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Election manifestos,pledges and practice December 16, 2008

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The political parties unveiled their manifestos. It all started with SK. Hasina, declaring AL manifesto on 12th in this month in Hotel Sheraton in the presence of party leaders, foreign dignitaries, journalists and many other invitees and live on the TV channels. On the following date, Khaleda Zia also declared her party’s manifesto in the same pompous way and with a little longer time.

Both the manifestos projected the 5 year agenda of their individual parties and AL goes beyond and project their vision of 2021, the year when Bangladesh will be turn into 50. I like the idea. One of the reasons of our being poor and underdeveloped is the lack of vision of our leaders.This vision 2021 give give us an idea to look forward.

The smaller parties Like JP, JI, WP, CP and a new alliance of Dr. Kamal Hussain, B Chowdhury and Ferdous Ahmed Quraishi also declared their manifestos.

Declaring the manifestos at the beginning of the election campaign give the election a good colour.

The parties make great promises in their manifestos many of which they mentioned in their earlier election manifestos but didn’t fulfill though both the major parties got the opportunity to run the country in the past decades.One example is separation of judiciary.It is the present caretaker government who completed the initiative taken by another caretaker government. Another example is strengthening the local government. In the last 15 years, no government kept their promises. The present Election Commission declared the schedule for the upazilla election- a pillar of the local government amid strong opposition from both the major alliances. We are still not sure whether the present government could complete the task after the general election.

People are also skeptic about the pledges the parties are making. They are looking back over the past years, into the record of the parties ,of the past governments, into the character and commitment of the individual candidates.

Will the party be the single dominant factor? Not necessarily. People will also look into the individuals. One of lessons people integrated in themselves over the years is to look beyond the surface & into the skeleton of parties and the candidates.

In this election, people will compare the pledges and practice of the parties and the candidates.

An ordinary citizen

Analysis on the party manifestos December 14, 2008

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Different experts and individuals have analyzed the manifestos of different parties. We avoid the extreme comments on either way. Few are linked here:

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Political parties in Bangladesh declared their election manifestos December 13, 2008

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Targeting the next general election and beyond, major political parties in Bangladesh declared their manifestos:
AL-Party websiteEng(/Ban[DS]
AL manifesto[DS]
BNP manifesto[DS]
JI manifesto[DS]

Politics of alliance in Bangladesh December 11, 2008

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Eying the general election, the political parties of Bangladesh are grouping together. AL with the left leaning parties were already in 14 party alliance since long. Ershad’s Jatiya Party is in the process to join with the AL since the last election of 22/1. Many took the alliance as a compromise on the part of AL, basically a secular and traditionally democratic party, with a past autocratic dictator, the fall of which also contributed by AL in 1990.

BNP, on the other hand, packed with Jamaat-&-Islami and other 2 parties to form the 4 party alliance.BNP alliance is also criticized as accommodating to the anti-liberation forces against whom the Sector Commanders Forum is leading a campaign for their immediate trial.But BNP leaders very recently blasted aside the campaign as a political one.

The ordinary citizens are not taking much interest in the formation of alliance as these are alliance of convenience to grab the power rather than alliance of ideologies. These alliances couldn’t even formulate any common election manifesto.So far, AL and JP disclosed their manifesto separately and JI declared it’s manifesto before the BNP distributed it’s own.

The ordinary citizen would rather prefer alliance of the parties after election if at all than before and that would have been good for the democracy and the country.

An ordinary citizen

Loan defaulters, High Court and Bangladesh Election December 7, 2008

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Bangladesh is going to have the next general election on 29th December 2008. After many dramatic turns all the parties came to their good sense and agreed to participate in the election.Though BNP and its alliance has given 3 preconditions, but it seems that BNP will not withdraw from the race against the tide generated for the election, if the preconditions are not fully fulfilled.

All the parties filed their nomination including the independent aspirants. On the instruction of the Election Commission, Bangladesh Bank supplied the name of the loan defaulters. Nomination papers have been scrutinized by the returning officer and many nominations were canceled on the ground of loan default, bill default, discrepancy of information etc, But many loan defaulters managed to get the stay order on the declaration of the Bangladesh Bank and managed to stand for the election.
This bypassing of the law frustrated the Election Commission, the Finance Adviser, citizens groups and the general people as well.

The issue seems clumsy to the ordinary citizen. Who deserve the right to declare one loan defaulter?
It would have been better if Bangladesh Bank be the ultimate authority in this regard atleast for the election.

Hope that the Election Commission and the government will review the matter in the next election.

An ordinary citizen

Grassroots recommendation,political parties & ultimate nomination December 6, 2008

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One of the steps taken by the Election Commission arouses glimpse of hope in the minds of ordinary citizens is the regulation to selecting the ultimate candidate for parliamentary election from the proposal of grassroots members of the party.

Accordingly AL took the initiative and completed the rituals and ultimately the parliamentary board made the nomination mostly on the basis of grassroots recommendation. There were few exceptions also.

But when BNP decided to join the election, they decided to select their nomination on the basis of the list they prepared for their election of 1/22/2007 and the role of the leaders after 1/11. In selecting their candidates,they didn’t even consider background of corruption and conviction of their leaders. They stayed in their old mindset.An Election Commissioner also encouraged the idea by saying that it is not mandatory for this election
to nominate the candidates on the basis of grassroots recommendation as said in the RPO.

AL protested the comment and said that an Election Commissioner is favoring a particular party. AL became a bit worried seeing the big stalwarts in the list of BNP candidates and AL itself started to change the nomination previously preferred and replaced them with big businessmen of their own allegiance.

It would have been better if EC could impose this RPO regulation of selecting the nomination from the grassroots recommendation.But that is not going to happen this time.

An ordinary citizen

RPO clause 91/e, Election Commission and political parties November 24, 2008

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Political parties  were against the imposition of RPO by the election commission. The RPO was revised on persistent pressure from the political parties. They were technically bound to accept the RPO by the Election Commission as a part of the registration process of the parties. Among the parties Jamaat-e-Islami was mostly  reluctant to accept the RPO but later they modified their constitution and registered with the Election Commission.

Now, the parties concentrate their attention on the clause no 91/E where the Election Commission has given the power to cancel the candidacy of a candidtae who violates the election rule or the code of conduct for the candiadte .

The political parties are afraid that the rule may be abused by the EC and may be used against the party of it’s choice. But the EC is telling that this power is vested with every election commission of the developed country including India. There is a lengthy process to file a complaint, inquiry against the candidate and lastly the full bench judgement by the election commission. CEC said that the clause will remain and they will judiciously apply the rule only when it will be of dire necessity.

Transparency International of Bangladesh expressed its opinion in favour of keeping the clause otherwise EC will not be able to take any action in case of violations of the election rules and then the election willl not be fair and free.[bdnews24.com]

An ordinary citizen

Opinion: Daily Star welcomes the EC’s sticking to the RPO restrictions [DS]

Towards a general election in Bangladesh: AL should be more liberal and confident November 22, 2008

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Khaleda Zia in a press conference on 19th November 2008 declared that BNP is willing to participate in the general election if the schedule in reset on 28th December 2008. She also put forward 3 point demands to fulfil. one is withdrawal of emergency from the date of nomination, cancellation of clause no RPO 91/e where Election Commission has given absolute power to cancel one’s candidacy and to defer the upazillaelection by 1 month. But in spirit she didn’t make it mandatory for the government or the election commission to accept the demands in 100% as a precondition in joining BNP in the election.

The election commission, political parties and people took the development as a positive one. CECand his team sat with the leaders of BNP yesterday and expressed hope for an election with participation of all parties.

But response from  AL towards the new development is guarded. They said that 18th December 2008 is the prime time for the general election. To delay this date means to extend the emergency, etc.

But people and all are waiting for an election where all the parties will participate  and people will be able to vote without any reservation or fear.

If the election is deferred for 10 days, there will be nothing to lose for AL, rather if she accepts it, it will be a sign of magnanimity, pragmatism and confidence on the part of AL.

An ordinary citizen

‘BNP will harm more to itself than to the country if it does not participate in the election’ November 19, 2008

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The quote is from Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, an ex adviser of the past caretaker government.

The date of election remain unchanged on 18th December 2008 as the consensus couldn’t be achieved among the major political parties regarding shifting of the election date. The option of the CEC to shift the date from 18th to 28th December 2008 was not accepted. With this the ultimatum of Khaleda Zia to accept their 4 point demands is over.

AL retaliated that they are ready for election on 18th and their party is busy to select the nominations of the candidates for different constituencies. It is time to see how BNP react to the situation arises with the loss of the last hope of accepting their demands.

Khondoker Delwar Hussain, Genaral Secretary of BNP condemned the government decision to hold the election one way without taking into cognizance of the demands of BNP. He said that BNP wants to be in the election but government does not want it to be. He, however, said that BNP will seat with its alliance tomorrow and come into the decision regarding the participation in the election.

The ordinary citizen/s will be happy if BNP come to the election and participate in it with full vigour.

There are difference between 1/22 & 12/18. In 1/22 people were not ready for a general election and the situation is totally reverse now. People are ready for an election to have a leap to democracy and they are waiting how the parties behave.

It will be wise for BNP and its allies to participate in the election even though many of their demands are not fulfilled.

An ordinary citizen

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Campaign for change in Bangladesh in the offing November 17, 2008

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Bangladesh is passing through a political crisis and people are eagerly waiting for a change in the political system of the country. They hoped that the political parties would take steps to change our existing systems and would reform themselves. But for long they didn’t take any steps to correct themselves; only very recently few of them are taking measures to correct the party systems. People are still not feeling sure to whether these are only eye washes or real change.

One of the very important issue to which people are interested is to know whether the parties will nominate honest and efficient candidate.

Though the political parties are not responsive for a major change in the political system, people are eager for a change in the system so far practiced in the parties and in the name of democracy.

The leaders of 1/11 also tried to impose reform on the political parties.They have made some changes in the constitutional bodies by promulgating ordinance, the continuity of which will depend on appraoval by the next parliament.

Some changes, however, are imposed by the Election Commission on the political parties compelling compulsory registration and to accept the revised RPO.

People are not sure how far this changes will be maintained and how many honest, efficient and corruption free persons will be elected.

Every body is feeling for the honest and educated people to come to the power in the next election. A campaign for change is in the offing.
Prothom Alo, the leading Bangla news daily started a campaign to change and to be changed.

We are also with them.

An ordinary citizen

Caretaker Government in Bangladesh draws the final line for election November 15, 2008

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The council of advisers at last sat in the evening to draw a line regarding election. After the meeting Dr. Zillur Rahman, spokesman and adviser to the caretaker government conveyed the decision to the media in a press conference.

He cleared the confusion regarding the date of general election and said that it will be held on 18th December 2008 as declared earlier.
Regarding the withdrawal of emergency, he said that Government has already relaxed the emergency, is considering to relax it more after the submission of nomination and is thinking of fully withdrawing the emergency before the general election.

Regarding RPO he said that government has made necessary amendments to it.

The re-demarcation of the constituencies, he said, already uphold by the High Court and there is no scope for further controversy regarding this.

Regardng upazilla election, he said, it was decided to be held after the general electionon on the request of the political parties.

Regarding level playing field, he said that government has made necessary transfers and adjustment in the administration to make the election fair and neutral.

Zillur hopes that the political parties will overcome the present political transition with vision.

In immediate reaction, BNP General Secretary Delwar Hussain rejected the government stance and opined that the government didn’t any heed to their 7 point demands.
On the other hand, AL Acting Secretary General Ashraful Islam said that they are taking all out preparation to participate in the election of 18th December 2008.

Now, it is time to see how people react to the final announcement of the election.

An ordinary citizen

Election shall be held on 18th December 2008 [PA]

Emergency may go after election [DS]

BNP is technically on the wrong foot November 15, 2008

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BNP is still bargaining to fulfil the 7 point demand from the government before they join the election. But the Caretaker Government still didn’t commit itself to accept the demands. Accepting the demands would be against the long standing of the government.

It is not sure whether the date of the general election will be defered.If it is at all deferred , the date cannot tbe shifted beyond 31st December 2008. Dr. Shahdin Malik, an eminenet lawyer of Supreme Court said yesterday that the government cannot defer the date as it is legally bound to hold the election by DEcember 2008. Ithad submitted an undertaking to the court in this regard.

The other members of the 4-party alliance are willing to participate in the election. The highest decision making body of Jamaat e Islami Mujlish e Shura already have taken decision in fabour of participation. The decision was also supported by the central working committeee of JI. In addition, Jammat leaders Matiur Rahman Nizami and Ali Ahsan Mujahid also took bail from the high court on the plea that they will participate in the general election. Jammat is emphasing participation to consolidate their support among genearl population after EC recognised them as a legal political party. To legalise them strategically become more important on the face of opposition of Sector Commander Forums to boycott them in the election. It will be hard for them to come back if they leave the field without challenge. It is assumed that JI will ultimately participate in the election even BNP denies to.

Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, economist and citizen group leader said that the election in no way should be delayed. The delay may provoke peoples’ wrath on the government. He added that an election can’t be delayed as a party could not take adequate preparation. The government has declared the election date long before. It delay will create confsuion regarding the commitment of the government to the election.

It is true that party leaders and party activists of BNP are eager to compete in the election and they have already started campaign at the grassroots level.

NOw, if the party takes decision aganst the participation, many of the BNP leaders will particpate as an independent candidates or under other party banner.

As the people are waiting for an election to be held as soon as possible and party leaders and activists are in dilema, BNP will embrace the same fate as that of city corporations election.

It will be better for BNP to take a posiitve decision in favour of election. The sooner the better. There will be no derth of candidtaes for BNP in the both general and upazilla elections. The people will prefer clean, non-corrupt new faces in the coming election.

An ordinary citizen

BNP shouldn’t boycott the general election November 5, 2008

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BNP is still in dilemma whether to join the general election or not. The permanent committee of BNP sat yesterday to discuss over the matter but they couldn’t come to a decision. The meeting urged the government to accept BNP’s 7 point demand before joining the election:

But it was thought that BNP has taken the strategy of delay -delaying for creating pressure for the registration of the Jamaat e Islami. But the indecision of BNP remain continues even after the registration.The indecision continues even after the other parties of 4 party alliances decided in favour of joining the election.

BNP will make a unforgivable mistake if it does not join the election. We hope that BNP will understand the reality of the situation. People want all the parties to participate in the election. If BNP washed away the opportunity to
take revenge of the AL’s stand on 22 January 2006, it will be a mistake.
The better option would be to join the election. BNP, though, shakened by the different steps taken by the caretaker government, has good base of support throughout the country. If it wholeheartedly tries to organize the party , it will not be impossible for them to give a good fight in the election and even to win.

The ordinary citizen, believes that an election with participation by all will only ensure the the continuation of democracy in Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Post -script:
6 November 08:4-party alliance demands fresh poll schedule [DS]
7 November 08: BNP is still undecided[DS]

Election Commission declared schedule for general election in Bangladesh November 2, 2008

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Proving different speculations wrong, Election Commission in Bangladesh declared the schedule for general election to be held on 18th December 2008.

People were in confusion regarding the holding of the general election by 2008. The confusion were magnified by the criticism of the major political parties. The confusion were deepened with the delay in declaration of the judgment by the High Court on the writ petition on the re-demarcation of the constituencies.

But as the High Court uphold the the re-demarcation of the EC and as it also rejected the appeals against the judgment, the Chief Election Commission in a televised program declared the election schedule for the general election.
The CEC has also given schedule of the Upazilla Election to be held on 28 December 2008.

AL in its immediate reaction said that it is accepting the schedule and though they have some reservation regarding the upazilla election, they will participate in the election.

On the part of BNP and its allied parties,no official decision has yet come. BNP is insisting on the withdrawal of emergency and delaying the upazilla election. As their demands are not yet fulfilled and probably there is a complexity regarding the registration of an allied party, now confusion arises about the participation of BNP in the general election.

People are expecting that all the major political parties including BNP will participate in the elections and help the country through its journey to a real and stable democracy.

An ordinary citizen

Transformation of Jamaat-e-Islami to register with election commission & to conform with the RPO October 21, 2008

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One of the interesting development of the political process in Bangladesh is the submission for registration of Jamaat-e-Islami with Election Commission.

Jammaat -e-Islami was vehemently against the registration with the election commission and was instrumental for the delay of registration of BNP with the commission which was creating an uncertainty about the holding of election peacefully and with the participation of all parties.

Jammaat-e-Islami refused to sit with the EC in the second round of dialogue. EC then said that it will not extend the opportunity to JI for any further dialogue. But the changing political situation and release of Khaleda, EC offered BNP to sit with them. BNP gave condition that it will sit if its allies are also allowed to sit with them.

EC arranged a third round of dialouge where BNP and JI and IOJ were allowed to sit separately. JI refused to registrar with the EC and demanded to wipe out the RPO in its dialouge with the EC. CEC in his press briefing even mocked the stand of JI saying that this party in its first dialogue accepted the RPO but now in the month of Ramazan, who portrayed them as Islamic parties are denying its earlier stand.

JI seems to be initially adamant in its stand and could keep BNP from registering though BNP has no hindrance to register with the EC.

On the last moment both BNP and JI changed their stand and requested EC to extend the deadline for registration from 15th to 20th October 2008. On the last day of registration, both the parties submitted the application along with their constitution.

Constitution of both the parties were changed to conform with the revised RPO to fulfill the precondition of the EC.

The interesting changes that JI made are
a)to change of the name of itself from Jammat -e- Islami,Bangladesh to Bangladesh Jammat -e Islami.
b) to acknowledge the sovereignty of Bangladesh and its constitution
c) to recognise the role of freedom fighters in the independence of Bangladesh
d) to allot seats for women in the executive committees
e) to accomodate non-muslim members to give it a non-communal image, etc.

For details, please see Prothom Alo of 21 October 2008.
Daily Star of 21 October 2008
An ordinary citizen

Where lies the weakness of the caretaker government? October 12, 2008

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With the change in the political scenario in Bangladesh and government becoming more lenient towards corruption and corrupted politicians and giving more importance towards an election with the participation of politicians of all feathers, many people become frustrated. They questioned the objectives of the caretaker government and many concluded that the government is to some extent already a failure.

The ordinary citizen also ponders over the situation and tries and still trying to understand the underlying cause of the shift of the political situation in Bangladesh.

He assessed that the expectation of the people was too high to the caretaker government after 1/11. There is little to blame the common people. The expectation was actually created by the caretaker government itself and their sponsors by their projections of their objectives and their initial steps.

But the changed scenario actually exposes the inner weakness of the caretaker government. The caretaker government is virtually a group of heterogeneous people, who are not bounded by the common ideology and where the the attitudes and ideas develop differently and their approach to solve a problem also differ (compare Barrister Moinul & Hussain Zillur Rahman) in the same tenure of the government.

Some may cite the support of the military for the caretaker government. The Chief Adviser of the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh in his speech in UN in September 2007 cited Bangladesh is a country of civil-military cooperation in the governance which may be an example to be followed by the developing countries.

But it is found the role of the military was more indirect, from distant and was not uniform in this fusion. People could feel the presence of the military but could not held them responsible for the failure of the government if any.The indirect relation of the military gives the government more acceptability but less strength and as the days are coming to the end for the caretaker government, the shadow of the military is more fading.

So, the caretaker government by its nature proves to be a weak government which is not empowered by the constitution to do any major changes other than holding a free and fair election.

At the end of its declared tenure, let us hope that atleast a free and fair election the nation would be able to see.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:

The caretaker government is also thinking of safe exit. The compromise in its strategy may be a way to find more acceptability to the political parties and to avoid the repurcation which might fall on them if the next elected government remain displeased with the way the caretaker government behave with the political parties.

The approach of this civil-military government fusion initially was more military in nature, but at the end it is more civil in character.

The time proves that it would have been better if the government be more civil from the beginning. It would take less time for them to hold an election free and fair then.

Some may argue that though the effort to try the corrupts nosedived, the CTG has made reforms in many constitutional bodies and the election commission has made a voter list with national ID card with the help of military which is a historical achievment for Bangladesh. The constituional reforms would have no value if the next parliament does not endorse them, that means that the CTG has no constitutional right to make all these reforms and taking 2 years to make an electronic database of the voters as the only reason to lenghen the tenure of the CTG would not be acceptable to people. Regarding the separation of judiciary, people have profound doubt about its independence and efficiency.

The other agenda of the goverment to make a change in the political culture of the political parties also couldn’t progress. The attempt is still going on by the election commission to introduce registration of the political parties and PRO, the credit if it succeed against the opposition from BNP and JI will go to the EC. Government would get the credit if it could make the parties to come to consensus in relation some political behaviour after the election. So far government could make little progress though they are trying to make the two top leaders of AL and BNP to sit together for dialogue.

Complexity developing over registration of political parties October 1, 2008

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BNP turns it back from registering itself with the Election Commission and 4 party alliance with jamaat-e- Islami put forward 5 conditions to fulfil before the registration.
The conditions are:
1. Withdrawal of the state of emergency
2. Scrapping of the PRO(amendment) 2008
3. Holding of the upazilla eletions after a reasonable interval of the national polls
4. Withdrawal of GATCO, NIKO and Barapukuria corruption cases and other false cases against alliance leaders
5. Release of all political leaders, activists and general people detained without specific charges before the Eid-ul-Fitr and withdrawal of all false cases against them.

The alliance also declared October 12 to observe demand day throughout the country. October 15 is the last day for the registration of the political parties.

The complexity started with the refusal of Jammat e Islami to comply with the registration process as some of the conditions directly contradict with it’s constitution and party fundamentals.

CEC in a press briefing also rebuked the position of the Jamaat few days back but he didn’t foresee the gravity of the situation then.

CEC told yesterday that EC has nothing to do with the BNP’s 5 point demand.

In the meantime,AL also raises demand to release Hasina fully and threatens to start movement.

The total situation is becoming complex and the hope that was created earlier by the declaration of general election is now mixed up with uncertainty.

It is important as how the government and political parties behave in the coming days that will determine the future of democracy in this country.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
4-party tags RPO scrapping with registration[DS]
Alliance decision is a setback-editorial [DS]
Back to square 2 -Mijanur Rahman Shelly, a social scientist[DS]

On dilemma over the registartion of political parties with the Election Commission September 22, 2008

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Election Commission has set the time limit for the registration of the political parties 15th October 2008. EC also set some preconditions for the registration of the political parties.
EC has gone through 3 phases of dialogue over the last months on the issue and trimmed down the propositions to accommodate the request of the political parties.
AL declared the acceptance of the RPO and said that the regulations are actually deducted from the recommendations put forward by the 14 party alliances to the Election Commission. AL has no objection to the conditions of registration and blamed BNP for creating unnecessary complexities.
BNP, Jammat-e-Islami and IOJ objected to the RPO and urged EC to withdraw the RPO. EC is relaxing the conditions to accommodate all the parties in the election and hopeful that BNP will join the election.[DS]
CEC in a press coverage yesterday exclaimed on Jammat and IOJ’s total rejection of the proposals though he said that in earlier two meetings they didn’t raise any major objection.
CEC also said that it has no scope to change the RPO further. Now, the responsibility lies with the political parties.

We hope that the political parties will accept the reality and submit themselves to the changed expectation of the people and of the country.

There is no logic to straightway reject the regulations, one can best suggest to modify or rectify one or more clauses if they found it against their ideals or impractical or impossible to materialize.

An ordinary citizen

RPO of contention[DS], AL yes to nearly all [DS], BNP no to all [DS]
EC relaxing the conditions for regstartion of the parties[DS]
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Chief Adviser declared the general election in Bangladesh September 21, 2008

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Chief Adviser of the Caretaker Government in Bangladesh declared the date of the parlimentary election in a televised address to be held on 18th December 2008. He at the same time declared the upazilla election dates to be held on 24th and 28th December 2008. The declaration was made as proposed by the Election Commission.

With the declaration of the date, CA has advanced along the roadmap to fulfil their committment to hold a general election by December 2008.

People has speculation about the upazilla election as how the EC accomodate their stand to hold the upazilla in the face of continued opposition of the political parties not to hold upazilla election before the general election. Initially EC had the intention to hold the Upazilla election in October but now they have shifted the date to honour the intention of the major poltical parties not to hold upazilla election before the general election. Major political parties urged earlier to hold the upazilla election along with or after the general election.

CA in his speech expressed the hope that all will cooperate to hold a free and fair election and through this elections Bangladesh will able to emerge on stronger democratic base.

An ordinary citizen

Address of the chief adviser [DS] [PA]
News on address[DS][PA]

Election Commission in Bangladesh: from command to compromise? September 19, 2008

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The Election Commission will sit tomorrow with BNP and its two allies-Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Oikko Jote. Both the allies of BNP had refused earlier to sit with the Election Commission and missed their date though they sat with the EC in its first dialogue with the politicalparties. CEC then said that EC will not call the two parties in future for dialogue. BNP led by Khonodker Delwar refused to sit with EC from the beginning until Khlada Zia is freed.

After the release of Khaleda, BNP agreed to sit with the EC but along with the other components of alliance. In the changed scenario, EC accepted the proposal but arranges separate sittings for the three parties.

The changed scenario also compel CEC to seek apology for not to ask Khondoker Delwar earlier for dialogue.

EC was supposed to declare the upazilla election by this time. But it delays its decision to talk with BNP and then to declare the date of both upazilla and general election.

But does EC expect BNP and its allies to agree to upazilla election before the General Election. AL already told that they will not participate in any election before General Election.

Will EC agree with the opinion of the leaders of the political parties and deviate from its declared policy? The recent political moves of the Caretaker Government has made the EC a tamed horse and a compromise on the upazilla election will be likely if BNP says so though CEC once said that people and party workers at the grassroots level wants the upazilla election. Now, the people are pushed to the sidelines to the greater interest of the parties.

Only an extraordinary vision from the top brasses of both AL and BNP could give our democracy a good lift if upazilla election is agreed to be held, if not before, atleast on the same date of the General Election.

But will that happen? The chance is very low.
Let us wait and see what is there in the daylight after few hours.

Regarding the registration of the political parties, CEC said without ambiguity that registration is a must without which it will be impossible for the election commission to conduct the election and after trimming down the conditions, the conditions of registration has come to the bare minimum.

Will the parties accept the last minimum conditions of the registrations or force the Election Commission to agree to their conditions? And will the EC compromise on all their conditions on the plea to ensure an election ‘participated by all’ to make it ‘free and fair’.

An ordinary citizen

Parallel observations:

‘Is Government running after mirage’ Dr. Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Ex-VC , JU [Prothom Alo, 19 September 2008]
‘Upazilla Election is a necessity’ Dr. Shahdin Malik, Advocate, Supreme Court [Prothom Alo, 18 September, 2008]