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Hope for local governments fades away in Bangladesh April 8, 2009

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A strong opinion for local governments election was created during the caretaker government. Though the upazilla parishad election could not be completed during the tenure of the caretaker government, but election of 4 city corporations and 11 municipalities was held under EC during the last CTG.

Due to pressure from the political parties, EC had to set the upazilla election on 22nd January, 2009 after the parliamentary election on 29th December, 2008. Amid much speculation, AL led government held the upazilla election as scheduled.

After the election people thought that local governments will be strengthen in Bangladesh after a long time. But when the law is passed, people find the local government ordinance passed by the CTG is molded to such an extent that the power and independence of the upazilla chairman is curtailed and the advice of the MPs has been made mandatory for the upazilla parishads, even the upazilla chairman could not directly contact the government without MPs’ recommendation.

In the parliament, MPs from both the GOP and opposition unanimously supported the move. The Minister for local government himself proposed the truncated law as suggested by the parliamentary committee on the local government.

The upazilla chairmen all over the country criticized the power delegated to the MPs over them. The citizen groups raised their concern and expressed their frustration on the subjugating them to the authority of the MPs. Dr. Shahdin Malik, a Jurist said that the Upazilla law that is enacted by the present parliament is contradictory to the constitution and the amendment in the law will be challenged in the High Court. He argued that the same reason for which a upazilla chairman cannot make law, an MP also can’t hold the executive authority at the upazilla level.

Many urge the government to review the law and to set the law in the true spirit to strengthen the local government in Bangladesh.

A writer and blogger from Philippines came to visit Bangladesh few months back. He commented that there is little difference between the central governments between two countries but the they feel proud for their local governments which are much stronger in Philippines than in Bangladesh.

We also want to see our local governments stronger.

An ordinary citizen

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Upazilla election-follow up January 23, 2009

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Nation-wide upazilla election was held yesterday but it was marred by intimidation,violence,rigging, low voter turn out and the people is gripped with a frustration over the way the election was held.

The result so far showed that out of 472 upazilla, 461 result is out , AL got 306,BNP 73, Jamaat 22, Jatiya party 13, others 47.

Chief Election Commissioner on upazilla election said that election didn’t reflect the will of the people. The pro-government element tried to influence the result by force. He also commented that the young and women showed poor turnout in the election.

But the Home Ministry claimed that the polls were peaceful across the country except a few stray incidences.

The LGRD Minister Ashraful Islam add that the few violence that have occurred wouldn’t happened if the local government election be held on party basis.

The State Minster for Home said that it is the Election Commission who were responsible for the law and order situation as all the necessary forces were deployed as required.

It is not the number of seats that AL lost, but question on the credibility of the election erodes the confidence of the people on the government to hold a free and fair election even of a local government nature.

The election will also shake the confidence of the people on the ability of the political government to hold acceptable parliamentary election in place of caretaker government system in Bangladesh.

Before taking such a move the political government must show their good intention and capability to hold a free and fair election under an independent election commission.

There is still a hope remain as the Prime Minister SK. Hasina didn’t speak out yet and we hope that she would realize the stake of the government and will give more importance to the long term need of the government than short terms.

Is AL only set for 5 year term and their vision 2021 will remain for others to materialize?

An ordinary citizen

News link:
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Post Script:
One of the achievements of the upazilla election, as said by Chief Electon Commissioner is ‘a process has began’. We are also agreed with the idea and hope that the local government election sn the future will be more free and fair.

The new government and upazilla election January 19, 2009

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Upazilla election was always a matter of controversy over the last two years after the Election Commission expressed it’s willingness to hold the upazilla election to strengthen the local government. Major political parties were against holding of Upazilla election under the CTG.
But both AL and BNP failed to hold the Upazilla election during their tenures from 1991 though they were commited to hold the election in their election manifestos.

People in general perceived the upazilla election as their empowerment and they responded positively when idea of the upazilla election was floated.

EC once declared to hold the upzilla election in October 2008,but due to pressure from the political parties to shift it beyond the general election date, the upazilla election is then scheduled to 28th December 2008 with general election date on 18th December 2008.Though AL accepted the dates, BNP with its allies opposed the idea. It raised demand to shift the date of elections for 2 to 3 months more.

After hectic negotiations with the conflicting parties, Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman and his team from the Advisory Council ultimately convinced the parties to participate in the elections. Accordingly, EC declared the general election on 29th December 2008 and upazilla election on 22nd January 2009.

Nation initially concentrated on the parliamentary election of 29th December 2008 and people then were not sure about the upazilla election.

In the general election, AL got the landslide victory. Few people thought that CTG may delay handing over the charge to the elected government and may wish to complete the upazilla election under their control.
But they handed over the charge.

People have seen that AL-led new political government has allowed processes of the upazilla election to be continued under the old leaders of the Election Commission.

It is one of the positive steps that new government has taken so far. It has scored high not postponing the upazilla election and not intefering it. If upazilla electionis held on 22nd January free and fair and if the Election Commission can exert its control over the election completely independent, it will not only boost the image of the government but also of the nation.

An ordinary citizen

Election Commission in Bangladesh: from command to compromise? September 19, 2008

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The Election Commission will sit tomorrow with BNP and its two allies-Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Oikko Jote. Both the allies of BNP had refused earlier to sit with the Election Commission and missed their date though they sat with the EC in its first dialogue with the politicalparties. CEC then said that EC will not call the two parties in future for dialogue. BNP led by Khonodker Delwar refused to sit with EC from the beginning until Khlada Zia is freed.

After the release of Khaleda, BNP agreed to sit with the EC but along with the other components of alliance. In the changed scenario, EC accepted the proposal but arranges separate sittings for the three parties.

The changed scenario also compel CEC to seek apology for not to ask Khondoker Delwar earlier for dialogue.

EC was supposed to declare the upazilla election by this time. But it delays its decision to talk with BNP and then to declare the date of both upazilla and general election.

But does EC expect BNP and its allies to agree to upazilla election before the General Election. AL already told that they will not participate in any election before General Election.

Will EC agree with the opinion of the leaders of the political parties and deviate from its declared policy? The recent political moves of the Caretaker Government has made the EC a tamed horse and a compromise on the upazilla election will be likely if BNP says so though CEC once said that people and party workers at the grassroots level wants the upazilla election. Now, the people are pushed to the sidelines to the greater interest of the parties.

Only an extraordinary vision from the top brasses of both AL and BNP could give our democracy a good lift if upazilla election is agreed to be held, if not before, atleast on the same date of the General Election.

But will that happen? The chance is very low.
Let us wait and see what is there in the daylight after few hours.

Regarding the registration of the political parties, CEC said without ambiguity that registration is a must without which it will be impossible for the election commission to conduct the election and after trimming down the conditions, the conditions of registration has come to the bare minimum.

Will the parties accept the last minimum conditions of the registrations or force the Election Commission to agree to their conditions? And will the EC compromise on all their conditions on the plea to ensure an election ‘participated by all’ to make it ‘free and fair’.

An ordinary citizen

Parallel observations:

‘Is Government running after mirage’ Dr. Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Ex-VC , JU [Prothom Alo, 19 September 2008]
‘Upazilla Election is a necessity’ Dr. Shahdin Malik, Advocate, Supreme Court [Prothom Alo, 18 September, 2008]

Partisan vs Non-partisan election for local governments August 13, 2008

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A controversy is now going on in Bangladesh whether the elction of the local governments should be partisan or no-partisan.
The Election Commission was of the opinion that the local government election should be non-partisan. Accordingly they formulated the local government ordinance 2008 and organised the selected city corporations and municipalities election. But on the plea from an agrieved person, High Court allowed the candidates to use their political identities and connections as the high count found discrepencies in the ordinances promulgated by the EC.
As the mayoral election was close enough then, the EC didn’t filed any appeal against the judgment of the High Court.
But as the basic spirit of the present CTG is to make the local government election non-partisan and to make a qualitative change in the practice of democracy, the EC or CTG may think of filing an appeal against the judgment.
Why the local government should be non-partisan in character? Dr. Badiul Alam Majumder, General Secretary of ‘Citizens for Good Governance’ has projected the following points in a bebate in Prothom Alo:

1) Non-partsan means not necessarily non-political. The local government election, in his views, is non-partisan in character for long. The present EC only added some new provisions in this practice. The elected local government official may not hold the party portfolio, but he is not barred to be a member of the party.

2) Though few may argue that by asking the local govt elected to resign from the post of political parties is virtuallly a process of depoliticisation, actually in Bangladesh the depolicisation developed due to ‘nomination business’ practiced by the political parties. By this process, the non-political businessmen get the opppotuity to buy the nominations of party and ultimately make the parliament ineffective.

3) He added, there are some logic in favour of local government election.
At the locallevel, there are always some people who are not party leaders, but are educated and respectable. If the local governmnet election remain non-partisan, these people might get chance to compete and may change the quality of the local government.

4) This local govermnet system is in other way important that it may prevent the all-engrossing destructive party system to affect the grassroots level. It is found that because of political demarcation, in the past , the areas where the opposition wins, they virtually get no or minimum allotment for the development of the area. [Prtothom Alo:11 August 2008]

An ordinary citizen

Will political parties be able to avoid upazilla elections? August 9, 2008

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Elections in 300 upazillas out of 482 will be held in October, 2008, EC declared.
The political parties reacted against the declaration. AL said that they will not particiate in the upazilla elections before the general election. They will approach the other members of the 14 party-alliance not to join the same. AL also said that they will formally place their proposals to the care taker government in the dialogue. Someone said that AL will hold the upazilla election after 1 month of the general election if they form the government.
Menon of Workers parties is a little bit diplomatic. He said that the present government should not hold the upazilla election before the general election, but ultimate participation in the upazilla election will depend on the situation arises once it is declared.
BNP Delwar as always against any election under the government before the general election. It views all the election would be stage managed under this government. It even did not accepted the result of the presently concluded mayoral elections in 4 cities and 9 municipalities.
But Mannan Bhuiyan, who recently released on bail from jail said that not participating in the mayoral elelctions by BNP was a wrong decision. If BNP participated it would won atleast 3 out of 4 city corporations. Though he acknowleged that the local body elections was fair and free, he told that the upazilla election should not be held under the caretaker governmentand before the general election.
But will the people listen to the aspirations of the political leaders? The political parties had the same advocay for the city corporations and municipalities elections. Local people and party activists didn’t head their advice. Ultimately the parties had to bow down to the will of the people. Here AL took more pregmatic role and they won almost all the seats. BNP was confused and they failed.

Will the people react in the same way and will political parties follow them?
Will AL and BNP take different stands and one will be looser even before the election?

An ordinary citizen

Mayoral Election: AL gains, BNP loses, boost for EC August 5, 2008

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Amid much speculation, the mayoral election of 4 city corporations and 9 municipalities was held yesterday with great participation of the people. It is said 80% vote was casted in city corporations areas and in municipalities it is 91% which is unprecedented. It is speculated that the controlled law and order situation and the condifence of the opporunity of giving one’s own vote encouraged the voters to go to the polling centers in maximum numbers.

In unofficial declaration of the result, AL supported candidates win all four city corporations and 8 out of 9 municipalities.[DS][PA] The result may set a trend for future elections.

AL leaders were skeptic about the total atmosphere of the election, but the result would elevate their mood.

BNP would feel frusated with the result and will repent their for their stretagy.

CEC is happy with the success of the election and hope to improve the situation better in future. The success of the election will boost up their confidence to hold the elections in future.[DS] [PA]

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
The observers are also pleased with the proceedings of the election[DS]
A step forward in the decocratisation of the country, says DS editorial. It will give the country reasons for optimism[DS]
Prothom Alo is also optimistic and urged to apply this experiece in the upcoming general election[PA]

Local body elections: High court is in favour of political campaign August 1, 2008

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Bangladesh High Court in a judgment yesterday allows the candidates the use their political affiliations in the local government election.[DS]
The judgment goes against the Election Commission who bars the candidates to use their political identity.
The judgment also will frustrate the citizens group who like to see the local government elections to be non-political in character.
On the other hand. the politicians expressed their rejoice on the judgment saying it is the recognition of the politician against some quarters attempt to depoliticisation of the local government from the mainstream politics.

The High Court however allows election of the 4 city corporations and 9 municipal bodies to be held as sheduled.

The Election Commission accepted the verdict for the time being and will complete already scheduled city corporations elections, then they will make necessary amendments in laws to make the local government elections non-political.[DS]

An ordinary citizen

Upcoming elections to differentiate central leaders from the local leaders July 30, 2008

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Dr. Tofayel Ahmed, the local government expert in his recent article in Prothom Alo told that the upcoming elections in the selected city corporations, municipalities and upazillas in October 2008 and at national level in December 2008 will separate the central leaders from the local leaders.[PA 28 July 2008]. He also added that the Member of Parliaments will be people of intellect and be the policy makers of the nation and the local leaders will take the responsibilities for the development works in their localities.

So far in Bangladesh there was no demarcation between the local leaders and the national leaders. Local leaders were the central leaders. Those who were policy makers bestowed upon themselves the responsibilities to execute the projects by themselves.

We feel that intermixing of the two roles, make the post of the Member of Parliament a post economically more rewarding and encourage the businessmen and people of low intellect to grab for it by hook and crook. Our political systems and election rules support these kind of people to be elected for the parliament.

What you expect from these people in the parliament except to shout in their loudest voices in favour of their party politics or to abuse the others or to boycott the parliament to look after their own business?

We want a qualitative change in the representation of the people in the local governments and in the parliament. In the local government we want to see people who are honest, committed and competent. In the parliament we want to see more literate people, people of thought and men tested best in their own profession.

An ordinary citizen

Declaration of upazilla election and political parties July 22, 2008

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Election Commission has tentatively declared the upazilla election to be held in October 23 rd, 2008 in 300-350 seats out of 482 seats. CEC said as the preparation will not be complete by October, the election of other seats will be held after the general election. Th commission want to keep November and December reserved for national election.

The major political parties harshly reacted to the declaration. Zillur Rahman Acting President of AL said that they will not accept any upazilla election before the national election. Delwar Hussain, General Secretary of Pro-Khaleda BNP said that Government has no constitutional right to hold any election other than national election.

Answering to the criticism, CEC said that political leaders have the right to criticize but let us do our own work.

Chief Adviser said in his address in the concluding ceremony of the voter listing said that the upazilla election has been declared considering the opinion of the local people.

It will be difficult for the political parties to swallow the declaration of upazilla election as they could not yet able to accept the 4 city corporation and 9 municipal elections.

It will draw the major political parties face to face with the caretaker government. But the government is feeling confident because of the response it has got in the local government elections earlier declared. Upazilla election is also a local government election and on principle would be a non-party basis election.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script

Dr. Tofayel Ahmed opines that Upazilla election will prepare the ground for national election , on the contrary DR. M M Akas is against the upazilla election. [PA]

Let Media play more positive role to make the local government elections effective July 11, 2008

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With the progress of the process of the local government elections, the constructive role of media is increasingly felt with time.

The political parties are trying to give the local government a political colour- they are choosing their candidate, declaring the names, urging others to accept their verdict etc. The media should try to uphold the non- political character of the local government elections. The candidates who are competing in the elections should be judged by their work, competence and qualities of character rather than their political affiliation. (more…)

Same old faces in the local government elections July 5, 2008

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It is found that same old faces are competing in the August local government elections. Many of them are alleged for murder, ransom, smuggling, corruption, forced acquisition of land etc.[PA][DS]
Old guards of the major political parties have submitted their nominations for the race. The parties themselves are also trying to set their best candidates for the posts.
Though the local government election is non-political, the parties will try to get their candidate come out successful. (more…)

BNP is pursuing wrong strategy for local government elections July 4, 2008

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Delwar Hussain, leader of Pro-Khaleda faction of BNP declared not to join in the local government election. He also threats that if anybody join violating the party decision , he will be thrown out of the party. Major(Rt) Hafiz of Pro-Reform faction though initially not against the participation in the local government election , later soften his stand to keep party unity regarding the issue.

Two factors influence the BNP decision not to join the election: a) no breakthrough in the release of Khaleda in the near future b) the decision of the Jamaat-e-Islam, partner of BNP 4 party alliance in the last regime. (more…)

Local government elections: empowering the people June 30, 2008

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Preparation is underway for local government elections in Bangladesh. Election Commission has declared its intension, the Government has endorsed it and the local people has accepted it.

The response of the major political parties was initially negative, and then AL changed its stand and decided to participate in the local government elections in its last Working Committee meeting.

Local government election is by essence non-political election. The election is based on local problems and aim at development of local areas. The candidate should be judged on their commitment to the local area, their competency and integrity of their character. The party affiliation should not play a major role in choice of local candidates by the people. (more…)

Local government elections: political parties are at odds with the people June 27, 2008

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Election Commission declared the local government elections in 4 city corporations and 9 municipal corporations to be held in August 2008. Though the Government wanted the political parties to support the initiative but major political parties are against the local government elections to be held before the general election.

But the local residents of the respective areas are showing enthusiasm in election work, the political workers in the local area are also start working and the political and local leaders are showing their aspirations to participate in the local polls. (more…)

CTG to hold local government elections despite political oppositions June 20, 2008

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Election Commission is going to declare the 4 city corporations and 13 municipality elections shortly though the political parties on and off the dialogue were speaking against the local government elections before the general election of December 2008.

In the meantime, government also approved the local government Commission ordinance, 2008 to clear the path to hold the elections.[DS]

BNP, pro-Delwar faction declared that they will resist the local body elections throughout Bangladesh but AL which has recently changed their stand after the release of Hasina from jail, declared that the will participate in the local body elections though the local body elections will non-partisan and after winning the local body winners will not able to hold any portfolio in the political parties.

Ground was also being prepared as the local body representatives from different parts of the country met the advisers of the caretaker government and were demanding the local body elections before the national election.

The politicians and critics were against the move as they fear the government may use the election to form a base to counter the present political trend.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
AL took again a turn and its acting president Zillur Rahman termed the declarartion of local government election as a joke.
But both election commission and the gvernment are on the way to hold the election.
The local people of the declared area where the elections will be hel d are showning great enthusiasm.
The Daily Star in its editorial said that free and fair election to all elected bodies is the need of the hour.[…]
The DS reported that the grassroots leaders overlook major parties boycot mood and prepare fr campeign[…]

Local government elections, political parties and people March 10, 2008

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The Government is preparing to hold the local government elections before the national election. Local Government experts and many of the citizen groups are in favour of holding local election first.The election may be of city corporations and municipalities or upazilla parishad . The LGRD ministry is in favour of upazilla elction first.

But the declaration of the local government elections has created a controversy in the political circle. Major political parties AL and BNP are against the local government elections before the national election, but AL President Zillur Rahman told that they are against the local government electione but if the government hold the election then they will participate in it. Saifur-led BNP once also said to participate in the local elections


All local body elections must be held before parlimentatry election December 8, 2007

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Tofayel Ahmed, not the politician but a local government expert wrote an interesting article in Prothom Alo on local government elections where he argued that the parliamentary election is not a precondition for holding the local government elections.

He placed this proposition when the Election Commission is thinking to defer the local body elections after the general election and to be hold by the next political government. This is in contradiction to the earlier stand declared by the election commission that the local body election would be held before the national election. At that time different political parties opposed the idea.

In an earlier post we also argued in favour of local body elections to be held under the Caretaker Government to keep it free from political party dominance and to base it on local issues and agendas. We cannot expect it in a election held under a political government.

Another point which Mr. Tofayel raised in his article is to select the chairman or mayor of the local bodies on the basis of indirect voting by the members of the union parishad or by the commissioners of the city corporations/municipalities. This sounds new to us but if it is practiced in West Bengal where democracy is more deep rooted and more representative, our Government can judge the merit of the suggestion.

Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, a leader of civil society, expressed his opinion in favour of holding the local government elections in differetn areas as soon as their tanure is over and voter listing is completed. He argued that unnecesssary extension of the tenure to the unlelected persons will have no accountability and will encourage corruption.

An ordinary citizen


Parliament Election is not a precondition for local government elections[PA]

Local Government elections should be free from party politics November 12, 2007

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The present government is taking preparation for the election of the local bodies. These are in the urban set up the election of the city corporations and municipalities, in the rural set up the election of the union parishad and upazilla parishad.

Both the Awami league and BNP expressed their willingness to participate in the local body elections.

Though at one time AL Acting president Zillur Raman said that the present government should not convene the local body elections. It is not their duty, they should only do voter list and the national election.

Recently Zillur Rahman said that now it seems that Government is determined to hold local body elections. AL has asked its workers and local leaders to organize themselves for the local body elections. They were even discussing the probable candidates for the city corporations and different aspirants are started lobbying for their expected post.

Major(Rtd) Hafizuddin also expressed their willingness to compete in the local body elections.

The ordinary citizen like to see the least political involvement in the local body elections. Government should take necessary measures to make it free from party politics. The media also take steps not to give political colour to the local body elections. The media had a tendency to tag political identity to the candidates/winners, the practice of which should be abandoned. The public also should be encouraged to judge the candidates on the competency and commitment of the candidates to the development of the local constituencies, not on his party colour.

The people must come out of the illusion of the party politics specially in judging the members /chairman of the local bodies.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script: 13 Nov 07

The LGRD Adviser has said yesterday that government is thinking of conducting the local body elections and the national elections on the same day to minimize the cost of election expenditure. This is in contrast to the earlier declaration of the Election Commission that declared that the EC will hold the local body election with the completion of the voter list in that respective area. EC was also asserted that this exercise would give the EC the necessary competency to hold the election commission. To hold both the elections on the same day is also different from the practice of earlier local body elctions.

The ordinary citizen thinks that the election date should be determined by the EC and if LGRD ministry has any alternate proposal then it should place the proposal to the EC first.

The ordinary citizen also thinks that the same day elections will hamper the none political character of the local body elections that we are thinking.

an ordinary citizen

Leadership crisis: local governments elction will help to overcome August 1, 2007

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A crisis of leadership seems to be inevitable in the coming days in the country at the national and subnational level with the charges of corruption , arrests of the leaders and verdicts against the accused.

Few intellectuals are advocating for a softer approach on corruption so that the society does not totally deprived of the leaders.

Leadership is a dynamic process. The dynamism should be nourished. In our country the process was stagnant . The same faces of leaders were stayig for years together. There were little opportunities for the freshers to supply new blood to the system as people had little choice to change the leadership.

The CG has decided to hold election of the local bodies first before the national election. We appreciate the idea.

We believe that the election of the local bodies under the CG will be neutral, more transparent and less political.

CG has formed a 7 members committee to formulate the ways to strengthen the local Governments. Many experts and forums are also giving their recommendation on this aspect.

The earlier political Governments didn’t strengthen the local Governments for their own political and personal reasons.

We hope that on the recommendation of the committee and on the opinion of the public as well the experts the Government will rectify the local Government systems to make it more effective administratively and financially.