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Arab spring,Islamist uprising and US policy December 9, 2011

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Throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa protest against the authotarian rulers started months ago. The protests already led to toppling of the regimes in some of the states that includes Tunesia, Egypt and Libya. In some other states state authorities are reconsidering their power structure and making provision to accomodate more democratic representtation. Morocco and Jordan fall in this category. In some countries people are still strugling like Syria and Yemen and in Bahrain the uprising is vitually suppressed by brutality.

But in countries where election is taking place, Islamists are gaining substantial ground. In Tunesia, an Islamic party won the majority and formed the government. In Morocco also an Islamist party surpasses the the others in the election race and is forming the government. In Egypt, the county that is watched by the world closely , the Muslim Brotherhood has gained majority vote in the first phase.

Why the Islamists are getting the benefit of this Arab spring. It is away from the secular trends that is waving throughout the world.

Is it because of past US policy in the region that maintained a close relation with these autocratic regim of the arab world for decades and helped to sustain the autocratic regime against the will of the people ? Though US was vocal for democracy in other parts of the world but they didn’t advocate it for the Arab World. Is it because the members of islamic parties were persecuted for years that arouse the sympathy of the people towards them and people expressed their sympathy to the oppressed through this mandate? Though the present movement in different countries directly or indirectly has US support , that proves not enough to overcome the attitude that is developed over the years.

But it is likely that the Islamist uprising will interfere with the us dominance in the region and will make Israel more isolated.

An ordinary citizen

Syria: A doctor in the killing field November 23, 2011

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Basher al Asad is a physician. He stuided medicine and became an specialist in ophthalmology having trained in England. When his father Hafiz Al-Asad died , he became President of Syria, a counttry run by a autocratic system and a single party- Bath Party.

I was not sure how good he would be as a statesman after he had taker over the charge of the country with a backgroung of a physician. I thought he would be more liberal, more demorcratic being educated in England. 
He was running the country not bad atleast externally though President Bush termed it as a state in the axis of evil along with Iran and Libya. The statement was probably more for its anti- Israil standing in the region.
It was thought that USA might strike Syria on the presumption of weapons of mass destruction like Iraq at any time. After the daparture of Bush , Obama came to the presidency and toned down the rhetorics against the countries in the Gulf. 
 But the danger for Basher came from a different angle. The urge for democracy started to be expressed in million voices accross the Arab world. The wave also hit Syria. Initially it was not that strong in Syria, but gradually it takes momentum . People in larger numbers are spreading out on the streets and demanding the change of regime and resignation of Bashar al Asad.

At first Bashar was rational in approach and reconciliatoty in mood. But later he has changed his approach and become aggressive in his attitude and started suppressing the upsurge by his p,lice and military forces,tear gas and bullets. Innocent people are dying on the streets and in hospitals.

We expected Bashar, as a doctor , would have more affection for human life and respect for humanity, but instead he tainted his hands with blood as a killer of thousands of human life only to remain in poweR agaisnt the will of the people.

He will not be able to remain in power and he will be defeated and embrace the fate of Gaddafi of Libya soon.

An ordinary citizen

Narayanganj election: who wins? November 4, 2011

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After many dramas and much tension , Nayanganj election is over. The drama started with the first day when 2 very potential candidates filed nomination from the same party. This was possible as the city corporation election is non-party basis and party’s endorsement is not necessary for filing the nomination. Next, both the candidates vied for the support of the party high ups. As both candidates belongs to the government party , they were called by the Prime Minister. What was discussed or told in person were not disclosed outside but both the candidtaes claimed the blessings of the Prime Minister. Whille the public were uncertain, 3 orgamising secretaries of the ruling party appeared in the campaign scene to declare their support in favour of one Showkat Osman. Election Commission warned party organisers not politicise the non- party election. In the capital, the party spokesman declared that the party has no relation with the declared stand of the organising secretaries and it was only their personal opinion. 2 days later the same man declaed ignoring the warning of the EC that AL stands in favour of Sowkat Osman. EC looked weak to the polical stand of the ruling party. In the face of open party stand, Ivy , the other candidate announced , ‘People is on her side’. Campaign continued.

Controversy also raised about the use of Electronic Voting Machine. EC declared to use EVM in 9 voting centers or one third of the total centers. Tairmur, BNP supported candidate protested against the EVM.Taimur even said to confine EMV to two centres so that it had no major influence on the result. Ivy initially supported, then casted her doubt on the method fearing that govt may use it to rig the vote. Osman had no objection to the system. EC remain fixed to their original plan on EVM. Ivy’s posters were found to be missing. Ivy complained that Osman people are behind this unlawful act. When the emotion was on the peak and voting day was only 2 days away, EC failed to deploy the army as they promised. People became suspicious , candidates became confused and EC becaame frustrated. CEC even accused the government of violating the constitution. Yet CEC hoped that fair election could be held without the presence of Army if people participated in the voting in large number.

On the night before voting, all of a suuden Taimur announced his wihdrwal from the race on the plea that the election would not be fair without the presence of Army and government was certain to rig the election. He dealared in tearful eyes and on the direction of his highest leadership. With the disappearace of Taimur from the scene , all eyes now focused on Osman and Ivy. Ivy declared, ‘People are my Army’. She urged all the 15 lac peopel (voter no 4 lac) to come to the voting centres on the day of election.
Elecion held peacefully, no untoward events occured. Though there was no Army, Police and Rab were present in large numbers and turn out of voters was 70 %. Both the candidates raised some irregularities. Voting ended and counts began. Not only the people of Narayanganj but people from all over the country glued to the TV channels to follow the results. With the pouing of results, people found that Ivy won by huge margin.
Is it win of Ivy alone ?
It is the win of the people and win of people’s power.

An ordinary citizen

Fall of Gaddafi October 24, 2011

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Gaddafi has been killed . Whether it is incrossfire or by NATO bombing is less important than the death itself.

His 42 years of reign of autocracy is over. Occupying the state power through a bloodless coup, he established himself as a mighty power of the Arad world. He portrayed himself as an anti- west leader , a propagonist of Arab interst and a forruneer for African unity.

Sometomes he supported or sponsored terrorist activites to achieve his targets and he had to embrace economic sanctions to fridging of the assests, financial penalty and political isolation.

He led a life of his own style, prefering tents to live than living in the strongly build palaces. He used to shift his locations, prefer female body guards than males for their commitment to the boss and used to wear traditional arabian dresses.

Only once i did follow his speech about 2 years back and that was in the general assebly of United Nations. He demanded for reshaping of the world body and wanted representations of the diffent regions in the world body. His speech was unnecessary lengthy and disorganised.

He had alinieted himself from his people. Any form of dissent was suppressed for long time.

He was grommming his son Saif for the next state leadership. Outside world only very recently could heard the voice of people in Libya after the people upsurge in Tunesia and Egypt. Not paying heed to the peope’s voice Gaddafi tried to brutally suppressed it. He used tanks and planes to kill the people on the streets. NATO and USA came in support of the people.

They provided the experts and ammunitions, promoted the cause and boosted the morale of the fighters in many ways.

People had the victory and expressed their joy. The fall of Gaddafi is also a victory for NATO and its allies- the thin smile on the lips of President Surkozi tells all when he was fisrt asked to comment on the death of Gaddafi.

NTC ( National Transitional Council) that coordinated the mass resistance decided to resign. The interim authority will hold a free and fair election by 8 months.

Establishment of a well represented dmocratic government only would repay the sacrifice of the Libyan people . Otherwise a dictated government will serve the purpose of the big brothers only.

An ordinary citizen


Libya and Gaddafi in Google

Greece, Turkey and EU October 20, 2011

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Greece is one of the last countries of Europe that joined EU. At the same time,Turkey was trying for membership in EU. EU was giving different conditions which was difficult to fulfil for Turkey to the level the EU was expecting. Turkey was eager to the extent that it looked that if it fails to join EU it would remain economically backward.

Time moved on.Greece has fell into serious economic crisis. EU nations came to rescue Greece and sanctioned huge amount of loan for its economic recovery.

But the situation didn’t improved. The Greece government declared austerity measures but Public didn’t like it

They protested the move and poured into streets in thousans, the situation in Greece is worsening repidly.

Turkey is better in shape without joining EU and proved itself as one of the rapidly progressing country of the world. 

Joining EU is not mandatory for prosperity.

An ordinary citizen

Follow Greek crisis in Google

Dr. Muhammad Yunus: Bangladesh new antihero? March 18, 2011

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Dr. Muhammad Yunus is struggling with the government and the court for his post of managing director of Grameen Bank. His personal appeal to the finance minister and explanation to the Bangladesh Bank all went in vein. His appeal to the High Court has been rejected. His counsels compelled to take the refuge to the Supreme court. After hearing on the first day from Dr. Kamal Hussain on merit of the case, supreme court suspends the case for 15 days. The attempts taken by Dr. Yunus, his counsels and Board of Directors so far couldn’t tilt the determination of the government to reconsider its decision.

A parallel current is also flowing at the same time. The board of directors , the borrowers and the beneficiaries of Grameen stand by the side of Dr. Yunus. They are not small in number. About 4 crore people are directly or indirectly connected with Grameen Bank. They are expressing their support for Dr.Yunus and worry for Grameen.

The citizens are reassessing the contribution of Grameen to the economy and judging the commitment and character of Dr. Yunus against the contemporary politicians.

Are the people of Bangladesh reinventing their lost hope in Dr. Yunus?

Is Dr. Yunus Bangladesh new antihero?

An ordinary citizen

Musa Conquered the Everest May 27, 2010

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Musa Ibrahim, a boy from Bangladesh put his foot on the top of the Everest in the early hours of 23 May 2010. It was hard to believe. Is it real? Is it true? But the truth was gradually unfolded and people from all walks of life filled with pride for this son of the soil. Prime Minister of the country, the leader of the opposition and members of the citizen groups congratulated him and people expressed their joy and happiness on the event.

People take it not only as a success of an individual but a triumph of the nation. It has re-energized their hope of overcoming the odds of a nation, which is beset with difficult national problems.

An ordinary citizen


Prothom Alo; News on Musa

Daily Star: News on Musa

Obama’s Heath Care Reform & Bangladesh March 26, 2010

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The US Congress ultimately passed the Obama’s health Care bill by 220- 207 votes with the relief for the president and his party.

Through this health care plan Obama tries to give the healthcare in the USA a universal form. According to him , America was trying to reform the Health Care System for the last 100 years but could fulfill its dream due to obstacles from pressure groups.

This time also, Obama and his health plan were sharply criticized by the opponents of the health care including the Republicans, the Insurance companies and others.

The Health Care plan tries to give universal coverage to the health care service to the American citizen irrespective of the financial status. It will impose more taxes to the rich and support the health care from the federal fund.

Bangladesh Heath care also needs a shake up by the government. Bangladesh also needs universal coverage of the population for healthcare, extension of the healthcare service to the rural community, qualitative improvement of health education .

The new Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to support the rural health service by posting 6000 new doctors in the community hospitals and appointing about 3000 doctors in the Government hospitals. But total health system is marred by partisanism and political posting.

Bangladesh needs a comprehensive plan and an honest implementation of the policy.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s Proposals for Health Care Reform

Venture of Grameen in America- Grameen America May 1, 2008

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Grameen Ammerica –Grameen’s first micro-finance operation in New York opens recently. Dr. Yunus inaugurates the first branch at Jackson Heights formally though the branch started to work since January 2008.

Grameen America will work as an independent microfinance organization and will not depend on Grameen for its operation though the operational methods will be that of Grameen.

The target population of GA is initially the low income groups of New York City that includes Bangladeshis and Hispanics. Both the groups, more the Hispanics already showed their interest in the microfinance operation. So far 200 families have taken loans from the bank.


OMS, Rationing and few words from the pages of Dr. Yunus April 18, 2008

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Bangladesh is passing through a very critical food crisis. To overcome the food crisis and to control the price of essentials, the government has introduced many programs which include OMS(Open Market Sale), sales through BDR shops , VGF, Work for Food Program etc.

There were suggestions for introducing rationing system also. But the government didn’t give much heed to the suggestion and give more importance to the OMS. But within days OMS service also proved to be inadequate. (more…)

A visit to Grameen-Danone: the model of social business March 25, 2008

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grameen-danone.jpgI felt an impulse to visit the Gramen-Danone plant when I learned from the internet that Grameen Danone is built on the model of social business- a concept knitted by Dr. Muhammad Yunus. ‘Social business is not to achieve personal gain but to pursue specific social goals’ he said in his book ‘Creating a World without Poverty-social business and the future of capitalism’.

I took a break of 2 days from my job and traveled 600 km to see the project by myself.

I took primary information from one of my friends staying at Bogra. Then I contacted the Resident Engineer who was in the charge of the project over telephone and expressed my interest and hinted that I may come any day.



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