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Choosing subject at the entrance of the university studies January 4, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, EDUCATION.
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One of the dilemmas in our country for the students is to choose major subject which will ultimately determine his/her career at the beginning of the university studies.

The dilemma arises as we have no system of career counseling for the students to choose their subjects.

There is also no way to determine the aptitude of a student in more scientific way.

More over, many of the students choose their subject on the wish or instruction of their parents. Some times the wish conflicts with one’s inherent liking. I have seen many a students lost their way because of the subject imposed by the parents and he/she herself getting no interest in the subject.

Sometimes, students are carried away by the trend of the time which may or may not have future potentiality.
Occasionally, students choose their subject on the advice of their friends or their senior brothers.

Few students, sometimes , have no choice. They accept whatever comes on their way.

None of the situation is good for the students.

There is no institution or organization in our country to monitor the job market, to determine the job statistics, unemployment rate, job pattern, potential market etc

There is no support for aptitude test or career counseling.

To give better support to the students and to provide better job options, we must create those institutions.

An ordinary citizen

Will u please comment which subject is good for the students at present and why? or why you have chosen ur subject at the university?