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BIRDEM Hospital: service collapsed due to doctors’ strike June 29, 2007

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Doctors were on strike in BIRDEM Hospital, one of the prime hospital of the private sector. Though the strike is temporarily withdrawn they are to go on indefinite strike from June 30, 2007 if their demands are not fulfilled by this time.

About 500 medicl officers started the strike and later on the senior doctors including the consultants also joined the striking doctors.

The major demand of the medical officers is to regularize their job permanently.

Before going into the rationality of calling strike and collapsing the hospital,we like to differ with the ways the doctors were trying to press the Authority to fulfill their demands. Hospital service is an essential service.  In no pretext  the continuity of the service should be broken. Hospitalized patients are always critical patients. They are in the hospital as their care and treatment cannot be fully taken at home and by their family members. They need the institutional support. Without that support their life would be in danger. You may categorized some service in the hospital as emergency service but the rest is essential service. You can’t ignore one for the other. If the emergency patient are not attended immediately-  the patients may die immediately. But if the other service is interrupted, the death may be hastened. Hospital service is a continuous service – the  charge of the emergency must be taken over by the indoor doctors otherwise he/she come back to the square one again.

So, in no way , the services in the hospital –either the emergency or the essential,  be inturrupted for any period , long or short . The doctors should adopt other means  to materialize  their demands, not by making their patients hostage. That is also a breach of contact on their part. The patients admitted to the hospital for their support. They cannot deny it after he was admitted on any pretext.

 The Government also should look into the matter and bring the parties on the negotiating table and come to a solution on a logical ground.  

They also ensure that mere pressure by a group could not be the determinant factor for the solution of the problem. If there is any breach of contact on the part of the management, that also should be addressed.



Post Script:

BIRDEM somehow overcomes the crisis.
Over the years, it has developed itself into one of the largest and best hospital in Bangladesh. I am encouraged to add this postscript people are still visiting the post. To know BIRDEM as its present form, please visit its site: http://www.dab-bd.org/project/birdem/birdem.php
BIRDEM is actually a project of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (DAB), the organisation founded by National Professor Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim that has made significant impact in the field of health service in Bangladesh.