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Post Election Reactions, Observations and Analysis January 6, 2014

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PM expressed her satisfaction on the voting and orders stern action against violence.
Opposition leader Khaleda said government lost moral and constitutional basis to stay in power.

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Follow up:
Polls disappointing say UK, USA, Canada, Commonwealth
Bangladesh polls a constitutional requirement: India
Ban asks Bangladesh political parties to resume dialogue
US calls for fresh elections in Bangladesh
Low turnout, poor reflection of voters’ will-Germany, France on Bangladesh polls

EU for transparency,inclusive polls
US senate stresses for credible election-Daily Star/Indian Express
Sheikh Hasina plans to hang on to office after an electoral farce
/Daily Star
US senate writes Hasina, Khaleda for new polls
No real winners in Bangladesh-The Hindu
Backing Bangladesh -The Hindu(India)

A farce for festoons: Outlook (India)
হায়রে নির্বাচন! হায়রে দেশ!-আসিফ নজরুল | জানুয়ারি ০৬, ২০১৪ -Prothom Alo
সংসদ নির্বাচন ২০১৪

যা হলো তা মুখ রক্ষার নির্বাচন-বদিউল আলম মজুমদার | জানুয়ারি ০৬, ২০১৪ |Prothom Alo

USA and Bangladesh Election December 8, 2013

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30 October 2013: US-India differences sharpen on Bangladesh
8 Nov 2013: US to talk with India on Bangladesh
17 Nov 2013: India discussing Bangladesh issue with US
21 Nov 2013: US Congress concerned over election in Bangladesh
7 Dec 2013: US expects free and fair election in Bangladesh

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Ticfa with US is signed November 26, 2013

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Ticfa with us is signed amid the political crisis in the country.
It is assumed that Ticfa is signed to draw the support of USA in favour of present government.
Ticfa raises mixed reaction.

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An analysis

Big Brother is Watching (Google & Yahoo Databases) ! November 1, 2013

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Courtesy: Internet

Courtesy: Internet

It is reported that NSA of USA infiltrates databases of GOOGLE and YAHOO without permission of the search engines authorities. It also irked the Germans and they urged to boycott Google and Yahoo. It is reported that British Intelligence has helped the US agents in the intrusion. (more…)

FUN with FBI September 6, 2013

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FBI-FunI never imagine that one can fun with FBI in USA or elsewhere. But that makes possible a Bangladeshi-born American Hasan Elahi, an artist by profession. (more…)

Gay marriage and unproductive USA June 7, 2012

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Barak Obama as a part of campaign for next presidential election in USA has declared his support for gay marriage. Obama’s stand differs from his stand in the last election. His counterpart from the Republican party is not in the same attitude, he deliberately rejected the idea.
Gay rights is getting increasing importance in American politics. But if the gay practice is increased in USA, then it will become comparatively unproductive in comparison to other countries. Then it will be immigrants if not Indians that that will dominate the future of USA.

Fall of Gaddafi October 24, 2011

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Gaddafi has been killed . Whether it is incrossfire or by NATO bombing is less important than the death itself.

His 42 years of reign of autocracy is over. Occupying the state power through a bloodless coup, he established himself as a mighty power of the Arad world. He portrayed himself as an anti- west leader , a propagonist of Arab interst and a forruneer for African unity.

Sometomes he supported or sponsored terrorist activites to achieve his targets and he had to embrace economic sanctions to fridging of the assests, financial penalty and political isolation.

He led a life of his own style, prefering tents to live than living in the strongly build palaces. He used to shift his locations, prefer female body guards than males for their commitment to the boss and used to wear traditional arabian dresses.

Only once i did follow his speech about 2 years back and that was in the general assebly of United Nations. He demanded for reshaping of the world body and wanted representations of the diffent regions in the world body. His speech was unnecessary lengthy and disorganised.

He had alinieted himself from his people. Any form of dissent was suppressed for long time.

He was grommming his son Saif for the next state leadership. Outside world only very recently could heard the voice of people in Libya after the people upsurge in Tunesia and Egypt. Not paying heed to the peope’s voice Gaddafi tried to brutally suppressed it. He used tanks and planes to kill the people on the streets. NATO and USA came in support of the people.

They provided the experts and ammunitions, promoted the cause and boosted the morale of the fighters in many ways.

People had the victory and expressed their joy. The fall of Gaddafi is also a victory for NATO and its allies- the thin smile on the lips of President Surkozi tells all when he was fisrt asked to comment on the death of Gaddafi.

NTC ( National Transitional Council) that coordinated the mass resistance decided to resign. The interim authority will hold a free and fair election by 8 months.

Establishment of a well represented dmocratic government only would repay the sacrifice of the Libyan people . Otherwise a dictated government will serve the purpose of the big brothers only.

An ordinary citizen


Libya and Gaddafi in Google

Dr. Yunus – Does he represent the 3rd Force in Bangladesh? January 27, 2011

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Recently Dr.Yunus has become the focus of attention in the media in Bangladesh. But he was more focused in international media for his concept of social business and its practical implication for the last few months after he got the Nobel prize for peace in 2006. Though Dr.Yunus was also greatly involved in developing multiple projects in Bangladesh with the leading companies of the world as Adidas, few people of his country were closely following his ventures.

But he came to the limelight of the local media with the news of documentary on the transfer of money from Grameen Bank to Grameen Kalyan. In the debate , not only people of different strata took part and expressed their opinion, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh also made the harshest comment.

The debate died down with the clarification of Grameen and reply of Norwegian government but not in Bangladesh. A case has been filed against Dr. Yunus in a magistrate court miles away from the capital for his comment made in 2006 against the politicians. The magistrate accepted the case and summoned Dr. Yunus to appear before the court. In the meantime government has formed a parliamentary committee to probe into the allegations against Grameen Bank.

USA has asked the Bangladesh Govt to deal the matter related with Dr. Yunus with honour. It is to be noted that Dr. Yunus has recently received 2 highest awards in USA.

For parliamentary Committee, a preliminary paper is prepared where 16 points are identified to inquire into . A new case has been submitted against Dr. Yunus for adulteration of Skakti Dai- a product of Grameen-Danone, joint venture of Grameen and Danone, Danone a world leader from French in nutrition product. Grameen-Danone is also the first model of social business in Bangladesh and may be the first in the world.

The ordinary citizen is feeling puzzled with the new development of events relating Dr. Yunus where the government is also taking active part.

Is there any political reasons behind all these? Does Dr. Yunus represent the 3rd force in Bangladesh? That’s why he has become the target of continuous harassment by the government? The opposition has so far made no comment in this matter.

It is known that Dr. Yunus was first approached by the sponsors of the last Caretaker Government. He refused the offer but proposed the name of Dr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed who headed the CTG for long 2 years and Dr. Yunua had his blessings for the CTG.

In Bangladesh, no political government so far could gain the sustained confidence of people and could win consecutively for 2 terms.

An ordinary citizen

Microfinance Pioneer Faces Inquiry-N Y Times

Obama’s Heath Care Reform & Bangladesh March 26, 2010

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The US Congress ultimately passed the Obama’s health Care bill by 220- 207 votes with the relief for the president and his party.

Through this health care plan Obama tries to give the healthcare in the USA a universal form. According to him , America was trying to reform the Health Care System for the last 100 years but could fulfill its dream due to obstacles from pressure groups.

This time also, Obama and his health plan were sharply criticized by the opponents of the health care including the Republicans, the Insurance companies and others.

The Health Care plan tries to give universal coverage to the health care service to the American citizen irrespective of the financial status. It will impose more taxes to the rich and support the health care from the federal fund.

Bangladesh Heath care also needs a shake up by the government. Bangladesh also needs universal coverage of the population for healthcare, extension of the healthcare service to the rural community, qualitative improvement of health education .

The new Bangladesh Government has taken initiative to support the rural health service by posting 6000 new doctors in the community hospitals and appointing about 3000 doctors in the Government hospitals. But total health system is marred by partisanism and political posting.

Bangladesh needs a comprehensive plan and an honest implementation of the policy.

An ordinary citizen

Obama’s Proposals for Health Care Reform

US dilemma on Afghan Strategy October 20, 2009

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In the inauAfghan war -1guaral speech  President Obama outlined the strategy to combat terrorism. He promised to withdrew troops from Iraq and concentrate more on Afghanistan and if necessary to strike Pakistan. Troops withdrawal from Iraq has started as promised though a bit slowly, but US strikes the terror den along the Pak -Afghan border. But suicidal attacks now more spread up in larger areas of Pakistan.

The war in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly difficult and US and other international allies are counting more casualties. When Obama was resetting his priorities and thinking not to increase forces in Afghanistan and concentrating more in Pakistan, his Chief Commander in Afghanistan declared publicly that 40000 more US troops are necessary to succeed there  that made  the Obama Administration  embarrassed. The Secretary for Defence Gates had to tell the media that senior officials, civil or military. should convey their advice only privately to the administration in important state policies.

While Obama was pondering on the Afghan strategy the Nobel Committee in Oslo declared Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 to Obama which create more stress for Obamathat will linger rhe dilemma. Should he now stick not to send more troops to Afghanistan or prefer the notion of his Commander and send more troops to Afghanistan?

The people of the world hope  that Obama will come out with clear decision which will create a more peaceful and terror free state in the world.The decision of Obama will dictate the peace in the region in future.

An ordinary citizen


USA is losing in two fronts in Afghan War

Some question the purpose of war in Afghanistan

Obama best person to handle the world’s mess-Sting

Post Script:

4 Dec 2009
President Obama declared much awaited Afghan strategy in a speech which highlighted addition of 30000 more US troops to the existing contingensy of 68000 in that country, training and transition to Afghan forces and gradual withdrawal of US forces from July 2011. He also announced more focus on Pakistan to haunt AL-Queda there.

Link: Full Text of Obama’s speech
Gates: Severe consequences on Afghan Failure

Obama confers Presidential Medal of Freedom on Dr. Muhammad Yunus August 14, 2009

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Obama  YunusDr. Muhammad Yunus has been conferred highest civilian honour of USA by President Obama in a marked ceremony held at White House on 12th August 2009. The Presidential Medal of Freedom was also bestowed upon 16 others citizens of the world who includes Archbishob of South Africa Desmond Tutu, leading British Scientist Stephen Hawkins and former Iris President Mary Robinson.The medal is given for “especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

President Obama lauded the contribution of Muhammad Yunus in alliviating the poverty from the world saying, ” Muhammad Yunus was just trying to help a village, but some how manage to change the world”.

In reaction in an interview Muhammad Yunus said that it is not a personal achievemnt of him, rather it’s an honour and an achievment of Bangladesh. He said that it proves Bangladesh can also do something good to the world. Microcredit which he started from a village in Bangladesh while he was a Professor of Economics in the university has now spread all over the world and virtually all the countries of the world are practicing microcredit now including the developed countries like USA, Canada and French.

It is also sad to say that when the world is recognising his contribution, some people in Bangladesh is trying to deny the impact of microcredit on the economy in Bangladesh.They say that microcredit is not enough to eradicate the poverty from the society.[DS] It’s true, microcredit alone is not enough to change the society, but in their deliberation there is a hint of denial of the impact of microcredit on the poverty in our country. This tendency of denial was also present in the past.[DS]

Dr. Yunus explained in the interview that the present banking system support the people from the upper layer of the society and it is arrested in the middle and can’t reach the people at the bottom. On the contrary, it is the microcredit which support people from the bottom of the society who have no money, no collaterals and no recommendation.

Regarding high interest rates of microcredit, he said that Grameen has 4 types of loan- one has 20% interest, the house loan has 8.5% interest, student loan has 5% which also count after the completion of the study and loan for beggers has no interest. Nearly 150000 beggers are enjoying this loan. Dr Yunus said that Grameen ensures the 100% education of the children of its clients, many of them could complete the intermediate level and enter into the universities and medical colleges becoming doctors, engineers and Ph D holders. Grameen provides scholarship to persue higher education in the foreigh countries like USA, Canada. he added that very recently 6 students had gone to Malayasia on higher studies.

On forced extraction of loan repayment system, he told that Grameen is established to ease the suffering of poor people, not to extract money in their distress. During ‘Aila’, the latest cyclone which inundated huge area along the sea belt, Grameen not only suspended the loan collection and also support the suffering people by supplying pure water and food and supporting in their rehabilatation.

On the question of increasing gap between the poor and the rich in Bangladesh as predicted by World Bank and few experts he said that statistics say that from 1990 onwards poverty decreases by 1% per year till 2000, then it decreses by 2% till 2005. The stats beyond that is yet not available. But if it continues in the same rate, we can decrease the poverty to 50% by 2015. He hoped that if it is possible to decrease the poverty by half in 2015, it is not impossible to eradicate poverty from Bangladesh by 2030.[Courtesy:NTV]

In the post ceremial reception of the award winners, Dr. Yunus requested Obama and Mitchel to visit Bangladesh which they agreed to accomplish as the time permits.

Bangladesh feel proud as a nation when Yunus got the Nobel Prive for peace in 2006. Bangladesh is again feeling proud for what Yunus has achievd fof him and for Bangladesh.

An ordinary citizen

Is it the end of Regime of Iran Islamic Revolution? June 21, 2009

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Iran turns into Regime of Islamic Revolution in 1979 ousting the then King Reza Shah Pahlavi by public upsurge led by Ayatullah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Since then Iran turns into a theocratic state, controlled by the clerics. The regime could sustained almost 30 years despite the conflict and opposition from outside and inside.

But turmoil that has erupted out of 12 June 2009 general election result where Ahmadinejad was declared winner and not accepted by Mousavi and other candidates and thier followers. The disgruntled supporters were staging relentless demostrations in the streets of Tehran and other cities in thousands denouncing the result of the election condemning it as massively rigged.

I made time to hear the sermon of Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader and most powerful person of the statehood of Iran, presented in the last friday prayer. I was expecting that he would made a reconciliation between the potesters and declared winners. But his tone became gradually tougher after elaborating the background of the presidential candidates from Mushabi to Ahmadinijad. He tried to portray that the 4 presidential candidates are their men, they are part of Islamic revolution of Iran, at different times they serve the government and selected by the Guardian’s Counci to compete in the election.
Iran Supreme Leader

He also appreaciated the protesters and their participation in shaping the democracy in Iran.He also argued that their protest is not against the regime.

But in conlusion, he expressed his strongest support for Ahmadinejad saying there was no rigging in the election but there may be some irregularities. He said if there is any dispute that will be solved within the set rules of the system.

He also threatened that from now on no protest will be tolerated and the protesters will have to bear the consequences.

During the sermon, Ahmedinejad and one more candidate were present. The other two were not seen
in the video-footage.

Khameini was highly critical of UK and other westrn power accusing them meddling the Iran’s internal affairs and trying to manipulate the election result in their own line of interest.

I thought that Khameini will declared a solution that will be acceptable to all parties,at least -recounting of all the votes, if fresh election is not acceptable. But he only agreed to partly count the votes- hardly 10% of the total.

It is now time to see how Mousavi and his supporters decide their own ways and react to the speech.

It is difficult to understand why the spiritual leaders like Khameini and members of the Guardian Council compromise with the minimum ethical standard where ‘all the candidates are my men’.

Is the Guardian Council at conflict with the Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khameini? If there is gross irregularities , it is certain to happen.

Is the Regime of Islamic Revolution at the end of its tenure?

The best period of Islamic statehood -the Khilafat e Rasul was also sustained for nearly 30 years only and then assination of Hazrat Ali led to the end of the period.

Will Iran embrace the same fate?

An ordinary citizen

Post link:
Reuter: Iran system seen resilient despite election rift

Iran Power Structure

Obama and The Muslim World June 9, 2009

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Obama has given a speech addressing the Muslim world on 4th June Obama at Cairu Uiversity2009 from Cairo University. I had also the opportunity to listen to his  speech.

I was impressed by the style, confidence and content of delivery of President Obama during the speech. I could understood that very  few orators of the comtemporary time have the excellance of such a degree.  He was confident throughout his delivery. He was not afraid of what he was talking about. He made fine balance between his attitudes  towards the Muslims and the Isralis. The content was also rich in qoutes from the religious  scripts.

I had an impresion that Obama has a good study of the scripts including of Islam. The message of Islam regarding killing innocent is is clear to him when he says, ”The Holy Koran teaches that whoever kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed all mankind; and whoever saves a person, it is as if he has saved all mankind”.

 Even before his speech, some quarters other than AL-Quaeda  from Muslim world opposed  his idea of delivering the the speech. His speech was applauded by repeated clapps from the audiace most of them likely to be Muslims from different countries.

His speech creates a new hope in the minds of the Muslim throughout the world, not necessarily that it will bring an immediate change in the ground situation but because of his angle of vision and his tone of reconciliation.

Many political opponents and the conservative Israilies may not like his idea as he equally critical of the advanced Israili settllement in the West Bank.

Is the appeal from Obama rooted is his parents faith and his exposure to three continents or from the feeling that a better understanding with the Muslim world will make America more safer? I personally belive that it is the latter but his relation with the religions may give him a clear forsight of the situation.

But his vision will be tested by the actions he would take in the Israili Palestaian conflict, his committment in withdrawing the US Army from Iraq and how he tackles the problems in Afganistan and Pakistan.

We also hope in a new begining.

An ordinary citizen

Pakistan: What is after Swat? June 5, 2009

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SWAT-VALLEY_02_21Pakistan Army is fighting  the Talibans in the Swar Valley . Earlier,  to confine the Talibans and then to destroy their bases the civil population of the Swat Valley was shifted out of the area. It is estimated that about 2 million people had to displaced from Swat Valley.

After days of fighting  Pakistan Army could hold some control over the valley which was earlier under the control of Talibans.

But could  Pakistan  Government  keep its control over the  valley for long? It is dificult to predict this for an ordinary citizen from distant.

At the start of the Afgan War, Talibans were confined in Afganistan. When the International Alliance led by USA swept over the country, many Talibans fled to and took shelter at Pak -Afgan Border. USA repeatedly urged Pakistan to take actions against the build up of militants at the border. Later on they even used ‘Drone’ piliot warplane to fight the talibans.

The ordinary citizen is not aware why the Talibanism is sreading into  Pakistan? Is it strategic failure of USA and it’s Alliances or  is it a failure of the Afgan Government to negitiate the Talibans or is it a  policy failure on the part of Pakistan?

The ordinary citizen predicts that the stretagy taken by Pakistan will dessiminate the terrorist activites to other cities of Pakistan and will make the life of the citizens and the state of the governance more miserable.

Is their any other way to contain the violence? Is it possible to bring the Taliban in the political process of the countries like Afganistan  and Pakistan? In the course of time common people are supposed to reject the extreme fanaticism that these forces are advocating.

I am doubtful about wiping out the Talibansm by absolute military means, we should also think some sort of political means to combat it. 

The rise of militancy in Pakistan will not be a  good sign for its neighbours.

 An ordinary citizen

Guest Column: Tips for Students Headed for the USA May 16, 2009

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There’s something about heading off to foreign shores to pursue an education, especially if said education is not forthcoming in your own country. The USA is a land of opportunities that welcomes students from all over the world into its universities and colleges in order to endow them with both practical and theoretical knowledge. But there are certain rules that must be followed and certain advice that you must heed if you want your stay in the US to be successful and rewarding.
· First of all, you need to ensure that your visa and other travel documents are prepared and ready. Your application needs to be accepted by a university in order for you to apply for a visa. Your school (in the US, colleges are referred to as schools, so don’t get confused) of choice will help you with the visa application.
· You need to be able to substantiate your visa application with proof of how you’re going to sustain yourself while in the USA. If you have secured a scholarship, you’ll need to include the necessary papers.
· Learn about the place you’re going to call home for the next four (or two) years. Use the Internet to read up on the customs, people and places of interest so that you don’t feel out of sorts when you get there.
· Learn more about your chosen university, whether they offer accommodation on campus or if you’ll have to make your own arrangements, and if the administration has a special body set up to help foreign students.
· Once you get there, try and mingle with everyone rather than just seeking out your countrymen. It’s natural that you’re going to feel homesick and find comfort in the company of people who speak the same language as you do and are familiar with your customs, but if you want to fit in, you must make an effort to make friends outside of your community.
· Explore the campus and make sure you obey the rules. It’s a good idea to participate in all the orientation classes so that you know your way around the place.
· Make it a point to attend all your lectures and talk to your professors if you don’t understand something. When you do well academically, you tend to feel good about yourself.
· Call or email people at home as often as you can and encourage them to keep in touch as well so that homesickness and nostalgia don’t become too much of a problem.
· And most important of all, brush up on your English if you’re not fluent in the language. You’ll feel less of an outsider if you’re able to hold your own in conversations and discussions.

This post was contributed by Claire Webber, who writes about the best universities online. She welcomes your feedback at Claire.Webber1223 at gmail.com

Bailout, Stimulus Package and US Economy March 25, 2009

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US economy is feeling the pain of economic recession for the last few years. But the crisis surfaced at the end of Bush Administration when both Obama and MaCaine were at the height of their campaign. Both of them attended the special meeting of President Bush with the congress and Senate leaders where consensus for bailing out the financial institutions were made by extending support of 900b $.
This bail out proposal was later passed reduced by congress and the senate amid confusion and criticism from the ordinary citizens. To common people it is not clear then and still now why tax payers’ money would be expended for rescuing the companies who failed for their own reasons. Logic came in favour of bail out that the rescueing of the companies will save the jobs of the common people.

After Obama came to Power, as a part of economic plan, he declared the Stimulus Package for the growth of the economy by supporting home owners, Small business, education,transportation and infrastructure, medical support, art etc.

The plans faced criticism when AIG distributed a major portion of its money as bonuses to the executives. Public rage was so much that the congress formed a special Committee for hearing the explanation from the CEO of AIG.

Is the economy is improving after all these measures. Not likely. Not only US, the Europe, Japan and China are also feeling the pangs.

In a recent statement IMF told that the developing countries, though their economy will be affected but the growth rate will be less affected than the developed nations.

To ordinary citizen, the perplexing question is why US economy vis a vis the world economy is collasping? Is is a normal phenomon or a mere cycle of depression which hit in 30, in 50 and now? or Is it a failure of capitalism itself? Is the concept of capitalism on the wane like the communism? and a new world order is necessary?

The governents are busy with the remedy and the it looks that measures are temporary and superficial and will not cure the illess of the of the system itself. But very few people are actually looking into the fault of the system and analysing the permanent way out of the complexity.

An ordinary citizen

Parallel thoughts:
The end of Capitalism? by Mirza Azizul Islam, Former Adviser of the last Caretaker Government

On task force, terrorism and maritime security February 12, 2009

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Bangladesh PM Hasina first proposes the idea of forming a regional task force to combat terrorism in the area. Richard Boucher, Asstt Secretary for Far Asia & South East Asia for Foreign Affairs for USA on his visit to Dhaka encouraged the idea of forming regional task force for the purpose. But he opined that this will depend how the other countries are responding to the proposal.

The proposal was raised when Indian External Affairs Minister Pronab Mukarjee came to Bangladesh to sign bilateral treaties on trade and commerce.

The critics are saying that the terrorism in Bangladesh are mainly homegrown. Bangladesh should be enough to control this homegrown terrorism by itself. The terrorism that Bangladesh witnessed so far was controlled by its own means. They also argued that if a regional task force is formed, then Bangladesh would become the target of international terrorists.

It is also said that India is not interested to form a regional task force.Also there is provision to combat terrorism under SAARC and SAFTA and bilateral agreement with India will not be taken easily by the people.

Boucher offered Bangladesh American support to maintain its maritime security.Experts expressed that Bangladesh should first try to demarcate the maritime boundary. To maintain the maritime security it should depend on bilateral negotiations rather than going into a military pact with a super power.

The issues require further scrutiny to come to a decision for an individual and also for a state.

An ordinary citizen

On Trade, Transit and TIFA February 6, 2009

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The new government become suddenly busy in signing bilateral trade, on the issue on transit and TIFA.

The haste draws criticism from opponents and citizens. The Commerce Minister tries to assure the public that Government will not do anything which goes against the interest of the country. He also assures that every major treaty will be disclosed and discussed in the parliament. He asserted that as this government came to the power with the mandate of the people, it will try to respect it.

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Hasan told ‘Transit is an economic issue’ . But many consider it has political implication also.

Regarding TIFA, USA is eager to sign the bilateral agreement with different countries including Bangladesh. USA tried to pass the treaty during the last political regime but due to disagreement on some of the clauses, it was not ultimately approved.

In the meantime, Council of Ministers approved 2 trade agreements with India. It is said that one of the agreements was first sign in 1980 during Ziaur Rahman regime. It was extended by the past governments and it is now resigned only. In this treaty, the signing countries is allowed to use the roads, water ways and railways for transportation of goods between two places in one country through the territory of the other. The second agreement is a new one by the name ‘Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPA) to boost trade and investment with India.[DS].

We hope that every treaty should be disclosed to the public,be well debated in the media and in parliament and only be accepted if it appears good for the country in short and long term basis.

An ordinary citizen

Full text of the Trade Agreement with India
Trade and Investment Framework Agreements of USA

Obama takes oath: A world leader is born January 28, 2009

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Obama takes oath on 20th January 2009 as the 44th president of the United States. Total oath taking ceremony was a very impressive one. To mark the event, Obama and his family took a ride from Illinois to Washington to commemorate the tour of Abraham Lincoln on his ascending to the presidency. Obama also attended a concert a day before the oath on the occssion and participated by millions of people and renowned singers including Bono. 2 million people gathered in the Washingon on the day of the oath in the space between the White House in the cool of the night to be a part of the history of the oath taking of an African American as president of USA.

I am also one of the citizens of the world who waited eagerly to witness the oath. I know none in the recent history who has make oath so pompous by himself or it became so gorgeous by the participation of the mass people. I have also never seen the white house to be converted into such an stage. The ceremony was also coloured by the beautiful musical scores. Obama also attended a dozen ball organizes in his honour in the night of the oath.

First Biden took the oath as Vice -president. Then Obama took the oath but he fumbled and misplaced a word while taking the oath, for which he had to take a second oath in a more private setting in the white house.

The speech that he has given then was a more fluent, ornamental and comprehensive. Obama virtually covered all issues- domestic and international in his first speech as the president. In the speech Obama has outlined the picture of his administration and of America in the coming years.

People are always worried for the safety of Obama from the day of his selection as the demotractic nominee for the president even before the convention. After his won as President, the worriness intesifies. With the oath, people sighed a little that at least he could take the oath.

With the oath, America found a new president but world has got a new leader who would think for the world not as an American president but a leader of the world.

We hope that he will think for the peace of the whole world, prosperity of the nations, climate change and alleviation of the poverty from the poor countries.

An ordinary citizen

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Hamas, Israel and an occupied territory January 17, 2009

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It is over 21 days that Israel launches its attack on Hamas.It starts with air attacks, then supplemented by all-out land invasion. The atrocities already took away more than 1000 lives, one third of them is children and many are women and civilians.

The Security Council adopted a resolution 1 week back with USA remain absent. UN Head Ban ki-Moon is visiting through the Middle East urging the conflicting fractions to stop the war. But his appeal has so far no effect on the parties.
People all over the world expressed their voice against the Israel attacks. But all these are not enough to subdue Israel and it is continuing in its onslaughts and declared that it is on its final 4th phase.

The buildings and residents have been demolished, hospital service collapsed, electricity cut off, water supply damaged, sanitary system inactivated, place of worship bombed, UN premises shelled, thousands of people displaced and starved.

Palestinian President Abbas so far could not make any concrete step and his lukewarm response also criticized by the palestanians all over.

Arab leaders are sitting together either here or there but with no substantial outcome. People from the greater Muslim world are protesting. Bangladesh also lodged a protest urging Israel to end the aggression. Bolivia and Venezuella cut off their diplomatic ties with Israel. Later they were followed by Qatar and Muratania.

But Israel is little caring. With the support of the USA, weakness of the UN, division of the Arab and Muslim world, Israel is continueing massacre on its own plan.

But one thing is clear. By this latest invasion Israel proved itself that it is an occupying force and it is trying to legitimise its birth by force.

But anything that is not legal will not survived for long.

One thing is not clear to me- what was the preparation of Hamas to withstand the onslaught of Israel. Why Hamas was provoking while it is not prepared to counter the aggression. Here lies the difference between Hijbullah of Lebanon and Hamas.

The silence of Obama over the conflict also caught the eyes of the world. He explains that it is the job of one President at a time. Would the policy of Obama be different from Bush in regard to Palestine?

Is a permanent solution of Palestine problem impossible? Would Obama take an effective initiative?

The present conflict will also have an impact on the political state of the Arab nations. The agony of the Palestanians lengthens because of the absence of state power that are democratically elected and committed to the rights of the people.

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Post Script:
The death tol rises to 1200. Israel declared unilateral ceasefire. Hamas asserted it will not accept any ceasefire until Israeli forces are totally withdrawn from Gaza.
It is alleged that though ceasefire is declared, Israel is continuing its ground activity.
Israel is thinking of erecting a wall underground along the Rafa border to prevent the arm smuggling. Israel draws an agreement with US to prevent arm smugling through Rafah border.

Hamas accepted the ceasefire for one week and allowing Israel to withdraw their forces out of Gaza.
People start to seach for deads under the rubble.
World leaders met at Cairo with Abbas including Israel, UK and Germany.
Israel declares to withdraw the forces early.Obama’s inuguration may have an effect on it.