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Egypt: People Vs Power August 23, 2013

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Egypt protest-1A struggle is going on in Egypt between people and power. The democratically elected Morsi has been ousted by the Military more than a months ago by the Military. (more…)

Conflict in Egypt and A Facebook Page July 27, 2013

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Egypt in turmoil-1General Sisi, asked people to come out on Friday in support of his government in Egypt. Council of Defense ousted Mohamed Morsi, the elected President of Egypt of last year revolution after one year in his tenure on 3 July 2013. (more…)

Egypt: Role of social media in people’s revolution February 13, 2011

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Wael Ghonim has been released after 12 days in the prison. He is a google executive and a social net-worker. His facebook page is ‘We are all Khaled Said’. Said was a myrter who was died after days of torture by the Egyptian security personnel.
Ghonim was welcome in the Tahrir square as hero. Embarrassed he said, ‘I am not a hero. Real heroes are these people’. One would easily understand why he was arrested by the Mubarrak regime by visiting his page.

The other day I was listening to a discussion in Al Jazeera on the role of conventional media vs social networking in the peoples revolution in Egypt. Experts on the show acknowledged that the social networking played supplementary role in the uprising. Out of 3 experts, only one gave major credit to the social networking.

The April 6 Group that first initiated organizing youth movement, used mobile phones, text messaging and social media for promotion of their objectives and intercommunication.

It is true that social media act as a tool by the organizers and the power of social media to engage and empower the young minds is reflected by success of the revolution so far achieved in Egypt.

The power of the social media would only be intimately felt by the users of this media; the expert from the other world will never understand the magnitude of its appeal.

Some people wrongly try to draw a line between the social media and the conventional media. 8ut in the social networking, the important and referable content become intermingled and the reverse is not true. So, a social media user will be more conversant with the trends in society and politics where first hand reports are more trustworthy, though ‘non professional.

Face book,twitter, blogging and internet will be written down in history with unprecedented revolution of people in Egypt and will inspire the minds of the modern generation in other countries to change the course of history.

An ordinary citizen

Facebook:’We are all Khaled Said’

Newsweek: Facebook Freedom Fighter

Facebook: April 6 Youth Movement

Wikipedia: April 6 Group

Egypt : techniques of survival of an autocrat February 10, 2011

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A massive uprising of people is going on in Egypt that started on 25th January 2011.Thousands of people come down to the streets and squares in the cities. The most symbolic is the Tahrir or Liberation square in Cairo. Like many citizens of the world I was following the evolving events in Egypt. The mass movement led by the youths has taken its momentum. The peak arrived on when people from all walks of life, men and women, children and old all gathered together in the Tahrir square in ‘millions march day’ on 28th January 2011.

Government closed down the social networks, shut down the internet, stop the text messaging and then stop the mobile phones. They swoop on the journalists, arrested them and tortured them.CNN Anderson was also heavily assaulted by them. Independent Media had been closed.

On the face of upheaval Husne Mubarak has made some changes. He has appointed new vice president and a prime minister. Both are from security forces, the vice president was Chief of Intelligence and is seen as possible successor to the Presidency.

He addressed the nation, cited his past and expressed his commitment to the nation. He declared not for run for presidency in the next election, but want to continue till then to serve the nation and to protect the nation from falling in chaos.

Then we heard that pro-Mubarak people have gathered outside and chanted slogans.They came close to the protesters and initially there was no clash. Then suddenly we saw some men on horses and with whips ran their horses through the masses injuring many. Some pro-Mubarak also came on camels. Some of the horse riders were brought down by the protesters. Sporadic clashes between the two groups continued throughout the night. Snipers from the outside killed the 7 protesters and injured many. They pro-govt hooligans also threw molotov cocktails and set fire the cars and vehicles.

The police were withdrawn from the duties after the first few days. The thieves and thugs were encouraged to loot houses and shops. Many of the thugs were found to be from the security forces.

The army were deployed in the city and tanks and armored vehicles spread out in the city and they remain virtually neutral and didn’t prevent the aggressors to create the chaos. They only played a little positive role very recently. Nobody knows how long that will persist.

UN estimated that more than 300 were killed and 5000 were injured. Though the ministry of Health only acknowledged 17 deaths.

The Egypt is under emergency rule since his coming to the power in 1981. The Husne Mubarrak has allies in the international block like USA and Israel unlike Saddam who had few friends.

The Husne Mubarak government has raised the salary of the government employees to 15% and also increase the pensions.

Whether all these measures could save the regime from collapse, only time will say.

An ordinary citizen