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Could PSC like examination be introduced for promotion in the Bangladesh Secretariat? September 11, 2009

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Protest and frustration gripped the Bangladesh secretariat after Government promoted some hundred officers to the higher posts.

Can’t Public Service Commission (PSC) conduct promotion exams for the secreataries? Similar exams are in practice for other caders such as for teachers in medical colleges.

Recommedation by a neutral body like PSC could help remove the frustation and deprivation because of the present trend of promotion in the admin cade on the political consideration.

An ordinary citizen

Let the constitutional bodies work autonomously and independently October 23, 2008

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Bangladesh is passing through a very critical transitional phase.Apparently Caretaker Government and political parties are trying to making grounds to participate in a parliamentary election on a common consensus.

In an attempt to making a level playing field, the course of law sometimes seems to be molded to suit the plan of the negotiators. In a recent interview, Dr. Kamal Hussain, eminent lawyer & politician, commented that for a free and fair election, one must uphold the constitution and the law.

In addition to the separation of the Justice Department, the CTG also make reforms in some other constitutional bodies such as ACC, PSC. Now, what is important is to let these bodies continue to work independently now and in the coming years through the tenure of the different political parties.

A consensus is important among the political parties in these regard before the election and the dialogue among the parties better be represented by the chief of the parties.

An ordinary citizen

BCS Exam, Quota System and Controversies March 15, 2008

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BCS exam is the highest examination system for recruitment of officers for different cadres of Bangladesh Government Services which includes administration to education. The service of the government in its different sectors will depend on the quality of the selection in its different cadres. Every cadre is important in its own merit. And the best sons of the soil should be recruited for the services.

Quota system was introduced in the government service by an executive order in 1972, where 45% are reserved on merit, rest 55% is distributed as 30% for children of freedom fighters, 10% for women, 10% for districts and 5% for indigenous people.

We have passed 37 years of our independence. Time has come to review the system.

Controversy arises regarding continuation of quota. Some are against it and some are in favour. There is a group in between who prefer to reduce the percentage of quota in different categories.

I am not against the quota system. But the way we are using the quota system for indefinite time and in indeterminate way is not scientific.

The bottom line is –we should not compromise the selection at the highest level of government service. If we compromise at this level, our governance will never be improved.

We have obligations to the children of our freedom fighters and we also want our womenfolk, tribal people and people from less developed districts to have more participation in the government service at greater percentage. But how should we do that?

We should ensure better education of the children of our freedom fighters by giving support to the family, by lending stipends and scholarships to their children and by giving enrollment in better schools and colleges. We are already extended various supports for female education which has yielded result with more female candidates qualifying on merit and in the same way we should extend support to the tribal children. For the less developed districts, we should take measures to improve the schools and colleges so that students from those districts come out with competitive results.

The ordinary citizen is in favour of long term plan to support the needy without compromising the ultimate selection.

Controversies provoked utterances of abusive languages and application of forces in place of logic and rationality which is not healthy.

The issue is delicate but we should be prudent and keeping the interest of all we should also try to achieve the ultimate standard in governance.

An ordinary citizen

18 March 2008

Public Service Commission Dr. Shahadat Hussain in an interview in BTV informed that an study by PSC on the quota system is already completed and will be published soon and public discussions will be arranged in divisional towns and in the capital to have recommendations on the quota system.


8 April 08
A two member committee headed by Dr. Akbar Ali Khan was formed to give report on BCS quota system. On submission of the report, Dr. Akbar said that the recruitment under quota must not be higher than that of merit.

8 May 2008
PSC has completed the survey report avd started discussion on the issue which will be staged in different regions of the country. Journalists are provided with copies of the report but the contents were not discussed much in the media. The above information is from a discussion in BTV program -Dhaka Dateline.
But PSC should have published the report in the internet, so that public irrespective of their attachment to the media, could be informed of the suggestions put in the survey report and people could also give their opinion directly in the net.

PSC, 27th BCS and politicisation of public exams May 31, 2007

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Advisory Committee of the CG has taken the decision to cancel the result of viva voce of the 27th BCS Exam amid allegations of corruptions and gross irregularities.

In 17th July,2005 applications were invited for 27th BCS. 1 lac 58 thousand aspirants applied for different cadres. 26 thousands were passed the preliminary tests. In written exam 16000 passed.The final result was declared on 21 st January and 596 in General Cadres and 2971 in Professional cadres were declared passed. Allegations of corruption and politicisation were raised many a times regarding selection examinations during the past regime. It includes the BCS Exam, different PSC Exams for promotions and recruitment exams for teachers in the public universities.

CG has adressed the issue  seriously and justifiably.  BCS exam issue was reviewed in the Administrative Developemnt Committee of the Secretariat,  Law Ministry and Advisory Committee.

PSC (Public Service Commission) is a very important constitutional body which is responsible for selection and promotion of the officers of the Bangladesh Government Services. Imagine what would happen if this body is corrupted and its selections are politicised. 

We hope that the decision taken by the CG will help regularise the process of selection in the Govt services  in future.

The ordinary citizen opined that mere cancellation of the result would not  be enough; the people who are responsible for this irregularities should be found out and be given exemplenary punishment.


Post script: 14th August 2007

The Chairman of PSC has been changed and Dr. Shahadat Hussain, ex cabinet secretary has given the responsibity to revitalise and to restore the integrity of the PSC.

 Some members of PSC are also replaced.

Viva Voce of the 27th BCS is recalled.

The Government is also taking action against the corrupted officials of PSC.

PSC chairman is also advocating for the change of some laws regarding PSC including the criteria for selection of the members and chairman of PSC.

We have to wait a little more before we feel full confidence on the changes and on PSC.

But the web site of PSC is so minimally informative! We hope that the site will be updated and all the information regarding PSC will be available there.