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Election manifestos,pledges and practice December 16, 2008

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The political parties unveiled their manifestos. It all started with SK. Hasina, declaring AL manifesto on 12th in this month in Hotel Sheraton in the presence of party leaders, foreign dignitaries, journalists and many other invitees and live on the TV channels. On the following date, Khaleda Zia also declared her party’s manifesto in the same pompous way and with a little longer time.

Both the manifestos projected the 5 year agenda of their individual parties and AL goes beyond and project their vision of 2021, the year when Bangladesh will be turn into 50. I like the idea. One of the reasons of our being poor and underdeveloped is the lack of vision of our leaders.This vision 2021 give give us an idea to look forward.

The smaller parties Like JP, JI, WP, CP and a new alliance of Dr. Kamal Hussain, B Chowdhury and Ferdous Ahmed Quraishi also declared their manifestos.

Declaring the manifestos at the beginning of the election campaign give the election a good colour.

The parties make great promises in their manifestos many of which they mentioned in their earlier election manifestos but didn’t fulfill though both the major parties got the opportunity to run the country in the past decades.One example is separation of judiciary.It is the present caretaker government who completed the initiative taken by another caretaker government. Another example is strengthening the local government. In the last 15 years, no government kept their promises. The present Election Commission declared the schedule for the upazilla election- a pillar of the local government amid strong opposition from both the major alliances. We are still not sure whether the present government could complete the task after the general election.

People are also skeptic about the pledges the parties are making. They are looking back over the past years, into the record of the parties ,of the past governments, into the character and commitment of the individual candidates.

Will the party be the single dominant factor? Not necessarily. People will also look into the individuals. One of lessons people integrated in themselves over the years is to look beyond the surface & into the skeleton of parties and the candidates.

In this election, people will compare the pledges and practice of the parties and the candidates.

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Venture of Grameen in America- Grameen America May 1, 2008

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Grameen Ammerica –Grameen’s first micro-finance operation in New York opens recently. Dr. Yunus inaugurates the first branch at Jackson Heights formally though the branch started to work since January 2008.

Grameen America will work as an independent microfinance organization and will not depend on Grameen for its operation though the operational methods will be that of Grameen.

The target population of GA is initially the low income groups of New York City that includes Bangladeshis and Hispanics. Both the groups, more the Hispanics already showed their interest in the microfinance operation. So far 200 families have taken loans from the bank.