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Plight of Rohingyas February 13, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.
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In the last few weeks, we are seeing disturbing images of Rohingyas in the international media.

Pictures are shown with Rohingyas packed in boats, starving for days together, dead or half dead are floating on the sea.Many of them are pushed again to the sea. One Rohingya was found in the jungle of Indonesia, his other companions are downed and dead on the way to the uncertain journey. It is reported some boats are drowned or lost in the sea beyond the Andaman. Many Rohingyas are put to jail and had to face the court in Thailand.

Who are these Rohingyas? These are the ethnic Muslim minority of Myanmar. They are being tortured and pushed out of their country by force. They have no other alternative but to float themselves on the sea in search of survival.

There are about 70 thousand Rohingyas stranded in the refugee camps near Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh for years together.They are living in a sub-human conditions as was depicted in an international channel.

But what the international community is doing for the Rohingyas who are virtually victims of persecution of a military junta? What the UN is doing for this Rohingyas?
Recently I met few staffs of IOM ( International Orgsnisation for Migration). They are engaged in transferring Rohingyas from their refugee camps in Bangladesh to other countries through legal means. But I am not sure whether their effort is large enough to solve the problems of Rohingyas.

The suffered humanity is waiting for the world to solve the problem permanently.

An ordinary citizen

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On task force, terrorism and maritime security February 12, 2009

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, GOVERNANCE.
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Bangladesh PM Hasina first proposes the idea of forming a regional task force to combat terrorism in the area. Richard Boucher, Asstt Secretary for Far Asia & South East Asia for Foreign Affairs for USA on his visit to Dhaka encouraged the idea of forming regional task force for the purpose. But he opined that this will depend how the other countries are responding to the proposal.

The proposal was raised when Indian External Affairs Minister Pronab Mukarjee came to Bangladesh to sign bilateral treaties on trade and commerce.

The critics are saying that the terrorism in Bangladesh are mainly homegrown. Bangladesh should be enough to control this homegrown terrorism by itself. The terrorism that Bangladesh witnessed so far was controlled by its own means. They also argued that if a regional task force is formed, then Bangladesh would become the target of international terrorists.

It is also said that India is not interested to form a regional task force.Also there is provision to combat terrorism under SAARC and SAFTA and bilateral agreement with India will not be taken easily by the people.

Boucher offered Bangladesh American support to maintain its maritime security.Experts expressed that Bangladesh should first try to demarcate the maritime boundary. To maintain the maritime security it should depend on bilateral negotiations rather than going into a military pact with a super power.

The issues require further scrutiny to come to a decision for an individual and also for a state.

An ordinary citizen

Cyclone Sidr, Nargis, Myanmar, response and resilience of Bangladesh May 18, 2008

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When Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh at its southern coast in November 15 2007 at a speed of 215km/h (135m/h) with surge of water 15-20 feet high, ¼ th of the Bangladesh was totally devastated,10000 of human life has been lost and uncountable crops, cattle, houses, jobs and business had been damaged.