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Army May Intervene December 6, 2013

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New York Times
Financial Times Bangladesh
Prothom Alo

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BDR ‘mutiny’- unanswered questions March 6, 2009

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The investigative/inquiry committees are working on finding the details of the BDR mutiny. CID, the government committee headed MR. Anisuzzaman and the Committee formed by the Army are working parallel. They also formed a common Task Force Informative(TFI) to ask the suspects combined.

In an article in the Daily Star ‘The Unanswered Questions’ they will have to find out:
a) Why the rebels kill all the officers if it was a dispute over pay and benefits?
b) Could military force have been used to quell the rebellion?
c) Could the deaths have been prevented?
d) How could this have been planned without anyone knowing?
e) What were the intelligence agencies doing ?
f) Who stands to gain from the horrific atrocity?
g) What was the mutineers’ exit strategy?
h) Whether the delay ultimately increased the death toll.
i) Whether the general amnesty declared early was properly timed.
j) Could a rapid strike from the army have saved lives?

Fragmented news are coming out from the committees unofficially. But we shall have to wait to have a comprehensive idea of the situation till the full reports from the committees are out.

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Courtesy: The photo is taken from the Daily Star

BDR mutiny-revolt against the privileged? February 25, 2009

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BDR staged mutiny today at their headquarter at Pilkhana in Dhaka. The revolt started in the morning when the high officials from BDR met in a meeting in the Darbar Hall and altercation resulted in shoot out and death and injuries to the uniformed personals.Many civilians were also caught in the crossfire.

It is understood that the mutiny is the outburst of the long standing frustration and discrimination of the BDR personnel from their commanders who are deputed from Army.

The government is caught off handed but is trying to pacify the situation, Home Ministers and Prime Minister herself are engaged in the negotiation and it is hoped that a settlement will come soon.

BDR demanded withdrawal of Army from the surrounding of Pilkhana and they are also not ready to surrender their arms to the army and want removal of all army officers from BDR. They also demanded general amnesty from the PM for this mutiny.

Is it a revolt against the privileged? Will it end here?

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News link:
Mutiny, bloodshed at BDR Head Quarter

Dhaka University violence (4): creating anarchy is not the answer August 25, 2007

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The chaos that followed the clash in the Dhaka University on the 22nd August, 2007 ultimately invited the declaration of curfew by the Government.

Many would feel sympathy with the students when they were reacting to the abuse and assault they had to suffer. Many would consider it excess when the police raided then hall and beat the students.

But many would not accept the chaos that followed on the second day on the streets and in the city where hundred of vehicles were damaged, dozens were torched, transport of he law enforcers was also damaged when the prime demand of the students was to withdrew the army camp from the campus has been accepted, the authority was apologetic for the incident and a judicial committee has been formed with a retired Judge.


Dhaka University violence (2): after developments August 23, 2007

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11-30 pm BDT 22nd August, 2007

Though Authority at the highest level of the Govertment expressed


[courtesy: the pictures are taken from daily Inquilab]

sorrow for the incident at the DU campus, the Army camp has been removed as per demand of the students and Govt has formed a Judicial Committee with a retired Judge in the chair to enquire into the matter, the violence continued into the 2nd day in the sorrunding areas of the University and sometimes deep into the city. Reports of clashes were also coming from other university campus and different institutions of the country.

On the streets, many young men also joined with the students the clashes took ugly and violent look – hundreds of vehicles damaged, many were torched, they fought piece-meal battle with the police at different areas, many were injured but none reported death.


Dhaka University violence: what does it indicate? August 21, 2007

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Violent clashes erupted yesterday and which is continuing today in the Dhaka University Campus between the Law Enforcing Agencies and the students.


The clash started on a triffle matter on the sideline of a football match in the university field between few students and army personals who had a camp in the nearby Gymnesium.


It is reported that the Army abused and beat the students; in protest the students brought out processions; police intervened, more students pure in; they threw bricks and stones to the police; police fired teargases and baton charged the students. The campus ttrnasformed into a battle field. Police later raided into the residential halls and beat the students. More than 100 students, many policemen and few teachers were injured in the clash. Many were admitted in the nearby Dhaka Medical College Hospital.