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Taranco Failed ? December 11, 2013

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Taranco in press conference

Taranco in press conference

Before leaving Bangladesh after staying one extra day beyond his scheduled 4 days, Oscar Fernández-Taranco, UN Assistant Secretary-General in his press conference hope that the government and opposition leaders would continue their dialogue to a consensus. But he didn’t cite any concrete improvement in the dialogue. (more…)

Army May Intervene December 6, 2013

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New York Times
Financial Times Bangladesh
Prothom Alo

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To the Conscious of PM November 29, 2013

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Nothing is changing the pre-election scenario that is marked with violence, clashes and deaths. Government is determined to continue their effort to hold the election at any cost. Opposition is trying their best to mar the process. There is no effective sign of dialogue. Appeal of the eminent citizens to the President also brought no fruit. Dr. Kamal Hossain said that it is a matter of one minute for the PM to settle the issue.


All Party Government November 23, 2013

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An ‘All Party Government’ is formed with the parties in the government. [News]
Opposition rejects the invitation to join the All Party Government.[news] Daily Star termed it a government in the name only.[comment]

Khaleda urges for all party elections when she met with the President.[News]

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Opinion: Mizaur Rahman Khan

State of Dialogue between Govt and Opposition November 10, 2013

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This cartoon is enough to depict the present state of dialogue between PM Hasina and Opposition leader Khaleda.

Courtesy: Daily Star

Courtesy: Daily Star

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A Telephonic Invitation of a PM to her Opposition Leader October 30, 2013

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Courtesy: Daily Star

Courtesy: Daily Star

The hope of ray was there when people heard of a possible dialogue between PM Sk. Hasina and Opposition leader Khaleda Zia. (more…)

Extension of Ministry, Refusal of offer and Reality of politics September 15, 2012

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Present Government of Sk. Hasina incorporated new 5 ministers and 2 state ministers. 2 of them , Hasanul Hoque Inu and Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir are known but other 5 are virtually unknown. Inu is from from AL coalition partner and the other 5 are from AL itself.

But 2 important leaders of the coalition , TofayeL Ahmed and Rashed Khan Menon refused to accept the offer. They have their explanations. Tofayel, a great student leader in his time and veteran leader of AL said that he is not mentally , socially and politically prepare to accept the offer. He is not blaming anyone or his party. It looks that he has an unexpressed emotion in his heart.

Rased Khan Menon, also a well-known student leader in 60’s and a leader of AL coalition partner was more expressive and said that the offer was not made in proper way and from the proper authority.

The refusal got more coverage in the media than the expansion of ministry. The refusal is of first of its kind in Bangladesh and one termed it as historical.

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NB : the cartoon is taken from Daily Star

Grameen Again: A State vs An Individual August 7, 2012

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The Council of Minister of Bangladesh has adopted a proposal on 2nd August 2012 to amend the Grameen Bank Ordinance 1983 to reduce the power of Board of Directors to select the Managing Director of the Bank and to empower the Chairman of the Bank to nominate the same on his own choice.
The proposals also include clauses that question the legality of Dr. Mohammad Yunus to enjoy the financial benefit after
the age of 60 yr that he had served as MD of the Bank. The Council of Ministers also asks the NBR to check the money he earned as wage earner and tax that he had evaded for that.

Dr. Yunus has expressed fear and frustration over the move of the Government as it will destroy Grameen Bank and deprive its women shareholder their due right and ask the countrymen to step forward to save the bank.

Dr. Kamal Hussain, an eminent jurist and an author of Bangladesh Constitution, wonders why Government is out to damage the reputation of Dr. Yunus . Dr. Hussain Zillur Rahman, an economic researcher and an Ex-Adviser to the Caretaker Government and Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam, ex-Finance Adviser to the last caretaker government also criticized the move of the Government.
In an editorial,Daily Star, the English daily cautioned that the amendment will undermine the Grameen Bank and the move will end in politicization.

The US also expressed its worry at Government actions on Grameen Bank and it sees the move as a disregard to the request Hillary Clinton made in her last visit to Bangladesh a few months back.

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Post script:

7th Aug 2012
NBR men swoop on 54 Grameen entitis

8th August 2012

NBR finds no wrongdoing in taxes by Grameen or Dr. yunus.

9th Aug 2012
58 leading women leaders ask Government to leave Grameen Bank as it is and not to change the ordinance and deprive the owners

BDR mutiny: this brutality has no meaning February 27, 2009

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Mutiny is calmed down. But in the course of the event- more than 100 officers are dead or missing, a few civilians are also dead and more are wounded, family members of the officers were tortured, houses were ransacked.
Officers were brutally killed or charged bayonet, the dead were dumped into the ground or thrown into the sewerage.
The picture is horrifying and beyond description.

The political leaders have done a tremendous job. We appreciate their courage and commitment, especially of our Home Minister Shahara Khatun.

We appreciate the Prime Minister Hasina’s rational approach to the situation, her personal involvement in the negotiation and appropriate leadership in a time of great crisis of the nation.

We appreciate the prudence of the Army leadership not to side step the political leadership and not to take the actions in their own hand.

We condemn those who to meet their grievances brutally killed the innocent and worthy sons of the nation.

We mourn the death of our brave officers, many of whom had served the nation greatly in their golden career. We also mourn the death of innocent family members and ordinary citizens in the incident.

We express our heartfelt sympathy for the relatives of the dead who have lost their husbands, brothers or sisters in the massacre.

We have no language left but only silent prayer to Almighty for the children who lost their parents and who will remain in shock and pain for long.

This brutality has no meaning. It is not a way to meet one’s grievances.

The government should make a thorough inquiry of the event and punish those who were involved in plotting and executing this heinous act.

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Arrest of Hasina: Why combating corruption is difficult in Bangladesh? July 23, 2007

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Hasina was arrested on the charge of extortion few days back amid tight security. It is reported that Government has ample evidence against her involvement. About a dozen case are about to be framed against her.

Few weeks back when Hasina was abroad, Government was trying to keep her away from the country and trying to deal her more politically, then many quarters raised objection and asked the Government to deal with her more legally.

Now when the Government is taking legal steps, pressures from different angles and different forms are coming on the Government to release SK Hasina and withdraw the case.

Hasina herself and her protagonists are trying to give a political colour to the allegations against her. Hasina is saying that all the allegation against her are false. And CG arrested her to refrain her from election.

Her lawyers are saying that the case is false, the said incident occurred before the emergency rule, she could not be tried under the emergency rule and in special court. Sometime their tone, attitude and content of their statement is more political than legal. 565 lawyers of Chittagong bar also demanded her release.

Intellectuals are advocating her release in the media – their argument is that two minus theory will not work in Bangladesh, absence of SH and KZ will collapse the parties, country will be devoid of leadership, reform can not be imposed from outside, a flower developed in a laboratory will not grow outside, legal process should be transparent etc.

The Academicians in Universities also prefer to voice their protest. Both colours of teachers joined together after 16 years to demand the release of Sk Hasina and protest the harassnment of Khaleda Zia. But they are not asking for fair trail.

The editors and journalists also expressed their concern. Some of them also showing visible shift tin their outlook. The reporters are publishing news magnifying the reactions to the arrest of the Sk Hasina.

The party is also reacting strongly. AL Acting President said that there will be no reform or council until Sk Hasina is released. Recently he added that AL supports all the movements that support the release of Sk Hasina. He was referring to the strike call by the BCL in DU and other Institutions of the country.

So, the lawyers are questioning the legality of the arrest, the intellectuals are demanding the transparency, the loyalists are advocating for the release, the activists are demonstrating in the campus and the party is encouraging agitation of any form.

In the midst of these to overcome these and to prevent the country to go back to 1/11, the Government needs firm determination, transparency of the process and people support as was suggested by a roundtable discussion organized by the leading Daily Prothrom Alo and participated by the different authorities on the subject on 21 July 2007.

So far, people are with the government and they have not participated in any major agitation after the arrest of Sk Hasina.



Arrest of Sk Hasina and immediate after reactions July 16, 2007

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Sk Hasina, Ex Prime Minister of Bangladesh (1996-2001) and President of AL, one of the major political parties of Bangladesh, has been arrested in the early morning of today (16 July 2007) on the charge of corruption. Hundreds of police and paramilitary forces cordoned off her house since the late night in the midst of heavy rain.

No person was allowed to enter her house for hours, telephone connections were cut off, prison van came, also a protocol car, then she was taken out at 7-30 am. She was initially kept in the Central Jail and produced before the court where her bail appeal was rejected by the Judge and she was sent to specially arranged sub-jail.

The lawyers of Sk Hasina expressed their dissatisfaction the way the judgment was given.

Some Party activists were gathered outside the court room and raised slogans and some yelled out at the police.

Pro AL students at Dhaka University Campus brought out a procession in the Campus.

Some people also brought out a procession in the centre of the city near the Zero point and demanded the trial of SK Hasina. They even distributed sweets among the people.

Before arrest, Sk Hasina left an open letter to the people where she expressed her solidarity with the people and urged them to fight against the wrong.

Mr. Zillur Rahman, a senior member of the presidium was given the charge of the president of AL and said that they will fight against the arrest legally. Mrs. Sajeda expressed her grief on the arrest of Sk Hasina. Mrs.Matiya Chowdhury blasted the pro-reform group to create the opportunity for the Governnment to arrest her.

Mr. Abdur Razzak, one of pro-reform leader also expressed that the reason for the arrest of Sk hasina is trifle. But he mainly blasted Mrs. Motiya for blaming the senior pro-reform leaders. Pro-reform leaders also criticize to hand over the charge of the party president to Mr. Jllur Rahman, who is in very frail health. They expressed that the leadership should have been selected through discussion in the party.

In the meantime, Barrrister Moinul Islam told that Sk Hasina was arrested on specific allegation and charge sheet against her will be submitted soon. When asked he said that Begum Khaleda Zia may be arrested if specific allegation of corruption are found against her.

On the same day, away from the city in a meeting Chief Adviser strongly reiterated that no body is above the law and one of the principle of the present Government is to bring all corrupt people to justice.

The Consulate office of USA and UK expressed their concern on the arrest of Sk. Hasina and hope that all the steps against her would be taken under lawful authority.

The son of Sk. Hasina, Sajib Wajed from USA, in an interview said that the people will not accept the arrest of his mother.

Small processions were brought out in different districts. Few people were also arrested from the processions.

So far, people showed no major reactions as was expected by the party. The reason is that people dissociated themselves from the political parties because of the evidence of corruption by the leaders exposed over the past few months and the confidence of the people on the party and party leadership is at its minimum.