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Tipaimukh Dam: Is Bangladesh in the face of impending danger ? November 23, 2011

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India has unilaterally signed an agreement for construction of Tipaimukh dam over Barak river in Monipur state of India.without counsulting or informing Bangladesh. This is against the norms and expectation as per international law. This is also against the bilateral agreements signed between India and Bnagladesh at differet times.

India was always giving hope that it will not do anything that will adversly affect Bangladesh. Even Monmohan when last visited Bangladesh when visited a few months back retaliated the same assurance. But in practice they are giving little heed to the interest of Bangladesh.

Regarding Tipaimukh dam, there is argument against the barrage within India also. The water experts and envronmentalists are agaisnt the barrage . They warn of econological disaster if the dam is constructed. The people of Monipur are protesting against the attempt of the central government. They are afraid of submersion of a large area in the vacinily, displacement of people and deprivation of livelihood. The dam will create havoc to the people on the downside of the river in Bnagladesh.

From the Bangladesh Government side, the State Minister of Water resource first speak on the issue. He said that it is an internal affair of India and India assured that it will not do anything that will harm Bangladesh. But the citizen groups and experts of Bangladesh expressed their concern over the issue and stand against the construction of the dam. Opposition BNP has taken up the issue to expose the weak stand of the government on the issue.

Frustration of people against the goverment is increasing and the odinary citizen fears that it will frustration of people will be reflected in the next general election.

An ordinary citizen

Follow up:
Government at last responded to the issue. A statement from Foreign Ministry said that the government seek explaination on the issue from the Indian Government.
Prime Minister also spoke in the parliament toady and said that Bangladeesh will not tolerate any attempt that mayy affect the welfare of the people of Bangladesh.
But the tone of Bangladesh Minister Dipu Moni is softer and while she says that Bangladesh is convinced with the assurance of India that it will not do anything that will harm Bangladesh.
In the meantime BNP chairperson sent a letter to Indiam PM to settle the Tipaimukh issue by bilateral negotiation, joint survey and expert opinion.
Question is also arose whether Bangladesh should go to the international court. The Government yet not decided on the issue.