field. Police later raided into the residential halls and beat the students. More than 100 students, many policemen and few teachers were injured in the clash. Many were admitted in the nearby Dhaka Medical College Hospital.



Class abstension: DU teachers creating a bad precedence July 21, 2007

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du-1.jpg DU Teachers Association in a meeting decided to wear black badges and abstain classes for half day in protest against the arrest of Sk Hasina and ‘harassment’ of Begum Khaleda Zia by the Government.

Only 223 members out of 4000 teachers were present in the meeting under the chairmanship of Dr. Sadrul Amin, who himself is saying that he does not agree with the program to abstain from the classes.

While the country is going through a political transformation, we the ordinary citizen expected a more prudent step from the teachers of the highest seat of education of the nation. If they feel concern, they could better demand for free and fair trail of the accused. That would have been more dignified for their post and position. (more…)


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