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Internet Festival and Safety of Internet for Children October 8, 2011

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Grameen Phone and Prothom Alo is organising internet festival s across the country. Many such festivals has already organised at dfferent places of the country with enthusiastic partcipation from the young and the children.

It seems that one of the main targets of the festival organizers are the school children.

8ut still the internet is not safe for the children. Their temder mind is not strong or mature enough to refrain themselves from exploring the forbidden sites.

The education of children in school is still class room based. I would rather prefer teachers for limited use internet in the classrom where teachers can control the time and contents of the display.

The motive of Grameen Phone is not absoluty driven by social good, it may have a coomercial interest behind the move.

And Prothom Alo took the opportunity to promote itself through the event.

Using the internet freely by the children before making it safe for the children, would be tentamountt to kill our culture and it will serve no purpose of education.

Let Grameen Phone use their excess fund and Prothom Alo their goowill to invest in a research to make the internet safer for the children.

An ordinary citizen.