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Wall Street movement: Spilling over October 15, 2011

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People have started to occupy Wall Street for some 4 weeks back as a protest to the support that the corporate houses are getting from the government and the treatment they have offered to the people. The protest has a very close relation with recession in USA, bailout of banks by the state money, failure of the government steps to overcome the recession, no improvement of unemployment situation and no abatement of luxury of corporate bosses.

From initial small presence it is gradually swelling up with days and nearby streets and park are being occupied by the people. They are virtually camping in the areas.

Hundreds of protesters are already arrested and it’s spread causing a headache for the government.

People in sympathy to the movement are organizing protests in different cities of USA.

And now, it is spreading to the other cities of the world from Melborne to London.

Will there be any ripple of this movement in Bangladesh also where people are frustrated over the plight of the poor, state of governance and politics and immunity of the rich?

An ordinary citizen

Link: Follow Wall Street Movement

1st poster of wall street movement

The poster that inspires the movement

Bangladesh announces stimulus package for economic recession April 20, 2009

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stimulus-packageFinance Minister MA Muhith has declared the long awaiting stimulus package to combat economic recession in Bangladesh.
Daily Star
Prothom Alo
Finance Minster said that the package is not all. Government is also giving tax rebit and banks will give more credit support to the businesses.

The package was appraciated by the economists but to business lesders it falls short of expectations, specially the garments sector feels that it was neglected in the package.
The Daily Star in its editorial urges the goverment to reach the target sector in time. An Star Analysis says it is a wise first recession step.
Stimulus package also puzzles the leather industry.
Primary Textile Sector also urge the government to extend the incentive to the textile industries.
MA Muhith,Minister for Finance said that necessary modifications will be made to relieve the grivances and said spinners will be included in the package.

Recession is already creeped into Bangladesh and now it is time to see how effectively the package could help in combating the recession.

An ordinary citizen