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Bangladesh should have gone for Deep Sea Port February 28, 2008

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Bangladesh is discussing about deep sea port since long. The last BNP govt took initiative to study the feasibility of a deep sea port. But it did not go further.

Dr. Mohammad Yunus, our Nobel laureate, in late 2006 and early 2007, in the loudest voice and in full conviction pronounced the need of a deep sea port. He also demanded setting up of a mega-port in Chittagong for exploring the potential of the area and bringing economic development.

With facilities for docking larger vessels the mega port could turn this region into a commercial hub of international standard benefiting all users, said the Nobel laureate. (more…)

Blog, blogging and Bangladesh February 9, 2008

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Blog is one of the best way of expressions of one’s thoughts and ideas. There are more than a million bloggers now in the internet and it is increasing day by day. Bangladeshis are also becoming gradually involved in blogging. Though it is more popular in the young but the olders are also taking interest.

Though many of the bloggers are from abroad but more bloggers from home are also participating in the exercise.

Blog is the bridge among people beyond the boundary of a country. (more…)