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Dr. Yunus

Dr. Yunus : a man with a mission
This page is dedicated to a man who has taken up to alleviate poverty from Bangladesh and from the World as a mission of his life.

1) First loan he has given was $27 from his own pocket[DS ]
2) Dr. Yunus speak om the partnership between business and social entrepreneurs […]
3) He got Nobel Peace prize 2006[NPO]

4) His Nobel Lecture at Oslo[NPO]

5) A short biography of Dr. Yunus by Nobel Prize organization[NPO]
6) His website is www.muhammadyunus.org.

7) His past accolades

8) Grameen Bank also shares the Nobel Peace prize of 2006.The website of Grameen Bank is http://www.grameen-info.org/index.htm
9) Bangladesh Government releases commemorative stamp
10) Bill Gates in a meeting with Dr. Yunus has expressed his interest in investing in the improvement of heath care facilities in Bangladesh[DS]

11) Bill Gates creative capitalism and Muhammad Yunus social businessmay may change the world in a new way.[HP]

12) Dr. Yunus had a discussion with ‘Commonwealth Club Write up’ [CWC]

13) The Green Children is a young band of musicians inspired by Professor Muhammad Yunus. After visiting Bangladesh and India to learn more about micro credit ‘The Green Children’ were incredibly inspired by the borrowers they met with.[GC]

14) Dr. Yunus speaks at World Affairs Council in Houston .Zen writes on the event.[ZEN]

14) Stephen Colbert had a great interview with the man named Professor Muhammad Yunus.[CR]

15) Professor Yunus’ writes a new book-‘Creating a world without poverty’ In his new book Dr. Yunus discusses his idea of social business and way out of poverty by implementing this concept[MYO]

16) Grameen Danone Foods Ltd is a unique model of social business enterprise.[GD]

17) Live chat with Dr. Yunus documented at FDL book saloon: creating a world without poverty[LC]

18) Dr. Muhammad Yunus speaks at Authors@Google on 10 January 2008 on his book ‘Creating a world without poverty’ and his idea of social business.[A@G]

19) ‘Creating a world without poverty’-a social business blog empowered by Grameen Solution[DYB]

20) US college introduces Dr.Yunus scholarship [DYS]

21) Dr. Yunus takes micro finance model to USA [MFU]

22) ‘Order of Benin’ for Professor Yunus[OOB]

23) The Green Skeptic writes a review on ‘Creating a world without poverty’[GS]

24) Dave Richards on Social Business Model[ DGP]

25) A Great blog on Dr.Yunus [EYS]

26) Guardians discourse on Grameen Bank and Dr.Yunus[GOL ]

27) Wall Street Journal made a commentary on the subprime lender[WSJ]

28) Businessweek review on ‘creating a world without poverty’[BW]

29) Dr. Muhammad Yunus in Flickr

30) Zac Bissonette on subprime lending[BS]

31) Dr. Yunus to attend the ‘women, faith and development summit to end global poverty’ on April 13-14, 2008 in Washington[WCD]

31) XL members meet Dr. Muhammad Yunus[XL]

32) Dr. Muhammad Yunus on You Tube[…]
33) An interesting discussion on Dr. Yunus as a role model [UV]
34) DR. Yunus urged for heath care service at affordable cost[…][…]
35) He trashes reports of crime by Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia[…]
36) Bangladesh & Singapore developing a development mindset […]
37) Intel opens up new vista for Bangladesh[…]
38) Dr. Yunus gives up his political mission […]
39) Condofire appreciated Dr. Yunus’ speech at UBC […]
40) Edith Yung supports a poverty free world […]
41) Follow up of Yunus visit at Vancouver […]
42) Whole planet Foundation with Dr. Muhammad Yunus partner with natural food vendors […]
43) Another emerging destination is Bangladesh of Dr. Muhammad Yunus. […]
44) Byoyant Bangladesh […]
Social innovators change the world […]
45) Micro creditworks in Africa […]
46) Top ten IT conversation show […]
47) ‘Dollar has only one life’ in philanthropy […]
48) Corporate vs social business […]
49) Grameen teams up with Veolia water […] [VOS]
50) Dr. Yunus opens Grameen America in New York[Reuters][DS]
51) Dr. Yunus at Pepperdine Universit on Grameen America[MBAD]
52) Review of the book ‘creating a world without poverty in Peter Unzipped
53) Condofire on Dr. Yunus and Grameen bank[…]
54) Dr. Yunus inaugurates s Grameen Green Child Eye Hospital at Bogra Bangladesh on Social Business principal[…]
55) A documenatry on Dr. yunus is on the offing […]
56) Grameen Shakti wins the ‘Environment award’ in Bangladesh
57) Yunus voted 2nd among world’s top thought leaders[…]
58) DR. Yunus at MIT[Lokvani]
59) Muhammad Yunus revisited Oslo [Nanaka Gunawardene’s blog]

60) Yunus suggests 20% of GP’s IPO for Grameen banks borrowers[DS]

61) Professor Yunus blasts Telenor ethics in Bangladesh[DS]

62) Grameen-Obopay to offer mobile banking service Mombai, Bangladesh[DS]
63) Yunus raises fund for Bangladeshi destitute children in Newyork[DS]
64) Yunus to Gordon Brown for Global Initiative to lessen food prices[DS]
65) Yunus discussed possibilities of microcredit expansion to Russia with Deputy Premier of Russia [DS]
66) Yunus for private sector initiative to ensure health services[DS]

67) Yunus present goal to provide health care to all Bangladeshis[DS]
68) Yunus inuguated GC Grammen Hospital at Bogra [DS]

Personal posts on Dr. Yunus:

1) Dr. Yunus in the ‘Council of Elders’[…]
2) Dr. Yunus wins again[…]
3) Bangladesh should have gone for deep sea port[…]
4) A visit to Grameen Danone: the model of social business[…]
5) OMS,Rationing and few words from the pages of Dr. Yunus […]
6) Grameen ventures into America-Grameen America[…]
7) ‘Bangladesh would be able to see its dream comes true’ -Nobel Committee Chairman Professor Mijos[…]
(8) Social Business to create a world without poverty
(9) Obama confers Presidential Medal of Freedom on Dr. Muhammad Yunus
(10)South Asia Union : Yunus’ new vision
(11)Dr. Yunus : Controversies and Comments
(12)Is Bangladesh a failing state?
(13)Dr.Yunus : Does he represent 3rd force in Bangladesh?
(14)Dr. Yunus’ removal: exploring the reasons
(15) A proposal for Nobel peace prize for Sk. Hasina
(16) Possible impact of removal of Yunus from Grameen Bank
(17)Dr. Muhammad Yunus: Bangladesh’ new anti hero
(18) Is USA doing excess on Yunus issue?
(19) Yunus and After: Grameen Bank will be a political liability for the Government
(20) Options left for Dr. Yunus
(21)A Social Business Day
(22) A Conversation with Dr. Yunus on Social Business Day
(23)Padma bridge, Dr. Yunus and other controversies

Personal blog on Dr. Yunus

studyunus.net– a discussion into the studies of “creating a world without poverty’

Yunus on Facebook
()Unite for Yunus- Open Group
() Support Yunus:Nobel Peace Prize winner under attack
() Yunus Centre


1. Blog, blogging and Bangladesh « an ordinary citizen - February 9, 2008

[…] Dr. Yunus […]

2. Sabine - February 21, 2008

Great to find your blog and your Yunus page!!!

Great also how the yunussocialactiongroups blog was reorganised!

Keep thinking your own thought and feeling your own feelings as “you and your blog”!…


3. Unheard Voices from Bangladesh « Expanding Dr. Yunus’ Sphere of Influence… - April 12, 2008

[…] Voices from Bangladesh Barud Doza maintains a remarkable blog with a page on Dr. Yunus. His latest comment (no. 37) on Unheard Voices separates fact from fiction to dispel negative myths […]

4. Sk. Md. Hasanuzzaman - August 1, 2009

Im proud for Dr. Yunus. I have completed my one month trainning in hp in San Jose,intel in Santa Clara, Colorado University in Bolder Of USA. Every where Dr. Yunus was appreciated for his micro finance program.

Im at airport of Atlanta. I’m eager to meet with Dr. Yunus.

5. Shahidur Rahman Sikder - September 5, 2009

Hello Dr Yunus,

See into or see visions-http://www.flickr.com/photos/41295169@N06/3819801143/

Strike the right note or put up to note sheet against my website information.

Best regards,
Shahidur Rahman Sikder
Phone: 880-2-9000845

6. sajal - September 12, 2009

hi Dr .Yunus, I would like to know about grameen bank. How can i invest money on your bank.

7. Management Institute - July 13, 2010

Thank you this is great info..

8. Buy a nook - January 4, 2011

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9. Michael Brown - March 15, 2011

Tactics employed to demean Dr. Yunus exposed.

Enemies of Dr. Yunus –

10. Dr.Juma Rahman - March 31, 2011

Iam doing MPH on Global Health in Thailand where most of the time Dr.Younus is praised for his microcredit and grameen phone contribution. We should know to respect a scholar.

11. yahood - February 7, 2012

Dr Yunus…….I am afraid to write something about him.When i was in Dhaka university i repquest our Dept chariman for a single lecture of Dr Yunus.He is the only one person from our country you could proud of it.Internationally wellknown.We donot know how to honor a respectable peson.I am sorry to say that if he born anywhere in this world except Bangladesh ,he would be the super hero of that country.But our politician’s are too clever to do their own business.But they want to tell that as politics of the country.same on them.Dr Yunus you are the hero of this poor country.

12. Alam - February 29, 2012

I do agree hundred percent with you comments. I think we are the most notorious and sick nation in the world. Unfortunately these two parties Awami League & BNP are the absolutely biggest threat to improve, to develope & to promote our country in the right direction. Dr. Yunus is our nation pride and he is highly respected from every single corner in the world. He is absolutely one of the greatest economist in world community. I have great respect for him.

13. Nirapad News - January 19, 2014

Its good idea

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