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Humayun Ahmed -No More July 22, 2012

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Humayun Ahmed has died in New York on 19 July at 11-20 BDT. Humayun Ahmed was on treatment for months in USA for colon cancer. He was given extensive chemotherapy and undergone a final operation from which he didn’t recover. Just before his operation, he visited Bangladesh and stayed at his Nuhas Palli for 20 days. During his stay in this remote resort complex, he expressed his hope for life and his dream for more works. He was hopeful of his coming back to normal life, his surgeons gave him that impression.
But he died over the complications of the operation and it was so unexpected for the people of Bangladesh. The news was instantly telecast over the electronic media. The normal schedule of TVs had been changed. I was lucky to listen to a talk show participated by his close associates-Syed Shamsul Hoque, Nasiruddin Yusuf, Jewel Aich and Anisul Hoque in the channel Eye in the midnight after his death. All were in their high emotions for the loss of their close friend and a great litterateur of the country.

I knew Humayun Ahmed in my college days through his first two novels- Nandita Narake and Shankhanil Karagar. That created an instant love for his characters in me and that continued for years. Then we have seen his characters Himu-an anti-logic and Misir Ali-a mysterious inquisitive person. Many readers of his books would identify themselves with the characters.

We also started to love his TV dramas and serials from the very first one. Every episode was very well-knitted, mixed with sorrows and happiness and of course humour. Some of his characters were too popular and the best one was Baker Bhai for whom protests and processions were staged at different parts of the country not to hang him.

We didn’t miss any of his films where his excellence also shines . We enjoyed with our full family and friends- ‘Aguner Parashmoni, Shankhanil karagar, Shamal Chaya.

He is an accomplished artist in all the areas that he has trodden- short story, fiction, travel, biographical writings, historical fictions, drama and films. His newspaper columns on national issues also very touchy and inspiring.

He will be remembered by the young and old alike for long and his creations will last the test of time.

An ordinary citizen

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Measuring the success of a man November 27, 2009

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The subject is always confusing to me.

I dearly knew a man who was a successful industrialist, a pioneer entrepreneur with a brilliant academic accomplishment who maintained a nice family so far, the wife herself a professional and children completed or on the way of completion successful academic career, suddenly this man separated from his family and prefered to maintain a separate personal life. I had an impression that this man was a successful man. But I couldn’t continue the notion as his family life is suddenly shattered.

How do you measure the success of a man? By his academic accomplishment? In Bangladesh, you will get many academicans are in frustration as the academic persuit in most of the cases kept them away from economic fulfilment. By financial achievment? People will envy you but wouldn’t like you. If you have poor academic background, that weakness will haunt you always. By your professional identity? Profession alone will not satisfy your inner urge of fulfilment. That’s why a doctor adopts unehical means to earn money; an engineer corrupts himelf to be rich.

What is in the end of life if your family is shattered for lapses in your character after you gain success in your profession? A peaceful family is also equally important for the feeling of success in life.

How do you relate your success in respect to the achievement of your children? What would be your feeling if they can’t fulfil your minimum expections? If they derailed in the midst of the abundance of money, how will you then measure your success? In our culture and society, children are part of our self. Their success contributes to a part of our success. If they fails, that’s a failure on our part also.

A man would be considered a complete success if he only could achieve success in all avenues of life. But in our experience we see virtually no man who is a complete success. Those whom we consider successful are outwardly successful, but in their inner life, you will find many of them, specially if you know them from close, are unhapppy man.

Probably this incompleteness is the mystery of life
to make man understand the smallness of his being in this world.

An ordinary citizen