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Banning Jamaat Shibir November 25, 2012

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In the backdrop of widespread violence created by Jamaat Shibir in the country, demands arise from different quarters to ban Jamaat -e-Islami and its student wing Shibir. Government Ministers and party leaders demanded ban on Jammat. The MPs in an unscheduled discussion raised their voice against the Jamaat. Left leaning politicians also in a round table conference demanded the ban.
But the Law Minister Barrister Shafiqul Hoque said that it is the Election Commission that will ban any political party, not the government.
Jamaat-e-Islami is so far a registered political party with the election commission. It had contested in the last election and have few seats in the parliament. It is in political coalition with BNP and fought the last election under the same banner.
But in a recent communique, BNP disown the violent activities of Jamaat-e-Islami.
But JI tries to defend itself saying that government is preventing it from exerting its political rights by not allowing it to bring out processions, arranging meetings , opening party office etc. Government spokesmen are saying that Jammaat is trying to disrupt the trail of war crimes.

In the meantime, our Home Minister MKA is trying to contain Jamaat and Shibir by employing pro-government political activists in support of police. He also urges the people to co-operate with the government in this regard but people are still acting as onlookers of the confrontation. The image of the police is also a little distorted from a servant of the state to a cadre of sitting government.

People are in dilemma whether Jamaat should be banned or not. Government may be also in dilemma, that’s why they couldn’t come to a decision yet.
Some people are also in support to keep Jamaat in open politics. They fear that an underground jamaat shibir would be more dangerous than the open jamaat.

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