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Private University Law to be promulgated in Bangladesh March 5, 2010

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AL Government is mulling to introduce a private university bill in the parliament to regulate the activities of the private universities and to ensure their healthy growth.

The ordinary citizen had also a little experience of working in a private university and had first-hand exposure to the attitude of the owners and irregularities in the acitivites of the private universities.

Due to lack of strong monitoring of the Private Universities, some make it a business in Bangladesh. You would get very few private universities who are maintaining requisite standard for a university but most of them are collecting exuberant fees.

Fisrt Private University ordinance was adopted in 1992. Then it was modified in 1998 with few changes. As rhe ordinance was not fulfilling the need of the changing time, a revision of the rules was long due. The past Caretaker Government also prepared a proposal but it didn’t promulgated into law.

The new government has prepared a draft law and will be soon placed in the Parliament to pass it as a law. The draft proposed to increase the power of the VC who should be a carrier academician with long 20 years of experience. The syndicate will have 10-12 members and there will one representative from the ministry and one from UGC in the syndicate.

As always, the President of the owners association of the private universities criticised the attempt of the govt to regulate the private universities by promulgating a new law.

We hope that the government will take necessary steps to make the private universities more people- oriented and contibuting positively to the society.

An ordinary citizen

University ordinance falls in uncertainity

A new Private university ordinance is approved November 26, 2008

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The Advisory Council of the Caretaker Government has approved the Private University ordinance. It was long overdue. The first ordinance was promulgated in 1992. It was revised in 1998. Even after the second revision, there were loopholes in the ordinance which was utilized by the owners of the private universities and transformrd the sector into a profitable business rather than to be worthy supplement to the exiting public education.

The ordinary citizen had the opportunity to look closely into the affairs of a private university and observed how the sponsors exploited the weakness of the UGC and government in monitoring the affairs of the private universities to earn money for themselves in the name of serving education to the community.

It is reported that there are 51 private universities by now and only one has got the permanent certificate to run the university. Most of the other universities couldn’t fulfill the conditions set by the ordinance even after 5 years of temporary permission.
In the new ordinance , it is said that before getting permanent registration, no private university will open the outer campus, will not make any agreement with foreign universities and even will not provide any distant learning.
Expert said it is a weak ordinance. People who want to dodge the government, will able to do so and more rules and regulations will be required to make it effective.

After the Ministry of Education circulated it through gazette notification, the ministry will start the formulation of the regulations.

One of the important addition of the present ordinance is the required experience and qualification for the VC of the private universities. One must have 20 years teaching/administrative experience or 10 years teaching and 10 years administrative experience.

Many of the private universities have no respect for this academic post. Sometimes businessman or even politicians hold the post on the wish of the sponsors.

The ordinance also suggests modification in the Trustee Board which will include representative from the UGC, educationists and professionals. The Syndicate and Senate will be headed by the VC and he will be the chief executive and Academic officer.

The number of the regular teachers should be adequate and the number of temporary teachers must not be over 25% of the regular teachers.

There will also be provision for ‘accreditation council’ to improve the qualities of education and there will be indication for the ranking of the universities in the ordinance.

No new permission will be given to the upcoming universities till the ordinance is implemented.

As per latest statistics , the number of students in private universities is 1,24,267. [Source: Prothom Alo , 26 November 2008]

An ordinary citizen

Post script:
6 January, 2009
Government has promulgated the ‘Private University Ordinance-2008’ with effect from 30th December 2008.
The full ordinance is available at http://www.moedu.gov.bd