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Hamas, Israel and an occupied territory January 17, 2009

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It is over 21 days that Israel launches its attack on Hamas.It starts with air attacks, then supplemented by all-out land invasion. The atrocities already took away more than 1000 lives, one third of them is children and many are women and civilians.

The Security Council adopted a resolution 1 week back with USA remain absent. UN Head Ban ki-Moon is visiting through the Middle East urging the conflicting fractions to stop the war. But his appeal has so far no effect on the parties.
People all over the world expressed their voice against the Israel attacks. But all these are not enough to subdue Israel and it is continuing in its onslaughts and declared that it is on its final 4th phase.

The buildings and residents have been demolished, hospital service collapsed, electricity cut off, water supply damaged, sanitary system inactivated, place of worship bombed, UN premises shelled, thousands of people displaced and starved.

Palestinian President Abbas so far could not make any concrete step and his lukewarm response also criticized by the palestanians all over.

Arab leaders are sitting together either here or there but with no substantial outcome. People from the greater Muslim world are protesting. Bangladesh also lodged a protest urging Israel to end the aggression. Bolivia and Venezuella cut off their diplomatic ties with Israel. Later they were followed by Qatar and Muratania.

But Israel is little caring. With the support of the USA, weakness of the UN, division of the Arab and Muslim world, Israel is continueing massacre on its own plan.

But one thing is clear. By this latest invasion Israel proved itself that it is an occupying force and it is trying to legitimise its birth by force.

But anything that is not legal will not survived for long.

One thing is not clear to me- what was the preparation of Hamas to withstand the onslaught of Israel. Why Hamas was provoking while it is not prepared to counter the aggression. Here lies the difference between Hijbullah of Lebanon and Hamas.

The silence of Obama over the conflict also caught the eyes of the world. He explains that it is the job of one President at a time. Would the policy of Obama be different from Bush in regard to Palestine?

Is a permanent solution of Palestine problem impossible? Would Obama take an effective initiative?

The present conflict will also have an impact on the political state of the Arab nations. The agony of the Palestanians lengthens because of the absence of state power that are democratically elected and committed to the rights of the people.

An ordinary citizen

A discourse on Gaza situation by MS Akbar

Post Script:
The death tol rises to 1200. Israel declared unilateral ceasefire. Hamas asserted it will not accept any ceasefire until Israeli forces are totally withdrawn from Gaza.
It is alleged that though ceasefire is declared, Israel is continuing its ground activity.
Israel is thinking of erecting a wall underground along the Rafa border to prevent the arm smuggling. Israel draws an agreement with US to prevent arm smugling through Rafah border.

Hamas accepted the ceasefire for one week and allowing Israel to withdraw their forces out of Gaza.
People start to seach for deads under the rubble.
World leaders met at Cairo with Abbas including Israel, UK and Germany.
Israel declares to withdraw the forces early.Obama’s inuguration may have an effect on it.