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No Derogatory Remark in Facebook/Internet November 8, 2013

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facebook 1Bangladesh enacted a law to prohibit any derogatory remark  against distinguished persons in the facebook or internet. (more…)

Internet to Filter May 27, 2013

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Bangladesh Government is considering to filter the internet contents to keep its control on the internet. Social media is vibrant in Bangladesh with the political discussions that sometimes go against the government and becoming a source of instigating protest and a network of connection among the students and young.

Link: The news

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Internet Festival and Safety of Internet for Children October 8, 2011

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Grameen Phone and Prothom Alo is organising internet festival s across the country. Many such festivals has already organised at dfferent places of the country with enthusiastic partcipation from the young and the children.

It seems that one of the main targets of the festival organizers are the school children.

8ut still the internet is not safe for the children. Their temder mind is not strong or mature enough to refrain themselves from exploring the forbidden sites.

The education of children in school is still class room based. I would rather prefer teachers for limited use internet in the classrom where teachers can control the time and contents of the display.

The motive of Grameen Phone is not absoluty driven by social good, it may have a coomercial interest behind the move.

And Prothom Alo took the opportunity to promote itself through the event.

Using the internet freely by the children before making it safe for the children, would be tentamountt to kill our culture and it will serve no purpose of education.

Let Grameen Phone use their excess fund and Prothom Alo their goowill to invest in a research to make the internet safer for the children.

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Digital Bangladesh -Digital Education February 24, 2009

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Mostafa Jabbar, President of Bangladesh Computer Society was discussing with Monir Hussain, the General Secretary of Bangladesh Math Olympiad about ways of achieving Digital Bangladesh in a television discussion.

They stressed that computer is a tool, not a subject. This tool should be utilized to earn knowledge in every subject and in every level of education.

It would have been better if we could provide each student with a computer. As it is not possible, at least every teacher should be provided with a computer. The content and quality of the teaching would then have been changed tremendously.

With computer and internet access, the digital divide between rural and urban will be diminished.

They opined that for Digital Bangladesh, we need Digital Education. They warned that if government fails to understand this, then the dream for Digital Bangladesh would not be materialized.

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Distressing and disturbing experience with BTTB dialup for internet August 15, 2008

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My broadband connection was disconncted suddenly by my internet provider without any notice few months back. I had to switch over to BTTB dial-up to continue my browsing and blogging. But those days with the BTTB were my worst days of internet.

It was always difficult to get the connection, once you got the connection it is hardly possible to continue for more than few minutes at a stretch and sometimes you might be interrupted even before that. It was hard to download anything, hardly you could send an e-mail and get one down.

When I wanted to look into my accounts, the page of the BTTB was showing ‘under construction’ for months together. This is the level of service of a state network. I was imagining how the government is thinking to revolutionize the ICT in the country by such a poor network system.

After months of agony and pondering which way I should go, I than opted for Mobile internet option. I changed my mobile set to E51 model of Nokia and chose to connect with Grameen prepaid unlimited P2 package.

Before the venture, I was not so sure about the service but now after using for one month I can recommend anyone to opt for Grameen packages for internet.

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Bringing Bangladesh into internet age July 12, 2008

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I first came across the article from the link of ‘The 3rd World View’ that refers to The International Herard Tribune which cited the venture of a
group of Bangladeshi expatriates.

They thought of a plan to bring affordable Internet access to their homeland through a blend of high-end wireless technology and social entrepreneurship. (more…)

Tool for development: internet connectivity May 21, 2008

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Internet connectivity reflects the technological development, access to knowledge and strength of business of a nation.

This age may be termed as age of the internet. Like computer, one who is not using the internet will remain behind than the others. It would be true for individuals as well as for states. (more…)

Developing alternatives to conventional media May 9, 2008

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I was listening to a talk show few days back where the chairman of Public Service Commission, was telling that the survey they have conducted on quota system for Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) has been given to the journalists and it was hoped that the journalists would summarize and discuss it in the papers and TV channels. (more…)

Adoption of ICT in all sectors must be allout and rapid for Bangladesh February 15, 2008

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Chief Adviseer Fakruddin Ali Ahmed acknowledged while inaugurating SOFTEXPO exhibition on 14 February 2008 that despite some successes, the adoption of ICT in all sectors have been so far poor.

He also informed that Government has identified some key reasons:

a) lack of awareness what ICT could offer

b) insufficient telecommunication infrastructure and Internet connectivity

c) Expensive Internet access

d) absence of adequate legal and regulatory framework

e) shortage of required manpower

Government has taken few steps to rectify the condition:

a) to get connected with the second submarine cable

b) framing of the national broadband policy

c) reduction of bandwidth price

d) arrangments for alternative fibre optic connection between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar

e) preparations are going on for issuance of licenses for call centres, IP telephone, WIMAX and 3G

He said that Government is committed to form an effective information society in the country. It is about bridging the digital divide and connecting the unconnected.

But the adoption of ICT for all sectors should be allout and rapid for Bangladesh. We are already in backfoot. We are far behind than many of our neighbours. A comprehensive strategy must be adopted to overcome this.

The government and non-government organisations all should go to the Internet. For exchange of information Internet should be the mode. Software should be encouraged to be made by the local individuals and institutions and be preferred for applicaion in the local industries. Adequate training facilities must be available at the institution and university level. Job opportunities must be created for skilled people. Linkage with the outside countries and out sourcing should be created. Government in all these arenas would provide leading role but private sectors then could supplement this.

Government could also take the support of the NRBs. In many areas public and private partnership will yeild better result.

The present caretaker government, we hope, will take necessary steps to take Bangladesh to the information super highway in all sense.

An ordinary citizen

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