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Dr. Yunus – Does he represent the 3rd Force in Bangladesh? January 27, 2011

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Recently Dr.Yunus has become the focus of attention in the media in Bangladesh. But he was more focused in international media for his concept of social business and its practical implication for the last few months after he got the Nobel prize for peace in 2006. Though Dr.Yunus was also greatly involved in developing multiple projects in Bangladesh with the leading companies of the world as Adidas, few people of his country were closely following his ventures.

But he came to the limelight of the local media with the news of documentary on the transfer of money from Grameen Bank to Grameen Kalyan. In the debate , not only people of different strata took part and expressed their opinion, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh also made the harshest comment.

The debate died down with the clarification of Grameen and reply of Norwegian government but not in Bangladesh. A case has been filed against Dr. Yunus in a magistrate court miles away from the capital for his comment made in 2006 against the politicians. The magistrate accepted the case and summoned Dr. Yunus to appear before the court. In the meantime government has formed a parliamentary committee to probe into the allegations against Grameen Bank.

USA has asked the Bangladesh Govt to deal the matter related with Dr. Yunus with honour. It is to be noted that Dr. Yunus has recently received 2 highest awards in USA.

For parliamentary Committee, a preliminary paper is prepared where 16 points are identified to inquire into . A new case has been submitted against Dr. Yunus for adulteration of Skakti Dai- a product of Grameen-Danone, joint venture of Grameen and Danone, Danone a world leader from French in nutrition product. Grameen-Danone is also the first model of social business in Bangladesh and may be the first in the world.

The ordinary citizen is feeling puzzled with the new development of events relating Dr. Yunus where the government is also taking active part.

Is there any political reasons behind all these? Does Dr. Yunus represent the 3rd force in Bangladesh? That’s why he has become the target of continuous harassment by the government? The opposition has so far made no comment in this matter.

It is known that Dr. Yunus was first approached by the sponsors of the last Caretaker Government. He refused the offer but proposed the name of Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed who headed the CTG for long 2 years and Dr. Yunua had his blessings for the CTG.

In Bangladesh, no political government so far could gain the sustained confidence of people and could win consecutively for 2 terms.

An ordinary citizen

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