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Greece, Turkey and EU October 20, 2011

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Greece is one of the last countries of Europe that joined EU. At the same time,Turkey was trying for membership in EU. EU was giving different conditions which was difficult to fulfil for Turkey to the level the EU was expecting. Turkey was eager to the extent that it looked that if it fails to join EU it would remain economically backward.

Time moved on.Greece has fell into serious economic crisis. EU nations came to rescue Greece and sanctioned huge amount of loan for its economic recovery.

But the situation didn’t improved. The Greece government declared austerity measures but Public didn’t like it

They protested the move and poured into streets in thousans, the situation in Greece is worsening repidly.

Turkey is better in shape without joining EU and proved itself as one of the rapidly progressing country of the world. 

Joining EU is not mandatory for prosperity.

An ordinary citizen

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