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Why not a whitepaper on Cyclone Sidr? September 8, 2008

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Cyclone Sidr was one of the fiercest cyclone in this region. People from home and abroad responded generously to the call of hour. World bank and other international organisations and different countries took part in the generosity. An unknown philanthropist also donated $130 m for the victims. Bangladesh Government and its different ministries, NGOs, different political parties and various social organisations participated in this human activities.

The activities were also of different form. Ready food and pure drinking water was distributed, tents were supplied, houses were built, schools were restructured, roads were reconstructed, seeds were supplied, fertilizer were given, cash was handed over as short and long term loan.

A white paper on Sidr should be published on the magnitude of the devastation, details of the contribution in Cash and kind by different states, organisations and individuals and details of the utilisation of the donation are needed to be elaborated in the white paper.

This government advocates for transparency and accountability and let us see how transparent they are regarding the money doanted for Sidr and how efficiently they have managed the crisis


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Bangladesh after Hurricane Sidr-through the eye of an aid worker May 10, 2008

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Nicki Bennett is an American aid worker, has been in Bangladesh for 6 months since Cyclone Sidr struck Bangladesh. Here is an account of her in NY Times on life and reality of the people of
Bangladesh in Sidr affected area […]

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