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You Tube and Bangladesh November 2, 2012

Posted by bdoza in BANGLADESH, Media.
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I was looking for a practical demonstration of endotracheal intubation to have a visual impact of the process. I open the You Tube and found it still closed in Bangladesh. Like me, many of us would look into video clips of You Tube for useful purposes. But they will be frustrated.

I know that Bangladesh Government has closed down the You Tube in protest against publishing the hated film ‘Innocence of Islam’. Like Bangladesh , many of the Muslim countries also closed You Tube. But where some countries like Egypt, Indonesia only blocked the particular film, Bangladesh blocked the whole channel. It would have been better if Bangladesh could able to block specifically the film. It indicates the technical and diplomatic failure of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh should keep its effort continued to compel the Google authority to specifically cancel the film.

In the meantime, Bangladesh should open the You Tube so that people can use it as a source of information for useful use.

An ordinary citizen