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Obama Wins ! November 9, 2012

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Barak Obama wins for the second time to be the President of USA. Mitt Romney was his rival from the Republican. Before the election,it was quite uncertain who is becoming the president of USA. It was neck to neck tie in the pre-election polls. The last poll in the CNN labelled as Poll of polls was tie at 49% vs 49% just before the voting started.
People started to vote from 7 am and voting was open upto 7 pm. There was provision for advanced voting. A good percentage of voters caste their vote in advance. Barak Obama also voted on 26th October. Romney preferred to vote on the day of election.

Though the presidential election was more focused, but the voters also had to vote for congress and senate.
The trail of destruction of the super storm Sandy couldn’t change the schedule of election though many people who were affected by the storm would find it difficult to cast their vote.

I like the scene Biden voting standing in line and a commentator in CNN was saying that such a scene one can only see in USA.
When I left home for work in the morning, Romney was ahead then Obama in electoral votes. But when I was back home, the result settled with Obama winning at the presidency with votes from Florida still counting.
Obama was in Chicago, his root of political ascent. He congratulates his family, friends and people in a victory gathering in Chicago. Romney conceded his defeat in a public speech.
The drama of election is over and whole world observed it with keen interest.

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Gay marriage and unproductive USA June 7, 2012

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Barak Obama as a part of campaign for next presidential election in USA has declared his support for gay marriage. Obama’s stand differs from his stand in the last election. His counterpart from the Republican party is not in the same attitude, he deliberately rejected the idea.
Gay rights is getting increasing importance in American politics. But if the gay practice is increased in USA, then it will become comparatively unproductive in comparison to other countries. Then it will be immigrants if not Indians that that will dominate the future of USA.

Obama’s Heath Care Reform & Bangladesh March 26, 2010

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The US Congress ultimately passed the Obama’s health Care bill by 220- 207 votes with the relief for the president and his party.

Through this health care plan Obama tries to give the healthcare in the USA a universal form. According to him , America was trying to reform the Health Care System for the last 100 years but could fulfill its dream due to obstacles from pressure groups.

This time also, Obama and his health plan were sharply criticized by the opponents of the health care including the Republicans, the Insurance companies and others.

The Health Care plan tries to give universal coverage to the health care service to the American citizen irrespective of the financial status. It will impose more taxes to the rich and support the health care from the federal fund.

Bangladesh Heath care also needs a shake up by the government. Bangladesh also needs universal coverage of the population for healthcare, extension of the healthcare service to the rural community, qualitative improvement of health education .

The new Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to support the rural health service by posting 6000 new doctors in the community hospitals and appointing about 3000 doctors in the Government hospitals. But total health system is marred by partisanism and political posting.

Bangladesh needs a comprehensive plan and an honest implementation of the policy.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s Proposals for Health Care Reform

US dilemma on Afghan Strategy October 20, 2009

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In the inauAfghan war -1guaral speech  President Obama outlined the strategy to combat terrorism. He promised to withdrew troops from Iraq and concentrate more on Afghanistan and if necessary to strike Pakistan. Troops withdrawal from Iraq has started as promised though a bit slowly, but US strikes the terror den along the Pak -Afghan border. But suicidal attacks now more spread up in larger areas of Pakistan.

The war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly difficult and US and other international allies are counting more casualties. When Obama was resetting his priorities and thinking not to increase forces in Afghanistan and concentrating more in Pakistan, his Chief Commander in Afghanistan declared publicly that 40000 more US troops are necessary to succeed there  that made  the Obama Administration  embarrassed. The Secretary for Defence Gates had to tell the media that senior officials, civil or military. should convey their advice only privately to the administration in important state policies.

While Obama was pondering on the Afghan strategy the Nobel Committee in Oslo declared Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to Obama which create more stress for Obamathat will linger rhe dilemma. Should he now stick not to send more troops to Afghanistan or prefer the notion of his Commander and send more troops to Afghanistan?

The people of the world hope  that Obama will come out with clear decision which will create a more peaceful and terror free state in the world.The decision of Obama will dictate the peace in the region in future.

An ordinary citizen


USA is losing in two fronts in Afghan War

Some question the purpose of war in Afghanistan

Obama best person to handle the world’s mess-Sting

Post Script:

4 Dec 2009
President Obama declared much awaited Afghan strategy in a speech which highlighted addition of 30000 more US troops to the existing contingensy of 68000 in that country, training and transition to Afghan forces and gradual withdrawal of US forces from July 2011. He also announced more focus on Pakistan to haunt AL-Queda there.

Link: Full Text of Obama’s speech
Gates: Severe consequences on Afghan Failure

Obama own Nobel Peace Prize 2009 – Is it premature? October 9, 2009

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ObamaBarack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 that cought everybody surprized including Obama himself. When the prize was declared in Oslo,Norway, Obama was in sleep. After he heard the news, White House took time to express its first reaction to the announcement.

After becoming president, Obama started to spread hope of peace in the world even in his first inuguaral speech. He adopted a policy of reconciliation with the conflicting parties of the world. He visited the Muslim World and extended his hand for mutual respect, offers Iran direct talk, is trying to mediate peace-talk between Israel and Palestain, decided to close the American presence in Iraq, and is trying to fucus US war of terrorism on Al-Quaeda. He prefers multilateral approach for negotiating world conflicts and wants to make UN the main focus for decision making in international affairs. He offers Russia for reducing nuclear stocks and wants to prevent the neuclear proliferation in the world. He feels concern for the climate change and wants US to play its due role in this regard.

But all these are hopes. Most the aspirations are not materialised yet, some even not take any step. He is only 8 months in his office, his nomination was submitted only 2 weeks before the closing date. Under his command, US is at war with two countries and extending the war into another with many civilians dying every day because of the war.

We appreciate his effort for peace which he just initiates and we have to wait for the result.

Isn’t it a bit premature for him to get the prize? We are not sure how it will affect his mindset.

An ordinary citizen


Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Laureate for peace in 2006 in an interview to BBC congratulated Obama on his getting Nobel Peace Prize for 2009.

UN summit: Changing the system of representation September 25, 2009

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imagesSummit of 192 nations held in the General Assebly of the UN. Leaders of many countries projected their ideas in the summit from Barak Obama of USA to Nitalyaho of Israel. I could manage to listen to part of the session that telecasted live from the spot.

Barak Obama deviating from his immediate predecessor expressed a reconciliatory tone in his speech which was well constructed and fluent as always with him. He stressed for a shared resporsibility of all the countries in the present world and emphasied for a greater role of UN in the future world.

After Obama left the hall, Gadhafi of Libya delivered his maiden speech in his 40 years in the throne. He was in an arrogant mood, giving reference to the preamble of the UN charter which was adoted at it’s birth, argued that the rules,regulations and procedure that drafted and followed later on virtually dictated by the big powers who ascertained veto power on themselves to dominate others. He argued for restructuring the Security Council on the basis of geopolitical representation of the member countries and designating the Security Council as the executive body of the General Assembly which will paly the decisive role in all UN matters.

The speech of Gadhafi was unnecessary lengthy and at times boring. Throughout the whole session, his speech was the most controversial and will be disliked by the superpowers. Though his speech may have not a changing impact on the structure of the UN, but it points to the previlegdes enjoyed by the superpowers over other countries for long years which he thinks shouldn’t be continued.

The ordinary citizen predicts that for good or bad there is little chance of changing the present structure of UN heirachy.

An ordinary citizen

Obama confers Presidential Medal of Freedom on Dr. Muhammad Yunus August 14, 2009

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Obama  YunusDr. Muhammad Yunus has been conferred highest civilian honour of USA by President Obama in a marked ceremony held at White House on 12th August 2009. The Presidential Medal of Freedom was also bestowed upon 16 others citizens of the world who includes Archbishob of South Africa Desmond Tutu, leading British Scientist Stephen Hawkins and former Iris President Mary Robinson.The medal is given for “especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

President Obama lauded the contribution of Muhammad Yunus in alliviating the poverty from the world saying, ” Muhammad Yunus was just trying to help a village, but some how manage to change the world”.

In reaction in an interview Muhammad Yunus said that it is not a personal achievemnt of him, rather it’s an honour and an achievment of Bangladesh. He said that it proves Bangladesh can also do something good to the world. Microcredit which he started from a village in Bangladesh while he was a Professor of Economics in the university has now spread all over the world and virtually all the countries of the world are practicing microcredit now including the developed countries like USA, Canada and French.

It is also sad to say that when the world is recognising his contribution, some people in Bangladesh is trying to deny the impact of microcredit on the economy in Bangladesh.They say that microcredit is not enough to eradicate the poverty from the society.[DS] It’s true, microcredit alone is not enough to change the society, but in their deliberation there is a hint of denial of the impact of microcredit on the poverty in our country. This tendency of denial was also present in the past.[DS]

Dr. Yunus explained in the interview that the present banking system support the people from the upper layer of the society and it is arrested in the middle and can’t reach the people at the bottom. On the contrary, it is the microcredit which support people from the bottom of the society who have no money, no collaterals and no recommendation.

Regarding high interest rates of microcredit, he said that Grameen has 4 types of loan- one has 20% interest, the house loan has 8.5% interest, student loan has 5% which also count after the completion of the study and loan for beggers has no interest. Nearly 150000 beggers are enjoying this loan. Dr Yunus said that Grameen ensures the 100% education of the children of its clients, many of them could complete the intermediate level and enter into the universities and medical colleges becoming doctors, engineers and Ph D holders. Grameen provides scholarship to persue higher education in the foreigh countries like USA, Canada. he added that very recently 6 students had gone to Malayasia on higher studies.

On forced extraction of loan repayment system, he told that Grameen is established to ease the suffering of poor people, not to extract money in their distress. During ‘Aila’, the latest cyclone which inundated huge area along the sea belt, Grameen not only suspended the loan collection and also support the suffering people by supplying pure water and food and supporting in their rehabilatation.

On the question of increasing gap between the poor and the rich in Bangladesh as predicted by World Bank and few experts he said that statistics say that from 1990 onwards poverty decreases by 1% per year till 2000, then it decreses by 2% till 2005. The stats beyond that is yet not available. But if it continues in the same rate, we can decrease the poverty to 50% by 2015. He hoped that if it is possible to decrease the poverty by half in 2015, it is not impossible to eradicate poverty from Bangladesh by 2030.[Courtesy:NTV]

In the post ceremial reception of the award winners, Dr. Yunus requested Obama and Mitchel to visit Bangladesh which they agreed to accomplish as the time permits.

Bangladesh feel proud as a nation when Yunus got the Nobel Prive for peace in 2006. Bangladesh is again feeling proud for what Yunus has achievd fof him and for Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Obama and The Muslim World June 9, 2009

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Obama has given a speech addressing the Muslim world on 4th June Obama at Cairu Uiversity2009 from Cairo University. I had also the opportunity to listen to his  speech.

I was impressed by the style, confidence and content of delivery of President Obama during the speech. I could understood that very  few orators of the comtemporary time have the excellance of such a degree.  He was confident throughout his delivery. He was not afraid of what he was talking about. He made fine balance between his attitudes  towards the Muslims and the Isralis. The content was also rich in qoutes from the religious  scripts.

I had an impresion that Obama has a good study of the scripts including of Islam. The message of Islam regarding killing innocent is is clear to him when he says, ”The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind”.

 Even before his speech, some quarters other than AL-Quaeda  from Muslim world opposed  his idea of delivering the the speech. His speech was applauded by repeated clapps from the audiace most of them likely to be Muslims from different countries.

His speech creates a new hope in the minds of the Muslim throughout the world, not necessarily that it will bring an immediate change in the ground situation but because of his angle of vision and his tone of reconciliation.

Many political opponents and the conservative Israilies may not like his idea as he equally critical of the advanced Israili settllement in the West Bank.

Is the appeal from Obama rooted is his parents faith and his exposure to three continents or from the feeling that a better understanding with the Muslim world will make America more safer? I personally belive that it is the latter but his relation with the religions may give him a clear forsight of the situation.

But his vision will be tested by the actions he would take in the Israili Palestaian conflict, his committment in withdrawing the US Army from Iraq and how he tackles the problems in Afganistan and Pakistan.

We also hope in a new begining.

An ordinary citizen

Obama takes oath: A world leader is born January 28, 2009

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Obama takes oath on 20th January 2009 as the 44th president of the United States. Total oath taking ceremony was a very impressive one. To mark the event, Obama and his family took a ride from Illinois to Washington to commemorate the tour of Abraham Lincoln on his ascending to the presidency. Obama also attended a concert a day before the oath on the occssion and participated by millions of people and renowned singers including Bono. 2 million people gathered in the Washingon on the day of the oath in the space between the White House in the cool of the night to be a part of the history of the oath taking of an African American as president of USA.

I am also one of the citizens of the world who waited eagerly to witness the oath. I know none in the recent history who has make oath so pompous by himself or it became so gorgeous by the participation of the mass people. I have also never seen the white house to be converted into such an stage. The ceremony was also coloured by the beautiful musical scores. Obama also attended a dozen ball organizes in his honour in the night of the oath.

First Biden took the oath as Vice -president. Then Obama took the oath but he fumbled and misplaced a word while taking the oath, for which he had to take a second oath in a more private setting in the white house.

The speech that he has given then was a more fluent, ornamental and comprehensive. Obama virtually covered all issues- domestic and international in his first speech as the president. In the speech Obama has outlined the picture of his administration and of America in the coming years.

People are always worried for the safety of Obama from the day of his selection as the demotractic nominee for the president even before the convention. After his won as President, the worriness intesifies. With the oath, people sighed a little that at least he could take the oath.

With the oath, America found a new president but world has got a new leader who would think for the world not as an American president but a leader of the world.

We hope that he will think for the peace of the whole world, prosperity of the nations, climate change and alleviation of the poverty from the poor countries.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s inauguration in CNN.com

An Obama and Bangladesh November 12, 2008

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Many people of Bangladesh were keenly following the events of election in USA. The ordinary citizen is also not an exception.

He was observing how a black man of African-American origin hopes with audacity to challenge the white dominance in the American politics. It was unthinkable to see him defeat Hillary Clinton, a former first lady  well versed on American Government and politics.

After Hillary conceded her defeat ending the longest run in democratic nomination, the ordinary citizen observed how wonderfully Obama tries to accommodate Hillary in the convention, staging a voting for nomination in the convention which cut short by Hillary herself and making Hillary the key speaker in the convention. It was also wonderful to see how gracefully Hillary accepted the defeat and urged the supporters to unite behind Obama to win the presidential race for democrats.

Obama then started the uphill task of presidential campaign overcoming the criticism of being terrorist, of spreading socialism or to be a hidden muslim. A Sarah Pollen and other Republicans called him by every word in the dictionary. But how gracefully he left aside all the criticisms and won the heart of the Americans and the people of the world.

The rise of Obama symbolizes the present America, a nation of all colour and creeds where the value for human qualities judged supreme by the people participated in maximum number in the history of America. 

But equally important -how Bangladesh will be affected with the win of Obama. It is said that there will be no major policy shift regarding Bangladesh. Bangladesh already maintains a good relation with USA. USA is the major export market for garments of Bangladesh. A good part of remittance in also coming from USA. But the idea of Obama of shifting military thrust from Iraq to Afghanistan and north-west border area of Pakistan may bring the war on terrorism closer to Bangladesh. USA will always keep an eye on the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Bangladesh. Bangladesh will continue to hold the strategic  importance of being close to rising super powers of China and India. It is hoped that USA under Obama will support more democratic practice in the statehood and watch the human rights situation in the country. It is though Democrats are more protectionist in their trade and business. They are more concern for the labour rights. So they will press Bangladesh to maintain the rights of the laborers in Bangladesh factories. Though the economic crisis in USA and the world will affect the buying capacity of the people, but Bangladesh garments may escape the affect because it usually supplies the essential low cost garments. Obama will address the climate change differently than Bush and will try to play due role in lessening the carbon combustion in USA. Hope he will address the bio-fuel controversy and take steps to  prevent food crisis that affect the people of the developing country most. Will he take special steps to reduce  poverty in USA, in Africa and in the world ? Will he recognize and utilize the the effort of  Dr. Yunus ans others in reducing poverty in Bangladesh and other countries?

We hope that coming of an Obama to power in USA will change conflicting war strategy of USA, revive the economy in USA and the world and will bring an air of peace and  cooperation and give the USA and the world a more civilized look.

An ordinary citizen