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Flood hits Bangladesh again September 15, 2007

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Flood hits Bangladesh again only after a gap of 3 to 4 weeks. One third of Bangladesh with 40 districts inundated by this time. All the major river rises above the danger level. Many new areas have gone under water along with some of the old areas. The misery of the people multiplied, new crops have been damaged, businesses stopped, new death occurs. Sirajgang district is again the most affected town.

The second flood occurs again due to excess of water coming from India through our rivers and contributed to some extent by the incessant rain in last week.

Dr. Muhammad Yunus in a key-note paper presented in the symposium on Changes in Climate held recently in Seoul said that Global warming has its adverse effect on Bangladesh. 40 % of Bangladesh is less than 1 meter higher than the sea level. Every year sea level is increasing 3 mm. 15 crore of people is already confined in a land of 1 lac 44 thousand sq miles. He commented that flood and Bangladesh become synonymous. To many of the world, change of climate may be a matter of anxiety but to the people of Bangladesh it is the question of survival.

Dr. Yunus also said that rich countries are polluting the environment and the poorer are bearing the burden. He suggested for changing the life style in such a way that it does not affect the environment.

We are worrying what is waiting for Bangladesh and how the people of Bangladesh will survive in future against all these odds!

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After the flood: Challenges of rehabilitation August 16, 2007

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Bangladesh has experienced one of the most devastating floods in its history. Two third of Bangladesh was inundated in flood, with lacs of people displaced , houses demolishes, thousands hectors of crops damaged, cattle lost, schools and businesses damaged.

Complete rehabilitation of these people will be a challenge for the Government and the efficiency will also be judged how effectively the Government could able to mange the situation.

In relation to rehabilitation, the Government may need to do the following:

1) to shift the displaced people to their ‘homes’

2) to rebuild the houses that were demolished and damaged by the flood

3) to continue the distribution of food to the affected area either free or at low cost

4) to support the people to restart their works/businesses/professions

5) to supply the farmers with seeds and fertilizers etc

6) to render loans for the affected farmers and other people on easy conditions

7) to rebuilt the institutions and factories

8) to rebuild the roads, culverts and bridges

9) to create opportunities for job, etc

Government should also guard itself from any corruption of the relief materials or donations made within the country or from abroad.

Government should also make the best use of the donations so far received.


Aftermath of flood: dangerous look of diarrhoea August 12, 2007

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The flood water is receeding from the outer districts of Bangladesh and Dhaka. But the diarrhea is taking a dangerous look.

Hundreds and thousands of people are being affected by diarrhea. So far 30000 people affected. Many are enrolling every minute. On an average 4- 6 patients are admitted in ICDDRB. Other hospital and health centers are also recieving patients and treating diarrhea. But people have special confidence on ICDDRB. ICDDRB not only make its reputation for research in Bangladesh, it is extending extensive medical service for the diarrhea and related patients. To overcome the rush of the patients they had to set extra pandel in the compound outside the main hospital building. Most the patients are women and children. Diarrhea is in the epidemic form. Government has set up special diarrhea centres in the different public hospitals in the districts and subdistrict level.

In our TV channels and print media we are mostly seeing the pictures of urban hospitals but definitely thousands of people in flood affected areas are also being affected by diarrhea. They need treatment and they need support.

Why diarrhea is so rampant this time? People are becoming sick not only drinking flood water, they are also becoming sick by drinking supplied water of WASA. Likely explanation is that the supplied water is also contaminated by the sewerage which is not acceptable. The flood water is also remaining stagnant in the low lying areas of city and outer city for lack of proper drainage system.

As the flood was more widespread and lacs of people have been displaced, not all the people could be covered by food, shelter, safe water and medicine. The participation of the different organizations social and political including political parties was also sparse and late. So many people may be affected by the diarrhea and other diseases. Though ICDDRB is claiming that so far there is no death, but we are not sure about the total picture of the country.

It is clear that though flood is there and flood is causing heath havoc in our country, still we are not perfect in combating the aftermath. We are magnifying the diarrhea and then trying to treat it.

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Respose to the raging flood (2): In support of flood victims August 8, 2007

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Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in a nationally broadcast televised address on 5th August 2007 has urged all irrespective of party and politics to come forward for relief and rehebilataion the flood hit victims. He stresses on the coordinated effort at district and upazilla level to make it most effective. He hoped that people will overcome this disaster by their resilence and strong confidence.

The flood hit areas have been distributed among the Advisers for better monitoring. So far, Mr. Moinul Hussain, Law Adviser, Mr. MA Matin, Communication Adviser, Mrs. Giti Ara Shafia Ch, Indusry Adviser, Mr. Ayub Quadri, Education Adviser went to their respective areas and personally supervise the donation activities.

Flood and Disaster Management Adviser Mr. Tapan Chy said that Govt sanctioned 11 crore from the Chief Adviser’s relief and welfare fund to the 15 worst affeted districts.

Various Government and private institutions, organisations and individuals have donated a total of arround 11 crore directly to the CA’s Relief and Welfare fund for the flood victims.

A Flood monitoring and Coordination Cell is also established at the CA’s office.

Though different political leadears including Chairperson of BNP Khaleda Zia and Acting President of AL urged party workers to participate in the relief work, thier presence is not marked yet.

On the other hand, different banks (Brac bank, Islami bank) finanacial institutions (FBCCI), organisations (ICDDRB), individuals (Mr, Jahid Hasan, TV Actor) and many others are directly participating in the relief work.

We are sure all these efforts from the public and private sector is not enough and timely, still the ordinary citizens laud the endevours of all who are supporting the flood hit victims to overcome the difficulties.

( an ordinary citizen)

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Response to the raging flood August 4, 2007

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Flood is raging through Bangladesh. More and more areas are inundated. Roads and highways are under water, thousands are becoming homeless everyday, hectors of crops are going under water. Cattle are carried away by flowing water, more than 50 men are already died, people are not getting adequate shelter, not getting food to sustain themselves, children and olds are becoming sick easily.

In this crisis, Government is trying to give support to the distressed people. The Chief Adviser, the other advisers, the chief of Army themselves are going to the flood-hit area to distribute relief and to have a first hand knowledge of the situation. The chief Adviser urges for participation of all and stresses on the coordination of the relief work. The district and sub-district administrations are trying to arrange shelters and distribute food to the victims.

The Media is trying to cover the devastation as far as possible. They are portraying the miseries of the people and the failure of the Government to reach to the distressed .

The political parties are conspicuously absent from any relief activities as if the ban on indoor politics is refraining them from doing humanitarian works. Mrs. Matiya Chowdhury said that they could not participate because Government is not allowing them to display the banners and festoons. She also wants the Government to release Sk Hasina so that she could do the relief work. BNP is busy with their infighting. While visiting a flood hit area Dr. Kamal Hussain said that all irrespective of party and politics should stand by the side of the flood-hit people.

Where are the NGO’s? The absence of the NGO’s are also marked. Why they are not participating?

The Chief adviser launches a relief fund. It is expected that all who can afford willl donate generously to the fund. The Chief of Army Staff urges the talk show experts to the come to the flood-hit area and extend support to the poor physically.

The ordinary citizen believe that the country is passing through a serious natural calamity. In such a crisis all should take active part to relieve the distress of the people. During such calamity the responsibility is not only of the Government.

The people are also looking at the response the different sectors, public and private, are making to the need of the flood-hit people.


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Preparing for the flood July 30, 2007

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The flood situation of Bangladesh is worsening. Most affected are the northwestern districts. In the northeastern areas the water is also rising and the flush water is gradually inundating the areas centering Dhaka.

Thousands people of the affected areas are displaced; their houses, cattle, grains and other properties have been washed way; schools and offices, mosques and other holy structures have been collapsed, people are marooned in places or passing days in camps or makeshift shelters without adequate food and pure water.

The incessant rain over days and the onrush of water from India through the rivers are causing this havoc. which may increase with the days coming. People of Dhaka will be totally marooned by the next 48 hours.

What is our preparation for the flood? Government and non Government agencies are working to lessen the suffering of the people and to lessen the damage to the properties. The LGRD ministry is leading the effort to combat the crisis.

But the questions come up: are we prepared adequately to combat the flood before it actually hit us? Probably the answer will be no. We could not prepare enough embankments by the side our rivers. If at all these are not strong enough to withstand the force of flood water. Many flood projects are undone and many half done and many are ill done. We didn’t prepare or identify alternative shelter for the affected people. We only manage this on transient basis. Are we prepare to manage the other needs – the food, medicine etc of the affected people. In these respect also our past efforts were incomplete and ineffective. Always there was lack of cooperation among the different agencies both private and public. The owe of Dhaka is compounded by the problem of water logging already existing in the city due to inadequate drainage system and blockage of the old ones.

Are we prepared to combat the situation after the flood- the diarrhea and other disease, the long term shelters, the financial support for the rehabilitation for the people in the job or business and to rebuild their houses?

Flood is a common phenomenon in this country and these are sometimes very devastating affecting national economy and individual existence. Never heard of any composite evaluation, plan for immediate management and programs for after-effects.

The ordinary citizen is not informed of everything.

(an ordinary citizen)


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