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Food security: Bangladesh to adopt seed technology to increase production August 10, 2008


Dr. Abed Chowdhury, an eminent Agriculture Scientist said ‘In Bangladesh 1 to 2 ton rice is produced per hector of paddy field. China and other developed countries in the same size of area produce 8 to 10 hector rice by utilizing modern technology. Population is gradually increasing but not the cultivating land which is causing
the food insecurity. In this background, there is no alternative other than to increase the utilization of technology in the agricultural sector.
He made the comment while speaking on the ways of food security in Bangladesh. He is known as gene scientist as his area of research is seed of crops.
He said that to increase the production of rice we have to bring the new technology to the field level. We have to increase the use of high yielding-‘Ufshi’ and hybrid rice.

He added that we should increase the exercise of seed science and technology from the state policy makers to farmers.
He pointed to the incident of Nandigram and said that it has been tried to popularize the Nandigram as a model by saying that villages will be improved by developing supermarkets and industries. Village people will work there. Criticizing this kind of attempt, he emphasizes on the development of the villages by keeping their character intact. He urges to save the agricultural fields.
In the light of his experience in Australia and Europe, he said that there is no alternative to using nature’s power in increasing rice production. Rice cannot be produced in factories. In this situation, agricultural land and technology is only the alternative.
In doing the comparative discussion of high yielding ‘Ufshi’, hybrid and genetically modified (GM) variety, he said that local varieties are selected by natural courses. In hybrids a new variety has been developed by fertilization between male and female variety after selecting from two different types of rice crops. IN GM, DNA from external resource is implanted in a rice seed to develop a new variety. In this way man are using new technologies to improve the production.
In reply to the question that hybrid rice decreases the cultivating power of the land,he said that every crop takes food from land and air. More the yield more the need of food. We have to overcome the need by using the fertilizers and biological materials. [Source; Prothom Alo 10 August 2008]

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