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Jamaat Leader Kader Mollah Is Going To Be Hanged December 11, 2013

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Jamaat Leader Kader Mollah is going to be hanged. All the arrangement is done to hang Kader Mollah at 12.01 AM in the midnight today.
Defense Lawyers earlier said that the convict will get time to appeal to the Supreme Court for review or appeal to the President for mercy. But the Government lawyers were of the opinion that the convict only get 7 days and during this period he only gets the opportunity to appeal to the President for mercy. Government is in a haste to hang him just after the period is over (more…)

Registartion of Jamaat-e-Islami is Cancelled August 2, 2013

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Jamaat verdict-1A 3 member High Court bench in a verdict has cancelled the registration of Jamaat-e-Islami with the Election Commission. (more…)

Jamaat, Hartals and Anti-people Startegies July 15, 2013

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Jamaat-e-Islami declared country-wide hartal today  in protest against assumed declaration of verdict on Golam Azam by the International War Crime Tribunal. Golam Azam was the Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami of the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971 and accused of designing the atrocities against the Banglalees in collaboration with Pakistani Junta. (more…)

Timing of Trial of War Crimes will be Tested by History April 1, 2013

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I was listening to a talk-show where Kazi Jafar Ahmed was a guest. He was engaged in left politics from his student life and had been a veteran leader of the left during most of his political career and joined Ershad’s Jatiya Party at the end stage of his career and became Prime Minister during his regime.

But I was astonished by one of his speculations on war crime tribunal. He himself was a freedom fighter. (more…)

Bangladesh at a Crossroads March 21, 2013

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bangladesh-6BNP, the largest opposition took a hard stand against the government and stood by Jamaat to call hartal on the streets. Jamaat-e-Islami is fighting for the cancellation of the war crime tribunal and release of their leaders. BNP is trying to press the government to agree for a caretaker government for holding a neutral general election which is due to be held by the end of this year. But the government is also non-compromising in its stand. They are hard on the the war crime trial and also determined to declare verdicts on half a dozen cases before election. Government is also not in mood to accept CTG as an interim way to hold the general election for transition of power. (more…)

Banning Jamaat Shibir November 25, 2012

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In the backdrop of widespread violence created by Jamaat Shibir in the country, demands arise from different quarters to ban Jamaat -e-Islami and its student wing Shibir. Government Ministers and party leaders demanded ban on Jammat. The MPs in an unscheduled discussion raised their voice against the Jamaat. Left leaning politicians also in a round table conference demanded the ban.
But the Law Minister Barrister Shafiqul Hoque said that it is the Election Commission that will ban any political party, not the government.
Jamaat-e-Islami is so far a registered political party with the election commission. It had contested in the last election and have few seats in the parliament. It is in political coalition with BNP and fought the last election under the same banner.
But in a recent communique, BNP disown the violent activities of Jamaat-e-Islami.
But JI tries to defend itself saying that government is preventing it from exerting its political rights by not allowing it to bring out processions, arranging meetings , opening party office etc. Government spokesmen are saying that Jammaat is trying to disrupt the trail of war crimes.

In the meantime, our Home Minister MKA is trying to contain Jamaat and Shibir by employing pro-government political activists in support of police. He also urges the people to co-operate with the government in this regard but people are still acting as onlookers of the confrontation. The image of the police is also a little distorted from a servant of the state to a cadre of sitting government.

People are in dilemma whether Jamaat should be banned or not. Government may be also in dilemma, that’s why they couldn’t come to a decision yet.
Some people are also in support to keep Jamaat in open politics. They fear that an underground jamaat shibir would be more dangerous than the open jamaat.

An ordinary citizen

Future of politics for religion-based parties in Bangladesh August 3, 2010

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The Appellate division of Supreme Court has given the verdict on the fifth amendment of the constitution and the country is reverting back to the 1972 constitution.

The law Minister declared that the religion based politics will be banned in the country and there will be no scope for Jamaat-e-Islami and other religious parties to continue politics in our country.

Though some experts differ with the conclusion of the minister, it seems that Government is advancing legally and politically to eliminate Jamaat-e- Islami and other religion based parties in Bangladesh.

In many countries, under the secular constitution, religion based parties are allowed to propagate their principles and compete in the election to judge their popularity. In India, a communal party like BJP is active in politics and once came to power but couldn’t sustain more than a term. Actually the religious-based parties are nowhere popular in the world. There are also many Christian named parties in Europe and in other continents.

A little controversy arises who will ban the religious politics. Law Minister recently said that it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ban the religious parties. The Chief Election Commissioner said that it is not their responsibility. Whoever take the responsibility, the religious parties may be banned in Bangladesh.

But the ordinary citizen is worried about the consequence of the banning of their politics. What will they do then? Will they stop doing politics and be the good citizens of the country? or they will change their banner and adopt secular politics ? or infiltrate into the other political organizations for good or bad reasons? or will they adopt militancy to destabilize the country and achieve their goals?

When the blogger is writing this post, PM Sk. Hasina in a cabinet meeting expressed that Government will not ban the religious parties as this will encourage the parties to go underground and destabilize the country.

The Government thinks that it is the responsibility of the Election Commission to give registration to a political party if it conforms to the regulations of the commission.

An ordinary citizen

5th August 2010
Daily Star in its editorial praises PM for her sense of realism.

War Crimes on Trial in Bangladesh March 27, 2010

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Government has set the stage to start the trial of the war crimes in Bangladesh about 40 years after the war fought for liberation of Bangladesh. It formed the tribunal, fixed the prosecutors and assigned people to inquire into the allegations.

The Government in its first stage listed 25 people, 23 of whom are from Jamaat-e- Islami and 2 from BNP, most of whom are among the top leaders of the parties.

The listed 25 are also present in the list of 50, which was prepared earlier by the Sectors Commanders Forum .

The Chief of the Tribunal assures that no innocent will be punished.

People from different sectors expressed their satisfaction over the event. The Law Minister said that the process may take a little longer time to maintain the transparency and international standard.

Salahuddin Kader Chowdhury, one of the accused and a law maker from BNP reacted saying that it moved by the government to embarrass his party politically and to divert the attention of the people from the failures of the government.

The leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami remain mum on the news and said that as it is legal matter only lawyers will speak over the matter. They are also fixing the lawyers to defend them.

Matiya Chowdhury, a powerful minister of the government said that the sympathizers of the accused may create violence to jeopardize the trial.

The trial of the war crimes is a long awaiting one. Different national crisis and compromise by political parties delays the trail so far. Because of relentless effort by some social groups and increasing awareness of the new generation regarding the liberation war and return of AL to the power make the trial possible.

The trial must be a fair one, transparent and of international standard. The accused also should fight the case legally and at best politically but in no way they should take arms to create violence to jeopardize the legal procedure. That will destroy the last chance of political survival of Jamaat-e-Islami in this country.

An ordinary citizen

Challenging the ‘Politics of Fundamentalism’ in Bangladesh February 26, 2010

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In connection with the death of Faroque Hussain, a final year Math student of Rajshahi University in the dead of night of 8th February 2010, clashes erupted between BCL and Shibir activists, police raided the halls and many were injured in the clashes. 600 Shibir activists were sued and dozens were arrested. State Minister of Home and IG of Police visited RU and worded stern action against the culprits.

Later more students, some Jamaat leaders and a syndicate member and a teacher were arrested in this connection.

MPs discussed the event in the parliament and expressed their concern on the issue.
A murder of a university student also took place in Chittagong and several Shibir activists were arrested.

Police started combing operation to arrest shibir activists throughout the country. List of Shibir Presidents and Secretaries of each unit was prepared to arrest them.

Series of clashes between BCL and Shibir followed in different institutions and universities including BUET, Khulna, Meherpur, Dhaka,Chittagong. Sylhet, Bogra and so on.

Hizbut Tahrir, another Fundamental Islamic youth organization has been banned earlier because of aggressive agitations of the organization. Many activists of the organization were arrested then and sporadic arrest of the activist of the organization is still going on.

Police also fought a clash 2 days back with the followers of Hefazat-e-Islam while they were trying to organize processions and meeting in Chittagong.

Minister of Law Barrister Shafiq Ahmed asserted that all the processes for trial of war criminals are advancing properly. Dipu Moni, foreign Minister also told that AL Govt is obligated to the people of Bangladesh to try the killers of 1971 as it was in their election manifesto and people have given them mandate to do that.

One of the aims of the Government is to restore the 1972 constitution and to introduce secular democracy in the country.

Is the Government preparing for the trial by crashing the student movement of Jamaat-e- Islami to avert any untoward incident after the judgment and for that this widespread arrests? That would be not unlawful if the arrestees are connected to criminal activities in relation to the killings. But Government must be careful not to push the activists to go underground and to adopt all-out militancy to achieve their objectives.

The ordinary citizen thinks that the best way to contain militancy is to keep ways to express one ideal democratically. Bangladeshi people have shown in the last election that they dislike extreme religious parties and the Government is in firm position to face them politically.

The ordinary citizen is not sure whether the government is encouraged to adopt the military means to crush these organizations on the success of the party to virtually disbanded JSD student wing at that time.

One of the important tools for the success of the Government in its mission would be to strengthen and discipline its student front where the Government is yet to be successful.

An ordinary citizen

Tracing the trial of war criminals February 16, 2009

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Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed yesterday said trial of war criminals is one of the main election pledges of the government. He hinted that steps would be taken to try the war criminals under the International Crime Tribunal Act-1973.

Jamaat is the biggest enemy of Islam, says Shahtiar Kabir

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday sought help of the United Nations in holding trial of the war criminals, saying prosecuting them has become a national demand.

Jatiya Sangshad adopted resolution for trial of war criminals in 29th January 2009.

Leaders of Citizens’ Commissionon Trial of War Criminals called for initiating the trial by forming a special tribunal as per International Crimes (Tribunals) Act 1973.

Govt moves to bar war criminals to flee.

War criminals should be punished even if they belong to Jamaat, BNP and Awami League, Shibir said.

Speakers at a discussion urged the government to form a special tribunal for trial of the war criminals as they said it was a special crime.

The US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard A Boucher said the US would not hesitate to provide assistance, if necessary, in trying the war criminals in Bangladesh.

CPB refutes the idea.

Delwar questions the fair trial of the war crimes.

US welcomes the move of the trial of war criminals.

Jamaat plans to say sorry for 1971 political stance, not war crime; sideline controversial leaders; accept trial under UN.

Sector Commanders, intellectuals, lawyers and academicians suggested that the new government form a special tribunall and a commission to try the war criminals and collect evidences of war crimes.

Murder case, not war crimes, being probed against 2 Rajshahi arrestees; govt yet to start war criminal trial process.

Regarding trial of war criminals, Law Minister Shafique Ahmed said the government has enough information, data and proofs about the war crimes.He said the government would take steps to try the war criminals. “A tribunal will be formed after an investigation into the crimes.”
Pakistan envoy said ‘Time is not right to try 1971 war criminals’

Shahriar Kabir, Secretary General of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee said that involvement of UN will make unnecessary delay of the trial.

Govt seeks evidence from Pakistan, US; UN named four experts to help probe

Amnesty International welcomes the UN help in war criimes trial

Process of war crimes trial kicks off 8 April, 2009. UN Resident Representative in Bangladesh Ms Renata said mistakes have been made in trials of war criminals in many countries.

Govt to amend law following Nuremberg Trial

War crimes trial process gets final shape

An ordinary citizen

Transformation of Jamaat-e-Islami to register with election commission & to conform with the RPO October 21, 2008

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One of the interesting development of the political process in Bangladesh is the submission for registration of Jamaat-e-Islami with Election Commission.

Jammaat -e-Islami was vehemently against the registration with the election commission and was instrumental for the delay of registration of BNP with the commission which was creating an uncertainty about the holding of election peacefully and with the participation of all parties.

Jammaat-e-Islami refused to sit with the EC in the second round of dialogue. EC then said that it will not extend the opportunity to JI for any further dialogue. But the changing political situation and release of Khaleda, EC offered BNP to sit with them. BNP gave condition that it will sit if its allies are also allowed to sit with them.

EC arranged a third round of dialouge where BNP and JI and IOJ were allowed to sit separately. JI refused to registrar with the EC and demanded to wipe out the RPO in its dialouge with the EC. CEC in his press briefing even mocked the stand of JI saying that this party in its first dialogue accepted the RPO but now in the month of Ramazan, who portrayed them as Islamic parties are denying its earlier stand.

JI seems to be initially adamant in its stand and could keep BNP from registering though BNP has no hindrance to register with the EC.

On the last moment both BNP and JI changed their stand and requested EC to extend the deadline for registration from 15th to 20th October 2008. On the last day of registration, both the parties submitted the application along with their constitution.

Constitution of both the parties were changed to conform with the revised RPO to fulfill the precondition of the EC.

The interesting changes that JI made are
a)to change of the name of itself from Jammat -e- Islami,Bangladesh to Bangladesh Jammat -e Islami.
b) to acknowledge the sovereignty of Bangladesh and its constitution
c) to recognise the role of freedom fighters in the independence of Bangladesh
d) to allot seats for women in the executive committees
e) to accomodate non-muslim members to give it a non-communal image, etc.

For details, please see Prothom Alo of 21 October 2008.
Daily Star of 21 October 2008
An ordinary citizen

Complexity developing over registration of political parties October 1, 2008

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BNP turns it back from registering itself with the Election Commission and 4 party alliance with jamaat-e- Islami put forward 5 conditions to fulfil before the registration.
The conditions are:
1. Withdrawal of the state of emergency
2. Scrapping of the PRO(amendment) 2008
3. Holding of the upazilla eletions after a reasonable interval of the national polls
4. Withdrawal of GATCO, NIKO and Barapukuria corruption cases and other false cases against alliance leaders
5. Release of all political leaders, activists and general people detained without specific charges before the Eid-ul-Fitr and withdrawal of all false cases against them.

The alliance also declared October 12 to observe demand day throughout the country. October 15 is the last day for the registration of the political parties.

The complexity started with the refusal of Jammat e Islami to comply with the registration process as some of the conditions directly contradict with it’s constitution and party fundamentals.

CEC in a press briefing also rebuked the position of the Jamaat few days back but he didn’t foresee the gravity of the situation then.

CEC told yesterday that EC has nothing to do with the BNP’s 5 point demand.

In the meantime,AL also raises demand to release Hasina fully and threatens to start movement.

The total situation is becoming complex and the hope that was created earlier by the declaration of general election is now mixed up with uncertainty.

It is important as how the government and political parties behave in the coming days that will determine the future of democracy in this country.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
4-party tags RPO scrapping with registration[DS]
Alliance decision is a setback-editorial [DS]
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BNP is pursuing wrong strategy for local government elections July 4, 2008

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Delwar Hussain, leader of Pro-Khaleda faction of BNP declared not to join in the local government election. He also threats that if anybody join violating the party decision , he will be thrown out of the party. Major(Rt) Hafiz of Pro-Reform faction though initially not against the participation in the local government election , later soften his stand to keep party unity regarding the issue.

Two factors influence the BNP decision not to join the election: a) no breakthrough in the release of Khaleda in the near future b) the decision of the Jamaat-e-Islam, partner of BNP 4 party alliance in the last regime. (more…)