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BDR Mutiny: Trial is continuing April 24, 2010

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The trial is continuing for mutiny in the BDR on the 25th February of 2009.

PM said the trial will be completed by this year.

We hope the masterminds behind the masscre would be identified and the accused will get a fair trial.

An ordinary citizen

Link: BDR Mutiny

BDR Massacre: Will the mystery be over? May 19, 2009

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It is about three months that the BDR headquarter at Pilkhana was blood stained with the brutal killing of more than 50 army officers. Three different inquiry committees were entitled to find out the details of the event and identifying the underlying cause. The report from the committees will be submitted officially to the concerned authorities within short time.

Col(Rt) Faruk, Minister for Commerce and Co-ordinator for committees said that Government is taking steps to reorganise the BDR. In this regard, they are taking steps to change the name and the dress of BDR though many opine that these steps will rather demotivated the BDR more.

There are also criticism against the Government for extra-Judaical death of the BDR Jowans and arresting the BDR in hundreds from different camps of the country.

Already it is alleged that committees are taking too much time to submit the reports. Part of the report are also published in some newspapers. AShraful Islam, Minister for LGRD  refuted the news and said that it is not right to disclose the report when it is not yet officially published.

Ashraful Islam also said that some quarter tried to divert the BDR event in a different direction. Govt is watching these people. They will remain under watch until the whole situation is cleared.

People are eagerly waiting to know the contents of the report of the committees and to be sure about the background and the patrons of the event.

But people are not sure whether the mystery of the massacre will be over.

The ordinary citizen hopes that the government will come up with definite conclusion.

An ordinary citizen

Post Script:


The Inquiry Committee from the Home Ministry which is headed by Mr. Anisuzzama has submitted its report to the Government. It is a 309 pages document. They termed the event as mutiny and found no link with militants, political group or outside forces. The Daily Star reports.Shahara Khatun, Home Minister said that every word of the report will be disclosed to the public.

The Committee formed from the Army and comprised of Army personnels also submit its report to the Chief of Army Moin U Ahmed. In a reply to the journalist General Moin said that the inquiry is a matter of Army and it will not be submitted to the Government and will not be disclosed to public.

The Summary of the report has been published. The editorial of the Daily Star commented, ‘No clear picture picture has emerged from its findings.

BDR ‘mutiny’: Role of media March 8, 2009

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‘Mutiny’ in the Pilkhana caught everybody surprised. No one ever imagined such an event to be happened in Bangladesh .

People close to the Pilkhana, the high ups who were informed by the victims themselves and close relatives of endangered officers were probably the first persons who were heard or informed of the sitaution.

Most of the people knew the fact when the electronic media started to telecast the incident live. From then on People were virtually glued to the media and were following the progress of the incident.

The first interview with the mutineers was by Munni Shaha on ATN close to a BDR gate where more than half a dozen of the mutineers, some of them masked tried to express their grievances in a haphazard way. It is said afterwords that this interview and some of the others in the first day glorify the demands of the mutineers.

Probably in an oblique reference to these telecasts, the Information Minister urged the jourrnalists to play their role more responsibly.

But as a whole, electronic media tried to convey the real-time phenomenon to the viewers. The telecast not only gave an idea about what was going on around the incident in Philkhana, the footage recorded by them will also be of help to identify the criminals and to follow the course of events.

The web media also make the issue lively in the internet. Bloggers, social networkers and web hosters discussed the different aspect of the issue, projected pictures, audios and videos and expressed their opinion unhindered. The web this time attract more young viewers than the print media and presented more information and thoughts.

It looks that the Bangladesh web media will be more vibrant with increased number of visitors in future. One advantage of web media is that there is scope for every visitor to participate in the discussion and it is so interactive which is not so with the print media or tv channels.

With time web media will be more popular and more representative.

An ordinary citizen

BDR ‘mutiny’- unanswered questions March 6, 2009

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The investigative/inquiry committees are working on finding the details of the BDR mutiny. CID, the government committee headed MR. Anisuzzaman and the Committee formed by the Army are working parallel. They also formed a common Task Force Informative(TFI) to ask the suspects combined.

In an article in the Daily Star ‘The Unanswered Questions’ they will have to find out:
a) Why the rebels kill all the officers if it was a dispute over pay and benefits?
b) Could military force have been used to quell the rebellion?
c) Could the deaths have been prevented?
d) How could this have been planned without anyone knowing?
e) What were the intelligence agencies doing ?
f) Who stands to gain from the horrific atrocity?
g) What was the mutineers’ exit strategy?
h) Whether the delay ultimately increased the death toll.
i) Whether the general amnesty declared early was properly timed.
j) Could a rapid strike from the army have saved lives?

Fragmented news are coming out from the committees unofficially. But we shall have to wait to have a comprehensive idea of the situation till the full reports from the committees are out.

An ordinary citizen

Courtesy: The photo is taken from the Daily Star

BDR ‘mutiny’: are the measures justified? March 2, 2009

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Mutiny is over.

Questions arise about the measures taken by the government. Resentment is also high in the Army camp. The opposition is criticizing the steps taken by the government in the parliament and in the press.

Khaleda Zia is saying Government made strategic mistake in controlling the mutiny. It should have been militarily negotiated. The timely and right government approach could have saved more lives of the officers and chastity of women.

The Prime Minister,Home Minister and others tried to defend the government steps in the parliament, in official meetings and in the media. They stressed that
political solution saved the lives of hundreds of the uniform personals, their family members and civilians.Any military steps would have plunge the country in deeper crisis. They were sincere in their effort and were ready to take any ultimate step if the political negotiation failed.

The ordinary citizens are caught in the controversies and are in confusion though they hoped for a unified stand from all parties on this national crisis. For the time being, let us have faith on the Prime Minister on whom resides the ultimate decision, has exerted her utmost prudence to come to the best conclusion on the basis of the information she had at that moment.

PM Hasina also declared that she has contacted USA for FBI, UK for scotland Yard and UN for an acceptable investigation of the incident.

The first Inquiry Committee is modified and Home Minister Shahara Khatun is replaced by Anisuzzaman, an ex Secretary.

From Army, it is also disclosed that a Departmental Investigative Committee will be formed to inquire into the incident.

Demands are also there to form a parliamentary committee.

We hope that through these committees truth regarding background and appropriateness of different steps will come out.

An ordinary citizen

BDR ‘mutiny’- searching the cause February 28, 2009

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We have to acknowledge that the incident that shakes the nation on 25th February 2009 was neither mutiny nor revolt contrary to initial perception by many.

It is true that BDR men might have their grievances but the way the whole episode was executed it seems that it was a simple massacre.

Probably the organizers exploited the sentiments of the common BDR men of their grievances to achieve the ends.

It is confusing to believe why a small group of wrongdoers staged such a heinous act for themselves, the consequences of which they cannot avoid ? What motivated them ? Is any force of inside or outside instigate them to do so or is it an immature act of some hot headed illiterate soldiers in a sudden rush of blood?

Shahriar Kabir of Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee presented a perception paper in a meeting about the association of Jamaat-e- Islami with the incident.

From BNP, the relation of outside force is raised.

Many speculates that it’s a conspiracy by those who do not want the Army or the country to remain strong.

When asked, Home Minister Shahara Khatun told that the Government has formed a committee to inquire into the matter and submit the report within seven days. She hopes that with the submission of the report all the facts will come out and government will take the actions accordingly.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Sk Hasina clarifies the Government stand that who were directly involved with the planning and killing and other crimes will be punished and will remain beyond the purview of the general amnesty.

Let us patiently wait and see the ultimate outcome.

An ordinary citizen

BDR mutiny: this brutality has no meaning February 27, 2009

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Mutiny is calmed down. But in the course of the event- more than 100 officers are dead or missing, a few civilians are also dead and more are wounded, family members of the officers were tortured, houses were ransacked.
Officers were brutally killed or charged bayonet, the dead were dumped into the ground or thrown into the sewerage.
The picture is horrifying and beyond description.

The political leaders have done a tremendous job. We appreciate their courage and commitment, especially of our Home Minister Shahara Khatun.

We appreciate the Prime Minister Hasina’s rational approach to the situation, her personal involvement in the negotiation and appropriate leadership in a time of great crisis of the nation.

We appreciate the prudence of the Army leadership not to side step the political leadership and not to take the actions in their own hand.

We condemn those who to meet their grievances brutally killed the innocent and worthy sons of the nation.

We mourn the death of our brave officers, many of whom had served the nation greatly in their golden career. We also mourn the death of innocent family members and ordinary citizens in the incident.

We express our heartfelt sympathy for the relatives of the dead who have lost their husbands, brothers or sisters in the massacre.

We have no language left but only silent prayer to Almighty for the children who lost their parents and who will remain in shock and pain for long.

This brutality has no meaning. It is not a way to meet one’s grievances.

The government should make a thorough inquiry of the event and punish those who were involved in plotting and executing this heinous act.

An ordinary citizen

BDR mutiny-revolt against the privileged? February 25, 2009

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BDR staged mutiny today at their headquarter at Pilkhana in Dhaka. The revolt started in the morning when the high officials from BDR met in a meeting in the Darbar Hall and altercation resulted in shoot out and death and injuries to the uniformed personals.Many civilians were also caught in the crossfire.

It is understood that the mutiny is the outburst of the long standing frustration and discrimination of the BDR personnel from their commanders who are deputed from Army.

The government is caught off handed but is trying to pacify the situation, Home Ministers and Prime Minister herself are engaged in the negotiation and it is hoped that a settlement will come soon.

BDR demanded withdrawal of Army from the surrounding of Pilkhana and they are also not ready to surrender their arms to the army and want removal of all army officers from BDR. They also demanded general amnesty from the PM for this mutiny.

Is it a revolt against the privileged? Will it end here?

An ordinary citizen

News link:
Mutiny, bloodshed at BDR Head Quarter