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Watching Talk Shows January 31, 2014

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talk shows -1Talk shows on TV channels are quite popular in Bangladesh.People  from all walks of life enjoy  it and follow it beyond midnight. (more…)

Talent hunt in the media and Consumerism May 19, 2010

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Our TV channels are deeply engaged in hunting talents among our young generation in arts and culture. They have more concentrated their effort on singing. They do not spare the young children to show up their talents in the singing. As a part of the process, the registration and rehearsal keep continued throughout the country. Thousands of children and aspirants participate in the competition. The final phase of the competition are telecast in the TV channels. Judges give their numbers. Public are asked to send sms as many as possible for their artist of choice. Then one day final episode is shown with grandeur, prizes are declared, huge sum of money is distributed. The finalists came into contact with the music companies and the production house. Their cassettes and CDs are come out in the market and they tour the country and also abroad to entertain the whole world.

Sometimes I think what would happen to the education of these children. Probably education, passing exams and attaining degrees is less important to the exercise they are undergoing and the talent they are showing. The pomp of the festival is such that it looks singing is the only talent to nourish, it will bring money and success early. The underlying fact is that the talent of these children is sacrificed in the alter of consumerism and in the name of promotion of art, their basic education is sacrificed.

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Opinion: Using children for adult entertainment: Faroque Wasif in Prothom Alo

Role of TV in restructuring language & culture February 22, 2009

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I was listening intently to a TV talk show on the night of 21 February of two leading personalities of our literature and cultural arena – Mostafa Monwar and Abdullah Abu Sayeed. Faridur Reza Sagar was conducting the program in ‘Tritiya Matra’
The theme of the discussion was also interesting- the role of TV in the restructuring the language and culture of our society.

They opined that it is not possible for TVs to play effective role in the restructuring the language and culture. TV as a medium is always a restless one and try to dramatize events for its own purpose.

For its dramatic inclination, more classical programs are gradually loosing its space in the TV schedules. We see very few classical soiree now a days. Even in drama, the dramas of more depth and meaning are not produced and telecasted today, channels are more opted for short entertaining episodes.

TV is also for commerce and commercialization. TV is full of ads and programs become secondary to the ads.

There is far and few educational programs. Most of the time they are not entertaining. To make the educational program entertaining you need vast budget as that of “Sesame Street’ in BTV which is sponsored by the international organizations.

It is not true that TV can’t play any role in contributing to the culture and language of a society, it can if the organizers and the producers of house think over the matter seriously and set their programs accordingly and sometimes produce program for the minority viewers.

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