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Will new generation voters change the outcome of the election? December 25, 2008

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This time much is talked about the new generation voters. About 2.7 crore voters are new voters. Most of them are from 18 to 25 years of age. They were born in the late half of Ershad regime and brought up through the political regimes of the last 15 years and they have also seen the last two that was under a caretaker government.

This new generation, it is taken that, have little affiliation to the political parties. They have not voted yet in the general election and no particular symbol is not imprinted in their mind. They have seen how the political parties grow & behave over the last decades, they will able to compare between rhetorics of the leaders and reality of the ground.

They have seen how the partymen corrupt themselves, gave undue privilege to their own activists in recruitment, education and scholarship, shared the government money allotted for public works, forced people to pay the party workers.

They have also seen the rise of ant-liberation forces, how the political parties used them for their own purpose and how the anti-liberation forces shared the power with a major political party of our country.

They have seen how in the name of democracy, political autocracy was practiced here, how the real development of the country was sold to the luxury of a few people.

Though few people have been convicted due to weakness of our legal system and many of the convicts are also released to compete in the election, but a perception of the corrupts has been imprinted in the minds of the public.
They have seen how nominations are compromised to choose the corrupts, convicts and moneyed men.

They will rejects the convicts, corrupts, musclemen, patrons of the terrorists, anti-liberation forces and the inefficient.

But dilemma will arise when they will have to choose between a convict and a corrupt, between a corrupt and loan defaulter, between a convict and an anti-liberation forces.

It is good that the EC has added an option of Negative vote in this election. Many new generation voters will choose to vote in this category this time.

But in the next election, we hope that this vacuum of acceptable and competent candidates will be filled up by the new generation voters when many of them will cross the age of 25 to be a parliamentarian.

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Yaba is destroying our young generation and the culprits should be given capital punishment October 27, 2007

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Few days back few young students of private universities from posh areas of Dhaka had been arrested with Yaba. In connection with this more interrogations were made and more persons were arrested including young women.

Networks of Yaba addictions, smuggling and Yaba businesses were detected.

Hundreds of young boys and girls of affluent background are thought to be addicted; they not only use themselves but sell it to others, they use it in groups and also involve in immoral acts. Posh cars and houses are used for carrying out the business and self-destructive habit. A chain of smuggling developed to carry in the drug from Myammer and also from India into Bangladesh and to distribute it to capital and Chittagong mainly.

Lately a businessmen with a strong family connection with big businesses is also arrested. He was caught red handed with huge amount of Yaba and its production equipments.

It is thought that because of the crackdown on Yaba in Thailand where capital punishment had been imposed on the offenders, Yaba use has been diverted to Bangladesh by the International criminals from late nineties to till now.

Yaba is a combination of Amphetamine and Caffeine. It produces intense hallucination, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, depression, liver and kidney disorders, suicidal tendencies and death. It does not increase the sexual power though it is deliberately implicated withYaba to promote its sale.

Extent of use of Yaba is alarming in Bangladesh. Why we had to take so many years to identify it? It was gross failure on our law enforcing agencies. It is also a failure on the part of our parents whose children are affected and our society in general and remain ignorant of the menace which is destroying our young minds and crippling our society.

Nevertheless, the effort RAB (Rapid Action Battalion), our special force to combat terrorism has given to arrest the culprit is praiseworthy. We hope that the major offenders will be given exemplary punishment.

But few actions from law enforcing agencies will not be enough, it will require a social movement with participation of people from all walks of life including parents, teachers, media, police, judges etc .


An ordinary citizen