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Bangladesh Budget 2018-19 June 8, 2018

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Budget at a glance : https://mof.portal.gov.bd/sites/default/files/files/mof.portal.gov.bd/page/e9e8a8c8_8a8b_4536_a18b_fc5ca696650a/At_A_Galance_en.pdf

Budget Speech : https://mof.portal.gov.bd/sites/default/files/files/mof.portal.gov.bd/page/b29661b6_927f_4012_9f83_5ac47dbd6ebd/Speech_EN_18_19.pdf
Summary of Budgt estimates :

Click to access afs_st_00_e.pdf

Supplemenary Budget :https://mof.portal.gov.bd/site/page/4deed460-37ed-4cfa-bf7a-d46c1fbc5238

Bangladesh budget 2008-09 and ICT sector June 27, 2008

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Budget acknowledges Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) is our thrust sector.[DS]
Taking into account this priority, Government is formulating national e- governance strategy supported by a national ICT road map. But this strategy is not yet declared.

Budget informs that the first phase of infrastructural work of a 231 acre hi-tech park at kaliakoir near Dhaka will be completed by the end of this year. Efforts are underway to attract the private and foreign investors to make investment inn this IT park. India, even West Bengal has more than on IT parks. They are establishing IT parks in small towns also. Bangladesh should advance to that direction. (more…)

Bangladesh budget 2008-09, Food Security & Agriculture June 25, 2008

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Budget states climate change calamities like drought, wildfire and floods have reduced the food production in many countries. Alternative use of crops to produce bio-fuels in the developed countries also reduced the food supply in the global food market. Besides the phenomenon growth in some densely populated countries has increased the aggregate demand of food. At the same time, due to overly cautious protectionist policy of the food-grain exporting countries, the price of food rises sharply. Due to hard work of our farmers along with the support of the government in the form of providing fertilizer and fuel, we had a bumper production of potato and wheat this year. This has largely reduced the vulnerability to food insecurity. In addition to overseas procurement by Food Directorate and BDR, efforts are continuing to import rice and wheat by incentivising the public sector. (more…)