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UN and Bangladesh Election December 4, 2013

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UN Ban ki-moon -1August 2013: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had telephoned  PM and Opposition leader for a free, fair and participatory election. (more…)

CEC Declares Election Schedule November 27, 2013

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Chief Election Commissioner declares election schedule after a day of his observation that we can wait for the opposing groups for coming to a consensus through a dialogue and set January 5 as the day of election.
BNP, the main opposition party and its 18 party alliance rejected the schedule and announced 48 hour program of nationwide barricade of all communication highways.

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Syed Abul Maksud in Prothom Alo
Shahdin Malik in Prothom Alo

PM proposed for an All Party Election-Time Government October 22, 2013

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all-govtPM proposed in her nation-wide televised speech an All Party Election-Time Government in Bangladesh. She urged the opposition to submit the names from their members of parliament. But she didn’t mention who would be chief of the government and the proportion of the members from different opposition parties in the government. (more…)

In Search of a Neutral Election September 6, 2013

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How a neutral election can be held in Bangladesh became an issue of discusion in the whole country.PM declared that the next election will be held under the present government and it will be free and fair. But very few people has faith on this.

Citizens are expressing their concern and proposal as alternatives to the government view.

Some are :
Salehuddin Ahmed, Ex-Governor, Bangladesh Bank

Badiul Alam Majumder, General Secretary, Citizens for Good Governance

Making of a destructive political storm

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General Election in No Consensus September 5, 2013

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Prime Minister Sk Hasina has set the final outline for the next general election. It is said that the present government will continue through the election period under the premiership of Sk. Hasina. The cabinet will continue to function but  will not make any policy decision. The parliament also will not be dissolved but will not hold any session. The last of the election is said to be 24 January 2013.

BNP straightway rejected the arrangement and said that it will create in no way level playing field for all the parties which is a prerequisite for a free and fair election.

Link:  the news

An opinion : Mahfuz Anam, Daily Star

An observation : Prothom Alo

Assessing the governance & set your mind for the next election November 8, 2011

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Nest election will be held in the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. The present government started the jouney about 3 years back. AL won the election with flying colours with majority of seats at its possession.
Sk. Hasina became the Prime Minister for the second time. The government tries to fulfil the Promises they have made in their election manifesto. People watched the different activities of the government over these years . Answer the following questions and others that are in your mind and set your mind

1) Does the government remain true to their commitment cited in the manifesto ?
2) Could the government control the price of essentials?
3) Is the government sincere in trying the war criminals?
4) Didn’t the Government do splendid job in hanging the killers of Bangabanbhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman ?
5) the freedom of press maintained during the period and the introduction of broadcasting policy is out of good intention on the part of the government?
6) Do you think that the judiciary is inependent and appointments of judges is appropriate?
7) Do you think that the abolition of caretaker government system is correct and the Election Commission is capable of holding general election fairly and independently?
8) Do you think that the goverrnment did their best to develop and maintain roil, roads and highways and the desperation of people for this sector has no rational basis?
9) Do you think that the goverment has done it’s best to maintain and develop required energy need of the country and you are satisfied with the supply of gas, electricity and petrol to the people.
10) Do u agree that education sector is well maintined and state of education is improved in our institutions and universities significantly during this period?
11) Do you believe that this government is corruotion free as it claims ?
12) Do you belive that BNP is better alternative in the next election or a 3rd force should come up?
13) Do you think that it will be better for the people to judge the candidate individually and not to judge on the party basis?
14) Do you believe that bureaucracy has been politicalised to the maximum in the tenure of this government ?

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Loan defaulters, High Court and Bangladesh Election December 7, 2008

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Bangladesh is going to have the next general election on 29th December 2008. After many dramatic turns all the parties came to their good sense and agreed to participate in the election.Though BNP and its alliance has given 3 preconditions, but it seems that BNP will not withdraw from the race against the tide generated for the election, if the preconditions are not fully fulfilled.

All the parties filed their nomination including the independent aspirants. On the instruction of the Election Commission, Bangladesh Bank supplied the name of the loan defaulters. Nomination papers have been scrutinized by the returning officer and many nominations were canceled on the ground of loan default, bill default, discrepancy of information etc, But many loan defaulters managed to get the stay order on the declaration of the Bangladesh Bank and managed to stand for the election.
This bypassing of the law frustrated the Election Commission, the Finance Adviser, citizens groups and the general people as well.

The issue seems clumsy to the ordinary citizen. Who deserve the right to declare one loan defaulter?
It would have been better if Bangladesh Bank be the ultimate authority in this regard atleast for the election.

Hope that the Election Commission and the government will review the matter in the next election.

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RPO clause 91/e, Election Commission and political parties November 24, 2008

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Political parties  were against the imposition of RPO by the election commission. The RPO was revised on persistent pressure from the political parties. They were technically bound to accept the RPO by the Election Commission as a part of the registration process of the parties. Among the parties Jamaat-e-Islami was mostly  reluctant to accept the RPO but later they modified their constitution and registered with the Election Commission.

Now, the parties concentrate their attention on the clause no 91/E where the Election Commission has given the power to cancel the candidacy of a candidtae who violates the election rule or the code of conduct for the candiadte .

The political parties are afraid that the rule may be abused by the EC and may be used against the party of it’s choice. But the EC is telling that this power is vested with every election commission of the developed country including India. There is a lengthy process to file a complaint, inquiry against the candidate and lastly the full bench judgement by the election commission. CEC said that the clause will remain and they will judiciously apply the rule only when it will be of dire necessity.

Transparency International of Bangladesh expressed its opinion in favour of keeping the clause otherwise EC will not be able to take any action in case of violations of the election rules and then the election willl not be fair and free.[bdnews24.com]

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Opinion: Daily Star welcomes the EC’s sticking to the RPO restrictions [DS]

Election Commission declared schedule for general election in Bangladesh November 2, 2008

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Proving different speculations wrong, Election Commission in Bangladesh declared the schedule for general election to be held on 18th December 2008.

People were in confusion regarding the holding of the general election by 2008. The confusion were magnified by the criticism of the major political parties. The confusion were deepened with the delay in declaration of the judgment by the High Court on the writ petition on the re-demarcation of the constituencies.

But as the High Court uphold the the re-demarcation of the EC and as it also rejected the appeals against the judgment, the Chief Election Commission in a televised program declared the election schedule for the general election.
The CEC has also given schedule of the Upazilla Election to be held on 28 December 2008.

AL in its immediate reaction said that it is accepting the schedule and though they have some reservation regarding the upazilla election, they will participate in the election.

On the part of BNP and its allied parties,no official decision has yet come. BNP is insisting on the withdrawal of emergency and delaying the upazilla election. As their demands are not yet fulfilled and probably there is a complexity regarding the registration of an allied party, now confusion arises about the participation of BNP in the general election.

People are expecting that all the major political parties including BNP will participate in the elections and help the country through its journey to a real and stable democracy.

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Complexity developing over registration of political parties October 1, 2008

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BNP turns it back from registering itself with the Election Commission and 4 party alliance with jamaat-e- Islami put forward 5 conditions to fulfil before the registration.
The conditions are:
1. Withdrawal of the state of emergency
2. Scrapping of the PRO(amendment) 2008
3. Holding of the upazilla eletions after a reasonable interval of the national polls
4. Withdrawal of GATCO, NIKO and Barapukuria corruption cases and other false cases against alliance leaders
5. Release of all political leaders, activists and general people detained without specific charges before the Eid-ul-Fitr and withdrawal of all false cases against them.

The alliance also declared October 12 to observe demand day throughout the country. October 15 is the last day for the registration of the political parties.

The complexity started with the refusal of Jammat e Islami to comply with the registration process as some of the conditions directly contradict with it’s constitution and party fundamentals.

CEC in a press briefing also rebuked the position of the Jamaat few days back but he didn’t foresee the gravity of the situation then.

CEC told yesterday that EC has nothing to do with the BNP’s 5 point demand.

In the meantime,AL also raises demand to release Hasina fully and threatens to start movement.

The total situation is becoming complex and the hope that was created earlier by the declaration of general election is now mixed up with uncertainty.

It is important as how the government and political parties behave in the coming days that will determine the future of democracy in this country.

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Post script:
4-party tags RPO scrapping with registration[DS]
Alliance decision is a setback-editorial [DS]
Back to square 2 -Mijanur Rahman Shelly, a social scientist[DS]

Chief Adviser declared the general election in Bangladesh September 21, 2008

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Chief Adviser of the Caretaker Government in Bangladesh declared the date of the parlimentary election in a televised address to be held on 18th December 2008. He at the same time declared the upazilla election dates to be held on 24th and 28th December 2008. The declaration was made as proposed by the Election Commission.

With the declaration of the date, CA has advanced along the roadmap to fulfil their committment to hold a general election by December 2008.

People has speculation about the upazilla election as how the EC accomodate their stand to hold the upazilla in the face of continued opposition of the political parties not to hold upazilla election before the general election. Initially EC had the intention to hold the Upazilla election in October but now they have shifted the date to honour the intention of the major poltical parties not to hold upazilla election before the general election. Major political parties urged earlier to hold the upazilla election along with or after the general election.

CA in his speech expressed the hope that all will cooperate to hold a free and fair election and through this elections Bangladesh will able to emerge on stronger democratic base.

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Address of the chief adviser [DS] [PA]
News on address[DS][PA]

Is credible election possible under emergency rule? August 2, 2008

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Will General Election under emergency be possible ?
As the General Election is closing, a debate is growing whether general election under emergency rule will be possible or impossible, and if it is possible will it be credible.

The major political parties are demanding the withdrawal of emergency rule before the general election, even from now and to allow political activities as a prerequisite for a free and fair election in December. Some are even demanding the general election in October 2008. They are arguing if the upazilla election could be held in 300 or more constituencies in October, why not the general election in October. The are against participating in the upazilla election in October.

People are also divided. Professor Mujaffar Ahmed, the Chairman of Sujan (Citizens for Good Governance) said in a write up Prothom Alo that it is not impossible to hold elections under emergency provided the emergency is relaxed sufficiently for the people to propagate for their candidates and to participate in the election without any fear or favour.[PA 31 July 2008]

On the otherhand, Professor Emajuddin, Ex- VC of Dhaka University and a BNP intellect said that election under emergency will not be acceptable.

Visiting UK minister Hazel Blears yesterday said that holding a free and fair election under emergency is not impossible but difficult.[DS]

Will the Government go to do that difficult job?

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