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Defining fashion from Bangladesh perspective March 26, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Culture.
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The rich are always fashion concsious, as a way to express their affuence, the tendency is now spilled over to middle class with the flow of more money to this group and projection and popularisation of the trend by the media.

We are not against the present rise of trend in the fashion. But what we worry is the tendency to drift way from our own culture among some of our fashion designers. The values and attitudes to life is actually arise out of long tradition, culture and philosophy.

Modesty in dress and behaviour was and is always a basic component of our culture. We shouldn’t cross it in comtemporary fashion also. Expression of sensuality is not taken as expected by the larger population. So they don’t like to see the news caster, a preserter or like to be sensual. Sexism is the last thing one would like to see in the day to day fashion in Bangladesh.

There is some tendency to change our fashion in the line of western culture. But they have to understand that the main essence of our fashion is to be more artisitic than to be sensual and sexy. I was listening to a talk show where Mostafa Monwar, one of our most creative artist, as telling how wonderful it is to look at sharee folding on itself and bleding a women artististically.

It is nice to see that many new designers could feel the essence of Bangladesh culture and are concentrating on more artistic presentation of their product than sensuality and sexism.

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