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‘Bangladesh with a little effort can become a rice exporting country’ June 23, 2008

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Bangladesh can produce seven crore tonnes of rice a year, more than double the present production, by ensuring proper irrigation and use of fertiliser, and bringing cultivable fallow lands under irrigation.
Excessive irrigation for Boro cultivation and lack of it for Aman now drastically reduce the yield of both, Daily star reports.
It is revealed in a study conducted by Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC).
The country now produces around three crore tonnes of rice a year with Boro output 3.66 tonnes per hectare and that of Aman a little above two tonnes. But Boro yield can be raised to six tonnes and Aman output to five tonnes a hectare, the study said.
The major factor behind the wide gap between present yield and potential output of Boro is excessive irrigation, says M Eftekharul Alam, assistant chief engineer of the BADC, who carried out the study for more than two decades
The study concludes that with little effort Bangladesh can transform itself into a rice exporting country.[DS]

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Post script:
The editorial of the paper said ‘in the food productivity challenge the modern method is the key’.[…]