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Media vs Parliament in Bangladesh February 14, 2009

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Parliament is in session, the first session of the new government. People observed with enthusiasm the inuguaration of the new parliament. They appreciated the gesture of the members of the new parliament on the first day. But as the time passes, the parliament is loosing its lustre.

BNP is not attending the parliament on the plea of seat distribution. Speaker so far couldn’t solve the problem. The Government party is still adament on their argument on distribution of seats.

The ordinary citizen tried to concentrate on the parliamentary session but he is loosing his concentration as the attendence in the parliament is becoming thinner in the treasury bench also and there is virtually no sign of debate or difference of opinion on any issue.

People divert their atttention more to the media- to the news and talk shows of different channels. Here they can see and encounter both the government and the oppostion. The are informed of different developments and their explanation. They can even ask questions directly to the lawmakers in the talk shows.

It is said that media played the role of parliament during the emergency period of the Caretaker Government. Is it continuing it’s role of alternative parliament during this newly elected government?

Media is to convey the news of the parliament as expected. Now, media is producing news of itself of matters which should have been discussed in the parliament.

The government should think the matter seriously and in no way should deem the importance of parliament to the media and to the people.

People had great expectation on this parliament and the opportunity shouldn’t be missed showing unnecessary rigidity on silly matters.

An ordinary citizen


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