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The case of Sotomayor: Judging a Judge July 31, 2009

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SotomayorWhen a seat was vacant in the Supreme Court of USA, after a period of speculation for many, President OBama proposed Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his candidate to fill up the vacant post of retiring Justice David Souter. Soymoto is an Hispanic American working as federal appellate judge Few speculated her name but Obama thought to nominate one who ‘would bring more experience on the bench than anyone currently serving on the Supreme Court’.

Immedaiately MEDIA started to scrutinise her past as a Judge and as a person. Her background has been revealed. Her judgements have been reviwed. Even her speeches at public functions were critically analysed.

Many speak out against her for her judgements, against her attitude.blame her for racism, doubt on her integrity and intellect. She tried to defend her, explained her position and clarified the ambiguity.

Along the process, she had to face the Sente JUdiciary Committee where she had to face quesstions from every angle one can imagine. The Committee appproved the nomination on majority votes.

The final passage would be in the Senate where she gets the approval, she will be the first Hispanic American Justice in the history of America.

In Bangladesh, the appointment is more a secret process. The President has the constitutional power to appoint the judges of the Supreme Court with the consent of the Prime Minister from the sitting judges of the High Court or the advocates of the Judiciary. No public srutiny, no interoggation by the parliamentary committee or voting in the parliament are necessary.

Does the selection process in Bangladesh for judges in the Supreme Court need more screening by the people and parliament?

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Sotomayor OK’d for Supreme Court