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Centralised admission test for private medical colleges in Bangladesh- a positive step October 30, 2009

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The Government has taken decision to organise the admission tests for MBBS in private medical colleges directly under the control of itself through Directorate of Heath Service. There are 40 private medical colleges working in Bangladesh against 17 Govt. Medical Colleges. Till last year, the admission in private medical colleges was controlled by individual colleges though the admission in govt. medical colleges were conducted through a single admission test on the same day throughout the country over the years.

There are allegations of massive irregularities and corruptions regarding the admission in private medical colleges.

Govt. also restrict the admission fees in the private medical colleges from 5 lac to 8 lac. This will also prevent the private medical college authorities to take exuberant fees and to give admission to the irregular students in exchange of excess money.

The writer rather advocates the introduction of payment of fees in installments on semester basis in private medical colleges so that more students get the opportunity for studying medicine in private medical colleges.

The system of paying on semester/term basis will also help the students to quit the study if one does not find medical studies suitable for his/her career. In the present system, there is little scope for the students to make his own choice- the financial investment on the part of the parents or guardians make it obligatory to continue the burden despite his limitations and emotiona detachment. The present system also creates an obligation on the teachers and administrtion to somehow passover their students despite their deficiency in academic attainment. In the long run, it only compromises the quality of doctors in Bangladesh.

The writer also advocates the introduction of same centralised system for admission in post graduate courses of MD and MS in different medical colleges in Bangladesh. We are observing with sorrow that over the last few years the admission in post graduate courses in Bangladesh become so much politicised that in future the life of the people and patrons alike will be in danger in the hands of these so-called medical specialists.

The writer has also reservation about the number of private medical colleges. The goverment should restrict the number of these private institutions and mantain the necessary stardard of education and service there.

By now, we appreciate the present step of the Government for centralised admission test in private medical colleges and hope that it would be a good positive step in reorganising the chaotic academic condition in the private medical colleges in Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Irregularities in Private medical colleges in Bangladesh August 19, 2007


‘Most of the private medical college in the country are in grave condition’ runs the report in Prothom Alo on 15th August 2007, a leading daily.

Starting in late 80’s there are 32 medical colleges and 8 private dental colleges in contrast to 14 Govt medical college and 1 govt dental college in Bangladesh.

Most of the private medical colleges has no adequate teaching facilities, not enough regular teachers, no proper laboratories, no hospital with proportionate patients, not adequate infrastructures and no transparency of accounts etc.

Though the rules dictate that every medical college should have atleast 250 bedded hospital at a proportion of 5 patients for a student. So for 50 students the college should have 250 bedded hospital and for 100 college should have 500 bedded hospital, but very few have got these facilities.

Again, though the private universities are not allowed to run the medical college but to our knowledge there is private medical college running under private university defying government ban and government is not settling it for long through legal procedures.

Many private medical colleges started without proper permission and many given permission on political ground. Many started with underhand negotiations.

The fees taken in the private medical colleges are not regulated and also the account is not transparent. Where many of the colleges are run by Trustee Board, but the money goes to the individual accounts. Many of the initiatives are absolutely business targeted and over all control of the past Governments were weak.

Where the admission in Government medical colleges is highly competitive, the private medical colleges open up the opportunities for the less meritorious students with the support of their parents’ affluence to study medicine in Bangladesh. With more private medical colleges the scale is becoming heavier on their side.

While in developed countries, the medical education is highly regulated and highly standardized, in Bangladesh it is compromised to the extreme.

And corruption played a important part to develop this compromise. This government should also enquire into this compromise and find out and punish the corrupted individuals who are destroying our medical education and our health system for their own personal gain.

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
20 September 2008
Government has barred 3 private medical college from taking admission on the ground that they have no adequate infrastructure and teachig stuff to fulfil the conditions.[…]

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Post graduate medical education: producing half specialists! August 15, 2007

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‘Irregularities in  post graduate medical education, producing half specialists’ this  was the alarming headline of a report published in the leading daily ‘Prothom Alo’ on 14th August, 2007.

The report said that in 2002, the past BNP goverment immediately after coming to power started the post graduate courses (MD/MS) in all subjects in Govt medical colleges without adequate preparation. Departmets of Medical colleges without adequate experts were given the permission to conduct the course. It also said that the selection and examination was mot transparent and party affiliates were given the preference in selection in these courses.

This report exposed an inner gross ulcer  of  post graduate education system in our country.

The report needs urgent attention of the Government.

 a) An inquiry committee should be formed to probe the matter and to identify the political and personal motives of the initiators.

b) The inquiry must also find out the irregularities in selection and other examination of the courses.

c) to make the course clean and effective , a central examination system for admission as well as part and final examination like that of MBBS/FCPS (the other post graduate medical system in our country which is more transparent)  should be introduced.

The ordinary citizen is feeling worried thinking of the risk of his own health and of his fellow citizens and their children if they have to be treated  by these half specialists.