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Surunjit Sengupta resigned -Fall of a Stalwart April 19, 2012

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Surunjit Sengupta, the new appointed Railway Minister has resigned over an incident of carrying illegal money of 70 lacs to the minister’s house by his APS accompanied by a DGM and a security officer. Initially he tried to ignore the incident but as the facts were coming out, Suranjit preferred to quit the ministry taking the responsibility but at the same time claming his innocence in the matter.
People appreciated his move and thought that his resignation would create a glorious example in our political history as such resignation is an unseen phenomenon in our political horizon.

Suranjit Sengupta created an idealistic image for himself in his long political career. He was elected as an MP in every general election once he started contesting in his constituency for the post in the seventies. He started his politics in leftist front, then hanged over to secular political stream of AL.

Suranjit in his farewell conference with the press from the Ministry said that he was leaving the job for fair inquiry of the incident so that his position doesn’t interfere with the process of justice. He boldly expressed that he was quitting the job to uphold democracy and he was also leaving politics only to come back if proved innocent.

People was feeling sympathy for this great politician of the soil.

But only a day later he was reappointed as a Minister without a portfolio by the Prime Minister and Suranjit didn’t refused to join to uphold his old ideals.
At the same time it was disclosed that his son was given a telecommunication licence that required Tk. 5 crore as initial fee and will require more Tk.400 crore to start the full function of the company. ACC (Anti Corruption Commission) started inquiry into the source of money from where his son accumulated the wealth. The inquiry is still continuing.
Inquiry is also continuing for the primary event. News disclosed that the money were the excess from the bribes taken for the appointment for the employees in the railway department.

But nobody expect a fall of a stalwart like Suranjit Sengupta.

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Acknowledgment: the cartoon is from Bengal Newz