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Hurricane Sidr: acts of kindness December 18, 2007

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Hurricane sidr passed over Bangladesh at a speed of 220 km/hr with surge of sea water of 15 to 20 feet high on the night of 15th November 2007. It was one the fiercest storm that passed over Bangladesh in its known history. The hurricane was double the size of Bangladesh. More than 300o people died on the night, thousands of livestock lost, hectors of crops destroyed, houses, schools, roads, bridges and culverts destroyed of an area of one fourth of the country.


People from all over the world horrified at the magnitude of the devastation and extend their hand in support. Government and NGOs , international organisations, EU, USA and different UN bodies all involved in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation work. The devastation is so much so that Government with international agencies have to introduce VGF card to 2.6 million families to support food supply for 4 months.

The ordinary citizen, though was not directly affected as he was a little away from the eye of the hurricane, felt extreme agony and sadness in his heart and tried to share the burden of the victims. He personaly and from his family donated cash and cloths for the affected people as most of the people of Bangladesh did.

But the deed he would cherished most is his attempt to create awareness regarding the devasatation of the Hurricane Sidr through the posts in his blog and to discuss different ways and means to combat the effect of hurricane sidr in his poor country.

All these done not as an act of kindness but done out of responsibility.

By the way, my posts on Hurricane Sidr are the most visited posts of my blog so far.

An ordinary citizen