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Mobile phone is changing the lifestyle of our new generation November 6, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, TECHNOLOGY.
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mobile phone 1In Bangladesh, you would hardly see any young people, male or female without a mobile phone. They are using it for communicating with their friends and families, to pass thier time enjoying the music or listening to FM radio, play games, browse the internet, chat or explore the facebook.

Nothing is wrong with all these if the prime job of an individual gets the proper priority. But Mobile phone, the technoligal device of this new era, has created a diversion from the prime objective of the new generatin, specially of the students.

The students are more interested to be unnecessary indulged in useless gossip/chat for hours together, keep themselves aloof from the family and immediate sorrounding and more interested to be in connection with distant people.

Their liking for day and night has changed. They prefer to remain awake to the end of the night and to be busy in their futile exercise, prefer to rise up late in the morning and often miss the classes and their liking for traditional classes deminised than their predicessors.

You are to blame to some extent the telecom companies also for the change of the teens and twenties in their prefence to night.The companies certainly deserve praise for their contribution in bringing the new device to the doors of the people but they, for their own commercial interest, keep the call rate during night unimaginably low to attract the young to pass their night awake.

Only the Government with strong regularity bodies could protect the students from this exploitation by the telecoms in the name of liberalisation of technology but the governments in the past didn’t do so and we are not sure about the future.

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