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Bangladesh and exploring the sea September 17, 2008

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Though Bay of Bengal is extended from the south of Bangladesh, but it didn’t explore the sea for resources especially for gas and oil.
India discovered 100 trillion gas in the Bay of Bengal in 2005-06 and Myanmar also discovered 7 trillion gas at the same time.

Sea border demarcation between the neighboring countries is important to make any search beneath the sea. Our two neighbors made substantial progress in this matter and they are going to file petition to UN for this. We are lacking far behind our neighbors.

The international tender by Bangladesh earlier was given objection by both the countries and make the exploration of sea difficult for Bangladesh.

But Bangladesh must make an way out for this and there is a huge possibility of vast resources in the Bay of Bengal that may be required for development of Bangladesh.

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India and Bangladesh sit after 28 years to demacate sea borders [DS]
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Hurricane Sidr and call of the sea November 23, 2007

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[Personal thoughts] Hurricane Sidr blew over Bangladesh and killed thousands of people, damaged houses, shelters, crops and cattle. People lost their last belonging.

But Sidr should not defeat us. Our people already showing signs of recovery. Life is coming back to them with hopes and aspirations. We need to continue our support till they could stand on their feet and manage to earn their own livelihood.

But Hurricane Sidr also open up the sea to us. Through our imaginary eye, we can see its origin deep in the sea whirling on itself, coming with great speed to us and ultimately hit our coastal belt and pass over the body of Bangladesh.

We never thought of the sea so close to us, we never thought of the sea occupying our whole imagination in such a way.

Millions of people along our coastal belt from Teknaf to Mongla are dependent on sea for their living. Fishing in the sea is one of main occupation of these people. Imagine the courage- most of them with a simple wooden trawler in a group of 10-12 men they net fish in the deep sea. The fish are serving the need of our local as well as foreign market.

Many of the people along the coastal belt are doing shrimp culture. The shrimps are exported for earning foreign cash.

The bed of the sea also supply us with gas. Sango Gas Field in the is one of the major gas field in our country deep in the sea.

The Sundarban, the great mangrove; Kuakata where the sun sets in most wonderful way, Nijum island where thousands of deer trade fearlessly, Cox’s Bazaar, the longest beach and Sand Matin , the coral island in the southeast point of Bangladesh- all are rich with natural beauty.

Can’t we explore our sea a little more and a little more deeply. We can modernize our fishing, develop the industry, our government can explore the possibilities and our entrepreneurs can invest in it.

Can’t we improve our tourism? Not only the coastal sites but we can extend our tour deep into the sea to see eye to eye with the Sidr!

We can increase our exploration of the gases under the bed of the sea. The bed of the Bay of Bengal is reach with natural gases.

Can we think at this point the need of a deep sea port. The Caretaker Government in its early months was enthusiastic about the deep sea port but later they abandon the idea on the assumption that it will take decades to complete the project and it will cost millions of dollar and our political leaders were also critical of the idea. Few people have the foresight to see beyond his surrounding and few people has got the courage to take up a task what most people would dare to imagine. The deep sea port may support our transactions, export and imports, fisheries, tourism etc.

We like to be close to the Sidr. Sea is calling us.

An ordinary citizen

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