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City Corporation Election & Choice of Candidates April 17, 2015

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH.
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The campaign for mayoral election is at its peak.

In Chittagong, BNP supported Mr. Monjur who was the immediate past mayor of the city, has a clean image but ineffective as an administrator. He was least active in the  last opposition movement and kept more connection with Ex-Myaor Mohiuddin of AL He defected from AL during the last mayoral election, joined BNP  and won the election. Why BNP made such a choice is not clear to the ordinary citizens where they had a competent candidate in Dr. Shahadat, City Secretary of BNP  who is active , energetic, bold with good administrative record and good social connection. While BNP City President Amir Khashru Mahmud denied to be a candidate, Shahadat could be the choice. He was an aspirant for the post  and preparing background for long. BNP made a wrong choice in Chittagong. AL chose AJM Nasir as the Mayor candidate ignoring CDA Chairman Mr. Salam, MP & Industrialist Nurul Islam BSc and Ex-Mayor Mohiuddin. Nasir has a controversial background. Mr. Salam was a better candidate and preparing his background for mayoral election.

In Chittagong, People will face 2 bad choices and I am not sure whom they will prefer if an undisturbed election takes place, though the probability of that is questioned, because of the trend of the time and nature of candidacy. EC already declared 80% of the polling center as risky.

In Dhaka, one city corporation was turned into 2, a move of the present government that was highly criticized, the then elected mayor was thrown away and 2 administrators were appointed by the government The election was long awaited and people acclaimed the decision of the government whatever the political reason behind this.

election 4In North Dhaka, Industrialist Anisul Hoque is AL choice, with virtually no background of AL in the past and who compete as independent candidate against AL candidate Mr. Akram in last FBCCI election. No doubt,he is a competent candidate but how the insiders make room for him would be a vital issue for his success. BNP tried to put Abdul Awal Mintoo, a past president of FBCCI but his candidacy was dismissed by the Election Commission on minor technical ground. On assuming such a probability, BNP also made his son to file an application for the election. His nomination also faced challenged by EC but with the interference of the High Court, he stayed safe. A reluctant candidate initially, now campaigning hard but more known by his father than by himself, ordinary citizen will consider him a more immature candidate for the post. Here is a 3rd strong candidate, Mahi B Chowdhury, son of an Ex-President but in politics by himself for long , a good organizer and a representative of new generation. His weakness is that he belongs to a small party, not in BNP alliance but in a working relation. BNP could better lend its support to Mahi than put up a politically unknown son. BNP leadership couldn’t come out of its own eccentricity at the time of need.

election 3In Dhaka South, AL candidate is Khokon, son of ex-Mayor Hanif, a successful and better image Mayor of Dhaka. Khokon is also active in politics for years after the death of his father, an articulated man and likely with good organizing capacity. His rival is Mirza Abbas from BNP. Abbas is a central leader of BNP, a past Mayor of Dhaka city with a long political background but with a questionable earning of crores of money in the past. He is a fugitive and has more than 70 cases against him and denied straight bail from the High court. Government kept him technically away from campaigning. His wife is working for him and everyday urging the government for level playing field for all the candidates and hoping that his husband will be given bail on any day. Still if a fair election is there, Abbas may win because of the sympathy for him for repression he is suffering and trend of the time.

The fairness of election would itself be a challenge for the government and if it fails in the challenge, it will remain alienated from people.

An ordinary citizen