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Pakistan: What is after Swat? June 5, 2009

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SWAT-VALLEY_02_21Pakistan Army is fighting  the Talibans in the Swar Valley . Earlier,  to confine the Talibans and then to destroy their bases the civil population of the Swat Valley was shifted out of the area. It is estimated that about 2 million people had to displaced from Swat Valley.

After days of fighting  Pakistan Army could hold some control over the valley which was earlier under the control of Talibans.

But could  Pakistan  Government  keep its control over the  valley for long? It is dificult to predict this for an ordinary citizen from distant.

At the start of the Afgan War, Talibans were confined in Afganistan. When the International Alliance led by USA swept over the country, many Talibans fled to and took shelter at Pak -Afgan Border. USA repeatedly urged Pakistan to take actions against the build up of militants at the border. Later on they even used ‘Drone’ piliot warplane to fight the talibans.

The ordinary citizen is not aware why the Talibanism is sreading into  Pakistan? Is it strategic failure of USA and it’s Alliances or  is it a failure of the Afgan Government to negitiate the Talibans or is it a  policy failure on the part of Pakistan?

The ordinary citizen predicts that the stretagy taken by Pakistan will dessiminate the terrorist activites to other cities of Pakistan and will make the life of the citizens and the state of the governance more miserable.

Is their any other way to contain the violence? Is it possible to bring the Taliban in the political process of the countries like Afganistan  and Pakistan? In the course of time common people are supposed to reject the extreme fanaticism that these forces are advocating.

I am doubtful about wiping out the Talibansm by absolute military means, we should also think some sort of political means to combat it. 

The rise of militancy in Pakistan will not be a  good sign for its neighbours.

 An ordinary citizen

A judge is changing the face of Pakistan March 16, 2009

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Pakistan again came to limelight of the international news with the long march of opposition lead by Nawaj Sharif and others for reinstatement of Chief Justice Iftekhar Muhammed Choudhry.

President Zardari took the matter differently, banned the rally and meetings  and ordered Nawaj Sharif to keep under house arrest. He defied the ban and joined the march towards Islamabad to gherao parliament. Nawaz Sharif complained that Zardari violated the initial agreement where they agreed to reinstate Chief Justice and about 60 other Judges who were overthrown by the Mushaarraf Military Government. Earlier he left the government coalition,the Supreme Court disqualified Nowaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz, Governor of Panjab to compete in the election.

Chief of Army Kayani intervened in the development and asked Zardari to reinstate Iftekhar to the post of Chief Justice.

At the climax of the event, when people were speculating everything, Gilani, the Prime Minister of Pakistan declared the reinstatement of the former Chief Justice.

Iftekhar Muhammed Choudhry spearheaded the fall of Musharraf in 2008 after he was sacked by Musharraf in 2007 for challenging the president’s irregularities. Musharrf compelled to arrange general election and pave the way for the political government to come to the power. We were observing from then on how stubborn and courageous a man could be that he defies the red eye of a military dictator, who had the blessings of the superpower and whose support USA was counting dearly for its war against terrorism. He took the physical and mental stress to organize the meetings and processions in different streets and towns. Bombs disrupted his meeting and lawyers were killed and injured. He was jailed and put behind the bars. Zardari after taking the power forget to reinstate Iftekhan as Zardari was charged for corruption and he was afraid that Eftekhar may not compromise with a sitting president on the issue of corruption. Newaj Sharif was all along insisting on the pledge to fulfill and ultimately succeeded in his endeavor.

This change may consolidate democracy and uphold justice in Pakistan.

We also appreciate the decision of the resignation of  Minister of Information, who is a memeber of Bhutto family  on the move of the government to restrict the media coverage of the movement.

An ordinary citizen

Killing of Benazir Butto, politics of Pakistan and risk of fundamentalism in Bangladesh December 31, 2007

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Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a most pathetic way while she was exchanging her last greeting with the people after finishing her speech in a public meeting in Rawalpindi 27 December, 2007 .Whoever is responsible, definitely it is an act of terrorism and with this the future of democracy in Pakistan will be more uncertain.

There is no doubt that because of long military rule and suppression of democratic process, the terrorism is nourished in Pakistan and the present unfortunate ending of a precious life is the consequence of that situation.

In Bangladesh there are people including some politicians who believe that the situation of Pakistan is absolute peculiar to her because of socio-economic difference of these two countries. But because of the similar religious background, there is always a possibility of uprising of Islamic terrorism in Bangladesh.

The rising of Bangla Bhai and Jamiatul Mujahedin and their relation with bombing of 16 August on Hasina’s meeting, simulaneius bombing all over Bangladesh later on, bombing in the cinema halls, killing of two judges at Jalkathi etc are the incidences which are still vivid in the public memory.

The best safeguard against the rise of Islamic terrorism is our common people. They in no way accepted terrorism in the name of religion. Neither they morally nor they financially participated in the terrorist activities in the past.

The last Government though was rather complacent initially regarding the rise of this group which to the ordinary citizen is still a puzzle, later the government competently took measures against the gang and arrested many of them and completed the major trail of the accused and capital punishment was imposed by the highest court of the land. The present government courageously implemented that order.

There are still residual activities of this group. Government is vigilant and people also should remain alert against any activities of them.

Some people are demanding banning of the religious parties in Bangladesh and banning them from participating from election. Government must be cautious and should not ban all the parties based on religion. There must be scope for the healthy exercise of religion in the politics also. Otherwise extremism would remain only way to express their ideals.

But government must look into the madrasha education and find out reasons why these students were easily trapped in terrorist activities in the past. The issue needs serious research. You can not ban the the madrasha education also. It has a heritage of hundreds of years in our country. But you can improve the situation and modernize the system.

The reinstitution of democracy in our political system is equally important and government should remain committed to the road map declared by them to complete the national election by December 2008.

An ordinary citizen