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On dilemma over the registartion of political parties with the Election Commission September 22, 2008

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Election Commission has set the time limit for the registration of the political parties 15th October 2008. EC also set some preconditions for the registration of the political parties.
EC has gone through 3 phases of dialogue over the last months on the issue and trimmed down the propositions to accommodate the request of the political parties.
AL declared the acceptance of the RPO and said that the regulations are actually deducted from the recommendations put forward by the 14 party alliances to the Election Commission. AL has no objection to the conditions of registration and blamed BNP for creating unnecessary complexities.
BNP, Jammat-e-Islami and IOJ objected to the RPO and urged EC to withdraw the RPO. EC is relaxing the conditions to accommodate all the parties in the election and hopeful that BNP will join the election.[DS]
CEC in a press coverage yesterday exclaimed on Jammat and IOJ’s total rejection of the proposals though he said that in earlier two meetings they didn’t raise any major objection.
CEC also said that it has no scope to change the RPO further. Now, the responsibility lies with the political parties.

We hope that the political parties will accept the reality and submit themselves to the changed expectation of the people and of the country.

There is no logic to straightway reject the regulations, one can best suggest to modify or rectify one or more clauses if they found it against their ideals or impractical or impossible to materialize.

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RPO of contention[DS], AL yes to nearly all [DS], BNP no to all [DS]
EC relaxing the conditions for regstartion of the parties[DS]
Part registration process hits snag-BNP stillin dilemma [DS]

Election Commission in Bangladesh: from command to compromise? September 19, 2008

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The Election Commission will sit tomorrow with BNP and its two allies-Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Oikko Jote. Both the allies of BNP had refused earlier to sit with the Election Commission and missed their date though they sat with the EC in its first dialogue with the politicalparties. CEC then said that EC will not call the two parties in future for dialogue. BNP led by Khonodker Delwar refused to sit with EC from the beginning until Khlada Zia is freed.

After the release of Khaleda, BNP agreed to sit with the EC but along with the other components of alliance. In the changed scenario, EC accepted the proposal but arranges separate sittings for the three parties.

The changed scenario also compel CEC to seek apology for not to ask Khondoker Delwar earlier for dialogue.

EC was supposed to declare the upazilla election by this time. But it delays its decision to talk with BNP and then to declare the date of both upazilla and general election.

But does EC expect BNP and its allies to agree to upazilla election before the General Election. AL already told that they will not participate in any election before General Election.

Will EC agree with the opinion of the leaders of the political parties and deviate from its declared policy? The recent political moves of the Caretaker Government has made the EC a tamed horse and a compromise on the upazilla election will be likely if BNP says so though CEC once said that people and party workers at the grassroots level wants the upazilla election. Now, the people are pushed to the sidelines to the greater interest of the parties.

Only an extraordinary vision from the top brasses of both AL and BNP could give our democracy a good lift if upazilla election is agreed to be held, if not before, atleast on the same date of the General Election.

But will that happen? The chance is very low.
Let us wait and see what is there in the daylight after few hours.

Regarding the registration of the political parties, CEC said without ambiguity that registration is a must without which it will be impossible for the election commission to conduct the election and after trimming down the conditions, the conditions of registration has come to the bare minimum.

Will the parties accept the last minimum conditions of the registrations or force the Election Commission to agree to their conditions? And will the EC compromise on all their conditions on the plea to ensure an election ‘participated by all’ to make it ‘free and fair’.

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Parallel observations:

‘Is Government running after mirage’ Dr. Zillur Rahman Siddiqui, Ex-VC , JU [Prothom Alo, 19 September 2008]
‘Upazilla Election is a necessity’ Dr. Shahdin Malik, Advocate, Supreme Court [Prothom Alo, 18 September, 2008]

Democracy in the constitution is a must for registration of the political parties November 28, 2007

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[News and reactions] Democracy is a must for registration of the political parties with the election commission. This opinion has been expressed by CEC Shamsul Huda Chy in a meeting of the Election Commission with the workers party.

He said that BNP and many other parties have no democratic rules in the party constitution and party chief has been given absolute authority to take any decision.

He commented that political parties preach for democracy but they do not practice it in their own party.

It is alleged that though the constitution of AL is more democratic in writing but in practice the authority is delegated to the chairperson to take the final decision.

Financial irregularities is also alleged against the parties as their is no clear bookkeeping, transparency and accountability for the fund.

The Election Commission is thinking of ensuring practice of democracy in the party through registering them with it. It proposes that the executive committee members will be chosen on the basis of election by the party members.

CEC said they will examine the constitution of each party before registering it.(Source: Daily Star)

Delwar Hussain, Khaleda made General Secretary of BNP said today that EC cannot dictate the constitution of a political party (ATN).

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